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Birthday quotes for brother are a great way to express your love and respect for your brother on his birthday. Make him feel loved, admired and needed by sending soulful happy birthday brother messages. Funny, heartwarming happy birthday bro wishes for older and little brothers will be a priceless gift and will become an important part of wonderful memories.
Check out best brother birthday wishes and send them to make your dearest brother happy.

Birthday Wishes for Older Brother:

  1. You are my brother, my friend and the best person in my life! I am proud to be your sister! Happy Birthday, I love you!
  2. It is priceless to have such a wonderful brother like you! We share the same childhood memories, the same views on life and you’re the one I can count on. Happy Birthday!
  3. Bro, you have taught me how to love this world and whatever happened, you were always with me. Happy Birthday!
  4. Without you my life is hollow, you are not only my brother, you’re my soul mate! I wish you all the best on this special day. Happy Birthday!
  5. Happy Birthday, dear brother! Your footsteps are the only footsteps, I want to follow.
  6. We’ve experienced good and bad times, but there is nobody in this world closer than you. Happy Birthday!
  7. You are my supporter, my protector, my best friend – rolled into one, I am your biggest fan! Happy Birthday!
  8. Happy Birthday, big brother! I am so thankful to God to have you as my beloved brother and a faithful friend.

Birthday Quotes for Younger Brother:

If you have a younger bro, you are a lucky person just because you have a friend that you want to share everything with. Whatever happens, you are the closest people. Show your brother that you appreciate him a lot! If you have run out of words to express your feelings, use these touching quotes!

  1. Happy Birthday, bro! You are very dear to me, I will pray for your happiness, you deserve the best.
  2. You’re the best human, who has been created by our mom and dad. You’re the best, happy birthday!
  3. Despite that we are opposites, I really love you and will not let anyone hurt you. Happy Birthday!
  4. The only wish I want to make for your birthday is to remain inseparable with you always. Happy Birthday!
  5. I wish a happy birthday to the second beloved child of our mother! Be happy!
  6. Brothers like you are worth of millions of friends! Happy Birthday!
  7. At that moment, when I saw a newborn baby, my heart has been stolen by you. Happy Birthday, my charming brother!

  1. Do you remember colorful moments of our childhood? I do and I’m sure we will make even brighter memories together in the future. Happy Birthday!
  2. Your optimism and kindness always inspire me. Thank you for being the best human in this world! Have an unforgettable birthday!
  3. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you’ll always remain my little brother for me. I love you, have a thrilling birthday!

Brother Birthday Wishes from Sister:

  1. We are two parts of the whole, our souls are united by a boundless love for each other. Happy Birthday, my second half! I love you!
  2. I am the happiest sister in the world, you taught me how to soar to the heights and don’t give up. Happy Birthday to the best brother ever!
  3. Your faith in me, care and support cannot be overemphasized. Happy birthday, my dear brother!
  4. I’m really happy to have you in my life! I’d rather argue with you every day than spending at least one carefree hour without you.
  5. Brother, no one deserves happiness more than you, you are my role model, your understanding and kindness are boundless. Happy Birthday, angel.
  6. The most precious gift than I have been ever given is a little baby, called my amazing brother. Happy Birthday, I am wishing you tons of happiness ahead!
  7. You are my guiding star in this world, keep shining! Happy Birthday!

Funny Birthday Message for Bro:

  1. You are the last in our family, but not the least! May God bless you. Happy Birthday!
  2. May you experience a million moments of pure happiness, joy, and laughter, not today, but always. Happy Birthday, my dearest brother.
  3. You are unique, you may cheer me up even if you feel down. Thank you for being the best person in my life! Happy Birthday!
  4. You’re my best partner in pranks, I can blame you for everything I do! Happy Birthday, dearest!
  5. You’re the brother, about whom I’ve always dreamt, or almost always. Happy Birthday, bro!
  6. You’re a wonderful person and deserves all the best in your life, that is why you have such a great sister like me. Happy Birthday!
  7. I always look forward to your birthday because there is always a lot of cake! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Little Brother Message:

Your little bro’s B-day is a special day. On this day you understand that your lil kid is gradually becoming a man. Year by year he’ll become wiser. Who knows, maybe you’ll turn the tables, and he’ll become your supporter. You can use these quotes to inspire and motivate him to move further!

