The Meaning and Method of Tantric Massage


What is Tantric Massage and How Can I Get/Give One?

According to Wikipedia, Tantric massage is comprised of various techniques from assorted schools of massage in addition to components of yoga, sexual therapy, and bioenergetics. The word tantra is taken from the Sanskrit root for ‘tan’, meaning to manifest, expand, weave, or show. The tantra, an ancient healing art, “denotes the esoteric traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism that co-developed most likely about the middle of the first millennium CE. The term tantra, in the Indian traditions, also means any systematic, broadly applicable “text, theory, system, method, instrument, technique or practice.” Tantric massage uses sexual energy through skilled massage therapists to promote a higher state of consciousness. Through such therapy, certain types of sensual touching can awaken energy fields which lie dormant in the human body and are believed to 1. help lovers unite in ecstasy or 2. to allow an individual’s trauma to flow from the body.

The primary goal is not sexual, but rather the conscious, careful uncoiling of dormant energy

The overall purpose of the tantric message is the unfolding of compressed energy in the body. This is often described as being conducted through the awakening of Kundalini, a mythological energy which lies coiled at the base of the spine. Kundalini  uncoils, or rises, through the seven energy centers, or chakras, which run through the body along the spine in order to create healing throughout the body. Specialized techniques are utilized to place the client into deep relaxation, build a healthy level of chakra energy, and access personalized Kundalini arousal. Kundalini, when properly accessed, is said by some to be “a million times more potent than the body’s known energies.”

Sexual arousal does often occur, however, as an element of tantric massage, which is why it is most frequently given between intimate partners who are very comfortable with one another. Professional therapists who conduct this type of massage are taught to be keenly aware of their client and respond immediately and adequately when any amount of discomfort is expressed.

The releasing of blocked energy, stored pain, negative emotions, or trauma can occur

When done accurately, tantric massage can result in not only deep relaxation, but also the alleviation of negative emotions, trapped trauma, and the release of any physical pain carried in the body. Increased personal empowerment can also be experienced through the awakening of repressed parts of the self. Breathing techniques called pranayamas are used during tantric massage, which enhance the individual’s ability to move energy through different parts of the body. This, in turn, allows the client to use self-control to manage feelings of arousal which occur during the massage.

Other improvements can also occur, like enhanced awareness and higher energy levels overall

If performed accurately and regularly, this form of massage can use the breathing techniques to improve overall breathing. In turn, this enhanced breathing also improves alertness and awareness, optimal sleep cycles, higher energy levels overall, and decreased healing time from injuries and illness. If used to improve sexual arousal between partners, it can improve their connection emotionally and energetically as well.

There are important things to consider/remember if you think you’d like to give/get a tantric massage

In order to give a tantric massage, one must first create a comfortable atmosphere free of distraction and stress. Some therapists like to use soft, relaxing music or dim lighting to encourage deeply relaxed states. Next, you’ll need your client to lie down, facing downward, and focus on breathing in sync together. The massage will then become greatly personalized based on what you know about the client’s needs and history.  It should be noted that Tantric massage is not actually supposed to be a sexual practice. It is rather intended to be peaceful, not stimulating, and any massaging of the sexual organs should not be conducted without prior agreement between both the client and therapist.

Tantric massage should not necessarily be equated with a sexual build-up and release

Some massage schools teach that the association between sexual energy build-up and tantric massage is not necessary and there is a need for re-education on the purpose of the truest methods. One such school explains that, “Tantra Massage can be done without a ‘happy ending’ …and tantra sexual skills must be practiced and taught in licensed premises and with proper supervision by either a psychologist, a sex therapist or a professional in the field of sexual education. Tantra teaches us to become familiar with our spiritual nature, and when we do so, our boundaries expand. We enter into new domains of awareness. We become empowered, more fulfilled, and embrace our true nature as feminine and masculine.”

The Tantric Massage Association

Developed in the 1980s, the first known center to offer tantric massage was the Tantra Institute of Germany. The Institute, founded by Andro Andreas Rothe, was called the Diamond Lotus Tantra Lounge. The Tantric Massage Association describes the philosophy as based on the work of Carl Rogers, Carl Jung, Alexander Lowen, Annie Sprinkle, Wilhelm Reich, Joseph Kramer, and Mantak Chia, with members residing predominantly in Switzerland and Germany.

Currently, one can find numerous centers which provide various types of tantric massage – but please be sure to do your research and make certain that therapists are trained and skilled in the appropriate techniques before visiting them.

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