The 60 Best Cute Nicknames for Guys for Texts and Instagram [February 2020]

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Whether you’re in a relationship with the perfect guy, or just close friends with the boys, having pet names and nicknames for the men in your life is a must. It’s incredibly touching when people call each other cute names, the deeper meaning of which is, of course, only known to them. If you’re looking for inspiration on what nicknames to give your boyfriends—platonic or otherwise—you’ve come to the right place.

At KindYou, we love helping our readers have a better time both online and off, so we’ve gathered some of the cutest, most charming nicknames we could find online to help you give your friends some creative nicknames. Whether you’re looking to text them or tag them on Instagram, let’s dive in to sixty of the best cute nicknames for guys.

The Cutest Nicknames for Boys

These are some of the nicest names for boys, which will perfectly describe the character and sound great! Use them online, in texts, or in real life to make the men in your life feel loved!

  1. Cutie – if he is romantic and sweet.
  2. Hot Stuff – if you have goosebumps from his touches.
  3. Panda – it is for kind and calm guys.
  4. Romeo – your boyfriend has captured your heart.
  5. Babe – he touches your soul.
  6. Beloved – the boyfriend is the only man in your life.
  7. Sexy – you are mad about him.
  8. Teddy Bear – for soft and nice boys.lovely nicknames for guys on glass
  9. Champion – he is always number one anywhere.
  10. Cowboy – your second half is brave and can protect you.
  11. My all – if you can’t imagine your life without him.
  12. Handsome – if he looks like a Hollywood actor.
  13. Hercules – he is as sexy and handsome as a Greek hero!
  14. Kissy Face – appropriate for guys, whose kisses make girls melt.
  15. Smile – he smiles always and charges you with positive.
  16. Sweet-tooth – if he can’t live without candies.
  17. Pumpkin – for adorable little boys.
  18. Playboy – the boyfriend is beautiful inside and out.
  19. My star – he is as bright and creative as a star. doodle bug
  20. Soulmate – your life is empty without him.
  21. Sugar lips – if kissing him is simply divine.
  22. Tarzan – for extraordinary and freedom-loving boys.
  23. Tiger – for guys, who are Alpha males inside.
  24. Twinkling star – he is your guiding star in life.
  25. Untamed – if he is crazy and wild (in a good way).
  26. Yummy – you are over the moon when you are with him.
  27. Boo – a great name for an understanding and caring boyfriend.
  28. Honey – your relationship is tender and long-lasting.nicknames for guys on cup
  29. Knockout – call this way outstanding guys.
  30. My heart – call him in this way is he is the owner of your heart.
  31. Gorgeous – the man produces a wonderful impression on others.
  32. Fire – the male brings a spark into other people’s’ lives.
  33. Blue eyes – if you drown into his eyes.
  34. Crazed – he does crazy things.
  35. Flash – his appearance in your life was swift and unforgettable.
  36. Gucci Man – the boyfriend is stylish and attractive.
  37. Hubby – call your husband in such a cute manner.
  38. Jazz – for boys, who make your life exciting.
  39. Love Muffin – is he cute and amorous? Call him Love Muffin!jolly nicknames tattoo for guys
  40. Magic Hands – the guy is a professional in his field.
  41. Cool – do all the girls turn around when he passes by? Yes, he is cool.
  42. Tender boy – the name reveals his gentle nature.
  43. Sweet Cheeks – do you love how he blushes when you make a compliment? He’s definitely “Sweet Cheeks.”
  44. Zesty – fashionable, stylish and gorgeous – all these words are about a zesty man.
  45. Winky – if he often shows with his eyes how adorable you are, then he is Winky.
  46. Bon – Bon – his kisses are as sweet as black chocolate.
  47. Bunny – you are very close and can’t live without each other.
  48. Hun – use this short variant of “honey” to express your affection.
  49. Lovey – the man is sensitive and you have deep feelings for him.nicknames for guys on t shirt
  50. King – he is the king of your soul.
  51. Bagel – this nick sounds lovely, it is nice for small boys.
  52. Sexy Pants – the guy looks foxy.
  53. Snuggle Bear – you feel like a little girl with him.
  54. Sparky – your life is gloomy without him.
  55. Warrior – he fights for your happiness and can protect you.
  56. Caesar – the man is as noble and brave as Caesar.
  57. Sunshine – your partner has brightened your life with colorful paints.
  58. Cuddle boy – both of you love to cuddle up.
  59. Kiss – his kisses drive you crazy.
  60. Mi Amor – your love for him is boundless.


That wraps up our list of the cutest nicknames for guys we could think of, but we have plenty of more guides to check out. If you’re looking for the best captions for your selfies on Instagram, you have to check out our guide for just that right here. Meanwhile, if you’re into cracking jokes, check out this guide here for the funniest Instagram quotes around.

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