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Rhinoplasty Birmingham Alabama
For plastic surgical correction, the structural anatomy of the nose comprehends: A. the nasal soft tissues B. the aesthetic subunits and segments C. the blood offer arteries and veins D. the nasal lymphatic program E. the facial and nasal nerves F. the nasal bones and G. the nasal cartilages.

A. The nasal soft tissues
Nasal pores and skin — Like the underlying bone-and-cartilage (osseo-cartilaginous) help framework of the nose, the exterior pores and skin is divided into vertical thirds (anatomic sections) from the glabella (the space amongst the eyebrows), to the bridge, to the tip, for corrective plastic surgical treatment, the nasal pores and skin is anatomically regarded as, as the:
Upper 3rd segment — the pores and skin of the upper nose is thick, and rather distensible (flexible and mobile), but then tapers, adhering tightly to the osseo-cartilaginous framework, and gets to be the thinner pores and skin of the dorsal segment, the bridge of the nose.
Middle 3rd segment — the pores and skin overlying the bridge of the nose (mid-dorsal segment) is the thinnest, minimum distensible, nasal pores and skin, simply because it most adheres to the help framework.
Decrease 3rd segment — the pores and skin of the lower nose is as thick as the pores and skin of the upper nose, simply because it has much more sebaceous glands, specifically at the nasal tip.

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