Get A Email Address

I really like it when larger web companies actually use the high-valued domains they own instead of letting them sit there and do nothing. For example, when Microsoft allowed people to get email addresses, that was great. Short, memorable, easy.

AOL’s new Project Phoenix gets off to a great start by offering email addresses. Yes, free. Yes, available now. Go to and get one. Many desirable names will be available but only for a short time.

Before getting into the mail interface, a few quick questions answered:

Free POP3 access? Yes.

Free IMAP access? Yes.

Easy-import features? Yes, and that’s basically the best part of the service.

Good interface? Yes. This one might even win over a few Gmail users; it’s that good.

The top bar


The four big buttons above your message list are for quick email, instant message, text message and status update. A lot of people are going to use this because it’s really easy and moreover quicker.

Status updates

This uses the AOL Lifestream service, which allows to add in Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Flickr, foursquare, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube.



This is available from Settings at top left of the interface. Information like server addresses, what ports to use and so on are easy to get to.

This is one of those ultra-rare opportunities to get an email address on a four-letter domain name that spells a universally recognized word. Get your name while it’s still available. I got mine.

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