The Best Fortnite Memes [June 2019]

For anyone under the age of thirty, gaming is a way of life.  Video games have become a way to build social skills, improve reflexes, and feel a greater sense of accomplishment.  It has led some to move across country, find a relationship, or just build self-esteem. Ever since its release, Fortnite has become one of the games of choice for many gamers.  In Fortnite, players begin the game by parachuting onto a map and fighting one another to be the last to survive. 

Eliminations are achieved when players acquire weapons from weapon caches spread across the map and harvest resources for the purposes of constructing walls and forts for protection.  It is a very difficult game to win, and winning is just as much a product of luck and randomness as it is skill and effort.

That being said, we have collected a few of the best Fortnite memes currently circulating around the internet for your pleasure and enjoyment.

You are such a great friend!

Generally speaking, a gold scar is considered one of the best weapons available in Fortnite.  Based on a real life assault rifle, the AR Scar in fortnight is a popular weapon, and this meme pokes fun at a teammate choosing to go grab a better gun for their own gain rather than help an injured teammate remain in the game at all.  While you are trying to avoid getting shot over a Scar rifle, your teammate is bleeding out and facing elimination.

It Leads to a Life of Disappointment

We have all played a game or competed in a tournament only to come in second.  In this particular meme, Star Trek’s Captain Picard is incredulous and lamenting the Enterprise’s poor luck. Despite all the skill and effort that went into a phenomenal game of Fortnight, eliminating several of your enemies and/or successfully hiding from those hunting you, when there were only two of you left, you bit the dust.  There is no greater “COME ON!” moment than seeing yourself get that close to the pinnacle only to find yourself cementing your place as the first loser.

You’re Breaking My Heart…

Tilted Towers is a specific section of the Fortnite map that is known for its violent and bloody history.  Between the buildings, terrain, and the sheer number of people that tend to drop in that particular area, it tends to lead to an early bloodbath that sees entire squads eliminated within a few seconds.  In this particular Star Wars meme, Padme Amidala is confronting Anakin Skywalker after he became Darth Vader. After he explains his grand plan for conquering the galaxy, Padme cries and acknowledges she can’t walk into that death and destruction.  This meme captures a player’s unwillingness to follow their squad into the desolation of the Tilted Towers.

Not the Surprise She Was Hoping For

There are just some things that we celebrate.  Anniversaries, birthdays, children, promotions, and more.  It is not uncommon on many or all of these occasions to purchase gifts for our spouses.  Many of those surprises are jewelry, cars, and clothes. Sometimes we hit on our gifts and our spouse is happier than anything.  Other times, we miss the mark. In this meme, the husband clearly recognizes the specialness of winning a round of Fortnite. It doesn’t happen often and he wanted an opportunity to celebrate with his wife.  When he reveals his TV screen to show her his great news, she is clearly less excited than he is. Yet more proof of how rare it is to find a woman as excited about video games as their men typically are.


Like poor Squidward staring out the window, we feel captive at work… unable to join the fun that his friends are so obviously having a few feet away outside of his window.  What makes that captivity harder is when we watch others enjoy all of the fun and freedom that we crave ourselves. When there is a new Fortnite content drop, it can be difficult to not request a vacation day and spend the entire day in front of the screen focusing on new weapons and skins.  When we know our family and friends are sitting in front of their screen acquiring the gear before we can it feels like Squidward’s obvious angst. 

We certainly hope that you found a laugh or two and were able to enjoy what we consider to be the top 5 Fortnite memes circulating around the internet right now.  After getting a laugh or two from us, we definitely recommend firing up your Xbox or PS4 and jumping into a game or two of Fortnite on your own. If these don’t make sense to you now, they will soon. 

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