  1. I can’t find the right words to explain how much you are precious to me. Have a stunning birthday, my little brother!
  2. Today is the best day of the year – your birthday. Spend it together with your friends and make memories for many months ahead! Happy Birthday!
  3. I am proud to call you my brother today and always. Happy Birthday!
  4. We cried, laughed and did crazy things together in our childhood, I hope nothing will change when you become an adult. Happy Birthday!
  5. Sometimes we fight over silly things, but I want you to know that there is nobody closer to me than you. Happy Birthday.
  6. Happy Birthday, brother! You are not little anymore, enjoy your adult ride and don’t forget about your over-protective sister.
  7. You have brought so much happiness into our family, I cherish you and love you endlessly. Happy Birthday, dear!
  8. My little angel, I am wishing you a happy birthday! Remain a beautiful ray of light in my life. I love you!

Best Wishes for Brother:

  1. The happiest moments in my life are associated with you and our childhood. Thank you for being in this world and being my closest friend. Happy Birthday!
  2. Let’s celebrate the holiday of a brotherhood! I will always be there for you, bro! Happy Birthday!
  3. On your birthday, I want to tell you that every corner of my heart is filled with love for you. Happy Birthday, dearest!
  4. Happy Birthday, brother! You are B – brilliant, R – receptive, O – observant, T – talkative, H – hearty, E – erudite, R – responsible. Simply, you’re the best!
  5. My love for you is boundless, my respect for you is immense, our friendship is unbreakable, and our connection is eternal. I am so happy to have such a sweet brother like you, happy birthday!
  6. No one else can brighten this world better than you do. Happy Birthday, dear brother!
  7. I will never forget the day when you were born. I took your little hand and since then I’ve taken responsibility for you. I will never let anyone hurt you. Happy Birthday, my dear.
  8. You mean the world to me, my dear brother! I will pray for your happiness and health. Happy Birthday!

  1. On your birthday, I want to tell you how much I admire you! You are the best example to follow! Happy Birthday!

Big Brother Bday Wishes:

Most of the people have only one job, but big bro usually has more professions as a child. He is a parent, a teacher, and a friend to his younger brother. To have such a person near you is a blessing, so don’t miss a chance to express your gratitude through one of the awesome wishes below!

  1. I am so happy to have such a great big brother! With you I can hang out and keep silence, only you I can trust. Remain as wonderful as you are now, happy birthday!
  2. You’re a strong wall, which protects me from all troubles! You’re one in a million, happy birthday!
  3. Happy Birthday, the most dashing man in the universe! I am proud to be your sister.
  4. You’ve taught me how to be strong in life, gracious to the enemy and faithful to my friends. Thank you for helping me to pass all the tests. Happy Birthday.
  5. Let the sun will always shine on the horizon of your life and you will never know the troubles and misfortunes. Happy Birthday, bro!
  6. Your courage, faith, optimism, love for the world inspire me. Don’t ever change! Happy Birthday!

I Love You Quotes for Brother :

  1. If I could, I would attach my heart to my wishes to show how much you mean to me. I love you, dearest brother. Happy Birthday!
  2. My dear, you know that I express my love for you not once a year, but every day because you are the sweetest, the bravest brother in the world! Happy Birthday!
  3. Love for you is in my blood, I will never let you down. I am wishing you an outstanding birthday!
  4. You are my personal guardian angel, thank you for your support and kindness. I want to express my infinite gratitude and love for you. Have an awesome birthday!
  5. Be armed with a good mood, kindness, fortune, and look with hope to the future. Happy Birthday.
  6. The one thing, which will never end is my love for you. Happy Birthday, my precious brother.
  7. My exceptionally talented brother, I wish you a happy birthday! May you get everything you want, you are an amazing person. Love you!

Brother Best Friend Quotes:

  1. You know that no matter what, I always got your back. Happy Birthday!
  2. I am the luckiest person in the world because my brother is also my best friend. Be happy! Happy Birthday!
  3. Let me crown you with “the best friend and amazing brother” award today. Have a marvelous birthday!
  4. For many years, you have showered me with happiness, tenderness, and affection. You’re the best brother! Happy Birthday to you.
  5. You’re my idol, my strong wall, and the most faithful friend. Have a brilliant birthday!

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Happy Birthday Brother Images
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