5 Simple Strategies for a Cleanse Mouth, New Breath & Balanced Gums, Austin Dentist Emily Craft

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5 Simple Strategies for a Cleanse Mouth, New Breath & Balanced Gums, Austin Dentist Emily Craft

In this online video, Austin dentist, Emily Craft, describes 5 uncomplicated ideas for strengthening your oral hygiene for contemporary breath, wholesome gums and overall a clean up mouth. These simple ideas and secrets will enable you recognize oral hygiene so you can really increase the wellness of your mouth and gums.

The secret to contemporary breath and wholesome gums is to brush consistently and to floss at least after a day. The left in excess of food items and micro organism in the mouth can not be taken off simply by brushing, and it’s important to floss to retain wholesome gums and fend off terrible breath.

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20 comments on “5 Simple Strategies for a Cleanse Mouth, New Breath & Balanced Gums, Austin Dentist Emily Craft

  1. steven farrington

    I think she is doing great at trying to be proactive. Now over brushing or thick bristles can actually hurt the gums but twice a day is to make those aware who barely brush once a day not tell the over brushing OCD to cut down to twice a day . I would recommend using a paste without fluoride. Yes fluoride is natural in nature but the stuff added to tooth paste is industrial fluoride. I read some comments here and see negative ones that attempt to degrade her but that's uncalled for and helps no one period. I think constructive criticism is good to an extent but you don't offer anything to work off of.
    Example: I understand the important of clean teeth an appreciate you taking your time to make a video for free to post for free to HELP people with mouth issues for free. In the next one please recommend some tooth paste or water filters to have clean water and not so generic and try not to be so I pretty instead oh brush only twice a day, I brush after every meal so there. She is not attempting to to make anyone brush less but more. Your the kind of person that really doesn't need to watch informational videos about dental hygiene.

  2. Jeong-hun Sin

    Twice a day? But I have been told to brush after each meal (3 times a day) throughout my entire life. So, I do not have to brush after a meal, but just before and after sleep?

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