Multiple Orgasms for Men: Are They Possible?

Multiple Orgasms: Yes, Men Can Have Them, Too!

It’s a widely held (and erroneous) belief of modern day Western culture that only women can achieve multiple orgasms (the experience of having several non-ejaculatory orgasms in a row during one session of sex play). Turns out men can have them too, and they’ve been doing it for over four thousand years! Whether you’re a guy yourself or the partner of one, chances are exploring this skill will enhance your love life substantially!

So Men Can Have Multiple Orgasms…Okay, But How?

We’ve explored the topic with the experts and found some key concepts to consider. First, it’s time to “unlearn” some untruths. Since men typically have little trouble with sexual response and orgasm, paying close attention to the mechanisms of each is not a common priority. But it’s time to reconsider that. The first item up for a closer look: Breathing during foreplay, sex, orgasm, and the period just following orgasm.

Breathing and Multiple Male Orgasms

Start paying attention to your breathing both during and outside of sexual experiences. This is where a brief introduction on breathing and the expansion of sexual awareness may be in order. Deep, conscious breathing and the awareness of how your breathing changes during the phases of sex (excitement, climax, orgasm, ejaculation) is important for understanding the following concepts. For starters, practice taking three full, conscious breaths in and out and try to continue it while you finish reading this article. Later, try to pay attention to your breathing as often as you can remember. Do you breathe fully during the day? Do you ever unconsciously stop breathing or hold your breath for a short time (usually just a few seconds) intermittently throughout the day? It probably happens more often than you think!

The PC Muscle

Ever heard of it? If you ever stop the flow of urine when you pee, you are using the PC muscle. It’s also a big part of the orgasm experience, so becoming consciously aware of it essential for male multiple orgasms. Squeezing and releasing it can help strengthen the muscle and increase this conscious awareness.

Practice Conscious Awareness During Masturbation

For the next few weeks, pay close attention to each of the following areas whenever you masturbate. The awareness you create will help lead you to having your own multiple orgasms!

Pay Close Attention To:

*when you reach the point of inevitable ejaculation (some men feel a “tingling” sensation right before this)?

*what exactly turns you on?

*what changes occur in your body as you get turned on and then as stimulation increases?

*what are experiencing temperature-wise? are some areas warmer than others, does it move upward or downward or stay the same?

*what types of things happen within your body as you orgasm, just prior to an orgasm, and immediately afterward? what is different about these sensations than those you experience prior to/during/after ejaculation?

Consult Ancient Sexual Techniques from Around the World

There are ancient Tantric, Taoist, Japanese, and Arabian techniques designed for expanding orgasmic pleasure which over thousands of years have developed into the male skill to choose when to orgasm or ejaculate and how to identify the differences in the two experiences.

Ejaculation and Orgasm are Two Unique and Separate Experiences

In Western cultures, most men are not taught to separate the two, so they simply never do. However, ejaculation and orgasm in men are actually very different psychological and physiological experiences — and learning to separate them means learning to have more than one orgasm for each single ejaculation.

Hold Back Your Ejaculation & Have a Few Non-Ejaculatory Orgasms for Each Single Ejaculation

Therefore, multiple orgasms for men does not equal multiple ejaculations. The skill lies in learning how to hold back on the ejaculation and develop the ability to enjoy several non-ejaculatory orgasms. Learning how to work with your body while masturbating can enhance this skill development even better than playing with a partner can. Discovering these new things about yourself and your body is usually eye-opening and fun, even if you decide to go back to your old single ejaculation/single orgasm routine eventually.

Whether You Prefer The Single or Multiple Orgasm Routine, Gaining Awareness is Still Useful

Even if you find multiple male orgasms aren’t as satisfying for you as you’d imagined, building the skills to hold off on ejaculation and identify the differences between ejaculation and orgasm can lead to successes in other areas of life. Branching out into spiritual development from the starting point of working on these skills is also possible. Learning how to become aware of your own body can teach a new and highly beneficial level of mindfulness in all aspects of living.




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