What are the Best Yoga Mats to Purchase?

What are the best yoga mats to purchase?

Are you interested in buying a new yoga mat? If you are, then you can find some helpful tips below for finding the best yoga mat specifically for you. But first, let us address a few questions.

Should I even purchase a yoga mat?

It is completely up to you whether you want to buy a yoga mat or not. Some yoga mats can be pretty pricy and may make you hesitate in purchasing a mat. However, yoga mats tend to last and can fit your individual needs. Whether you need something with more grip or more padding, finding the right mat for you is important.

Although it is important to have your own yoga mat, you do not necessarily have to have one. Most yoga classes offer yoga mats for rent. These mats, however, can get a bit worn and smell over time. Now if you are sure you would like to purchase a yoga mat, let us examine what are the key features for the best mat.

What are important features when looking for a yoga mat?

What are the key features of the best yoga mat? Good yoga mats usually have these traits listed below…

Comfort and Support

Padding is everything. When you are in a tough position like being on your knees you need the support from the mat. With enough cushioning for your joints, you will feel more comfortable in the various yoga positions.


Although padding is important, there is also a need for the mat to be firm. There should be a balance between firmness and padding. A dense mat will help you with stability, especially in standing or balancing poses.


Your yoga mat should last for several years. Even with tough and demanding practices over time, the mat should be durable.


Make sure you get the right size yoga mat. It should be able to cover the length and width of your body. Some yoga mats are just one size, but others come in various lengths. Be aware of the measurements before you purchase your mat so that it aligns with your body.

Easy to Carry

Is the yoga mat you are interested in too heavy or bulky? You should consider whether your mat will be easy to carry depending on how much traveling you do. The weight and size will determine the portability of the mat.


The mat needs to have grip or traction in order for you to stay grounded in your poses. Slipperiness is never helpful when you are in a position like downward dog and your hands start to shift. Grip is especially important for when you start to work up a sweat.


Depending on your own personal tastes, you may find that you enjoy one color over another. Have fun with it!

So, what are the best yoga mats to purchase?

There are many options for choosing your yoga mat. Here are just a couple recommendations:

Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat

Priced at around $72.00, the Manduka PROlite yoga mat is highly recommended. It is very firm and has a great grip to it. Not only does the yoga mat provide comfort, but it also is a “zero waste” mat and is made with “environmentally conscious emissions free manufacturing.” If that is not enough, the PROlite also offers a lifetime guarantee.

However, if you tend to sweat a lot and are traveling a great distance, you may not want to buy this mat. The PROlite yoga mat can be slippery to those who sweat. It is also a bit heavy to carry and weighs about five pounds.

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

Made in the USA, the Jade Harmony yoga mat provides a fantastic grip in both wet and dry conditions. They are composed of an open cell, natural rubber and has the perfect amount of cushion. This mat is great if you are taller or want a longer mat because they have a range in size. In addition to these great features, Jade is also in partnership with Trees for the Future. With every mat bought, Trees for the Future plants a tree.

However, this mat may be too hard for you if you are looking for something softer. Also, the rubbery smell may be bothersome to others.

With the advice and tips listed above, you now have a better understanding for what your yoga mat preferences are. If you are still unsure or undecided and need more information, visit DoYogaWithMe.

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