The Best Instagram Captions for Babies

Baby Captions

As a new parent, you must be bursting with happiness. When people are happy about something, they tend to want to share it with the world, and social media and babies go hand-in-hand perfectly.

No matter whether your newborn is small or big, regardless of whether he/she smiles a lot or cries all the time, the photos will be there. You’ll upload them and expect awesome feedback. Nailing the caption is pretty much half the job.

Cuteness is a general underlying theme when it comes to babies, but whether you emphasize it in your captions hugely depends on how you want to appear as a parent. That’s right, captions are your canvas here and they do happen to matter a lot!

Cute Captions

Some will cringe at these, but every parent will understand instantly. You might’ve cared about being cool in high school, you may have even continued caring about it in your adult life, but when it comes to babies, no one cares about being cool. That’s because every new parent is cool to begin with.

Cute baby captions are easy to do because they mostly revolve around your thoughts when next to your kid. These captions should reflect love, deep care, and nurture, but you shouldn’t be afraid to add a teensy bit of humor.

Caption Ideas:

  1. “Well hello there, cutie!”
  2. “I thought love and happiness were obvious things. Then you popped up.”
  3. “True happiness is one snuggle away”
  4. “We gave you life. You return more and more with each passing day.”
  5. “There is nothing like the unconditional sense of motherhood pride.”

Cool Baby Captions

Showing deep affection for your baby is more than fine, it is encouraged. Some people, however, like to keep the loving side of parenthood intimate and prefer to internalize it. This is also completely fine. The goal here is to show that parenthood isn’t scary, even though it might be at times.

Saying modern, popular stuff is key here. You’ve probably been hanging around the internet enough to, well, get the hang of it, so rely on your, probably detailed, knowledge of the world of internet, abbreviations, and memes.

cool baby captions

Caption Ideas:

  1. “Tfw your 4-month-old boy already knows the game.”
  2. “Inb4 you guys look so cool. Ye. We know. B)”
  3. “Where the party at? These BFFs are rockin’ it tonite!”
  4. “We’re rockin’ the cradle tonite!”

Funny Baby Captions

If you’re a new parent, get ready for stress, lack of sleep, but also a ton of ridiculous situations. There’s going to be poo, pee, and baby spit everywhere. At some point, however, you’re going to have to learn how to laugh about it. And you better believe that the funny stuff tends to happen around babies a lot. Once you’ve gotten the hang of taking a look at what would frustrate you mere weeks ago and having a laugh about it, you’ve pretty much mastered funny baby captions.

The aim here is to evoke the funny aspect of parenthood, which is an absolutely integral part of it. Funny situations cause laughter, and that is good for everyone involved, so just go with it.

funny baby captions

Caption Ideas:

  1. “With large baby, comes great responsibility.”
  2. “That Golden Brown song takes on a brand-new meaning when you have a baby.”
  3. “This dude’s got a better game than me. Sorry, mom.”
  4. “Baby got back!”
  5. “Get a diaper load of the moves on this one!”

Inspiring Captions

Babies are cute, funny, and can even make you look cool. But most of the time, the unique power of babies is inspiring. Babies are capable of making you wise, fun, and funny as nobody else can. Inspiration is what you really feel most of the time when you’re around your child, so sharing those enthusiastic feelings in your captions is perfect.

Here, you’re aiming for wisdom. Thoughts that tell the truth, inspire, yet make you think. You can use quotes from other people, meaningful thoughts that you’ve riled up over the years on this planet, or even think up your own wise words.

inspiring Baby Captions

Caption Ideas:

  1. “To give life feels like nothing else. You haven’t truly lived until you’ve created life out of nothing.”
  2. “Babies are natural BFFs. They rely on you for everything, always stick by your side, and give back so, so much.”
  3. “This world is lucky to have you.”
  4. “I will never again give this much back to our planet. Great things are your destiny.”

Babies, Babies, Babies

As a new parent, you probably won’t be posting much other than the pics of your child for a while, and this is completely fine. Your pictures are going to be full of inspiration and the captions are going to come on their own.

Do you have any cool baby caption ideas? What’s your take on parents sharing photos of their newborns on social media? Share your thoughts and captions in the comments below!

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