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Newspaper Advertisements for Therapeutic massage Therapists – Therapeutic massage Company Idea of the Working day

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Wellbeing Idea – 19 Jan twelve – Vaidya Mitra – Again Soreness – Suvarna News

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http://www.suvarnanews.television set – 19 January 2012 – Wellbeing Suggestions – Vydya Mithra – a brief and common overall health software aired all through 1 hour bulletin of breakfast news…. “Again Soreness” is the most typical overall health issues all above the planet…. Dr. Ashwin Avadhani of Suguna Healthcare facility in Bangalore, presents some strategies concerning this issue….

Know your pregnancy: to 3 months | Health practitioner Naanga Eppadi Irukanum | News7 Tamil

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Health practitioner Naanga Eppadi irukanum: Gynecologist Dr. Rajshree clarifies the misconceptions about the do’s and don’ts in to 3 months of pregnancy. News seven TAMIL set facebook: twitter:

Wellbeing Tips – 24 Feb 2012 – Prostate Most cancers – Vaidya Mitra – Suvarna News

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http://www.suvarnanews.television – 23 February 2012 – Wellbeing Idea – Vydya Mithra – “Prostate Most cancers” – Dr. Govardhan, a Urologist at Bangalore’s Vikram Clinic, gives some information of the cancer…

When Gut Yeast Becomes a Problem

What is gut yeast and how can I tell if I have an overgrowth? When the delicately balanced ecosystem of “good bugs” and “bad bugs” (bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms) that busily line our intestines gets thrown out of rhythm, the problem of yeast overgrowth may occur. A diet high in sugar (or other simple carbs) or the prolonged use of antibiotics, steroids, or birth control pills are the most common culprits of this situation, which can lead to a variety of problematic symptoms, chronic illnesses and other disorders. Take a Simple Yeast Test at Home Although it may not be considered…

The Superfoods You Need in Your Life – Some May Surprise You!

What is a “Superfood?” Dr. Oz describes his favorite superfoods as “short on calories and dense in nutrition.” Although some so-called “superfoods” may or may not always contain the powerful nutritious punch their advocates suggest, others are highly recommended by doctors and nutritionists alike. We’ll examine the benefits of each of Dr. Oz’s (and some of Dr. Axe’s, WebMD’s, and other sites’ favorites) recommended superfood list, which is as follows: Garlic – According to an interview with NaturalNews, Director of North American Institute of Herbal Medicine Paul Bergner states that “garlic is anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral, as well as anti-protozoan,” which Bergner…

5 Herbs for Easy Peasy Use at Home

If you’re ready to try a few herbs out to see how they work for you, we recommend starting with these. Of course, a doctor’s care is always essential to make sure you’re making the right decisions for your body and household, so consider that before using anything recommended here. Also, herbs can be quite potent (sometimes even more potent than a prescription alternative!) so make sure you consult the current research and packaging instructions (if you purchased a pre-packaged herb) before you take anything. It is possible to take too much of a good thing, so always keep that in mind too!…

What’s a “Coregasm” and How Can I Have One?

What’s a “Coregasm” and How Can I Have One? While mostly a female phenomenon (although some say men can have them too) the concept of the coregasm (or EIO, Exercise-Induced Orgasm), or essentially bursting into orgasm during an exercise workout, has people both mystified and intrigued. How do they happen and why – and how embarrassing is it? We examined a study and a survey on the issue to find out the juicy details! The Abs Have It, Hands Down In a recent Kinsey Institute study, around 45 percent of female respondents stated that their first coregasms (also known as…

Do you have parasites in your stool? How to find out and what to do about it

    What does it mean if I have parasites – in my stool? How did I get these? University of Maryland Medical Center explains that there are two basic forms of intestinal parasites, which are helminths and protozoa. While helminths cannot multiply once they reach full adulthood, protozoa can multiply once inside the body, potentially causing serious infections. Most often transmitted during contact with fecal matter in the water, food, or soil systems, a person’s risk of exposure increases by visiting regions where such infected areas are likely to exist, or by utilizing poor sanitation systems or practicing poor hygiene.…

Suspect Gluten Allergy? Telltale Signs

gluten allergy

I have news for you — you may have a gluten allergy and not even know it. Do you feel bloated all the time? Are you prone to migraines but not sure what the trigger is? Do your joints ache and complain and feel creaky? Do you have a constant case of brain fog? Have you been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromyalgia, or find yourself bogged down by some inexplicable malaise? Are you prone to candida and yeast infections? Is your immunity down and do you find yourself falling ill all the time? Does your digestive system need…

The Core-Strengthening Bridges Workout

    Bridge exercises build a strong core – and that’s great news for everyone, especially those with back problems! If you’re ready for a workout that targets and builds your core strength and stability, then say no more. We’ve got you – and the Bridge exercises we’ve gathered will have you strong and centered in no time! According to the Consumer Health Digest, your whole core benefits from the standard Bridge exercise, including your back and hips, not just the glutes and hamstrings you’d expect. And since the core is vital for holding your organs in place and controlling the limbs,…

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