Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes and Images

Cousins are an important part of our family. They are close friends, to whom we turn when we have problems and to whom we open up when we are happy. The relationship with the cousins is full of ups and downs as there are always fights and misunderstandings. However, they always remain the part of our life.
A birthday is a special day for anybody in the world and on this day, everybody requires attention and appreciation. Amidst the hustle and bustle of our lives, sometimes we forget to show our cousins how much we love them and that we really care. So, if your cousin has been there for you through the years, give him or her special acknowledgment on the birthday. When it comes to the congratulations, sometimes it happens that you can’t find the right words or you are overwhelmed with emotions and just don’t know what to say to your special cousin. In this case, you may get inspired by original ideas, submitted here.
Check out the list of happy birthday cousin quotes and wishes, happy bday wishes for cousin, happy birthday cousin memes, happy birthday images and pictures for cousin below. Use them and make the birthday of this special person exceptional and put a happy smile on your cousin’s face!

Happy Birthday Dear Cousin Quotes

Even if you haven’t got siblings, your cousins might replace them to you. And let’s face it, having a cousin is even better in some sense. There’s no need to share your bedroom with someone or get used to some annoying habits of this person. So, on the day of your cousin’s birth you should show your love and care and pick the best possible wish so he or she know how much you appreciate his/her presence in your life.

  • You are truly a blessing for all of us! You make our life brighter, fill it with happiness and joy. Your birthday is another occasion to tell you that we love you infinitely.
  • You are the closest friend I’ve ever had in my entire life. I wish you happiness and I hope that you will be always surrounded by friends. Happy Bday, dear!
  • Cousins are meant to be the best part of the family. I am honored to have such an amazing cousin as you. Happy birthday.
  • On this special day, I wish all your dreams come true and each your birthday be vivid.
  • My life is wonderful because I have such an amazing cousin in it. You are my role model, thanks to you, I become a better person. Happy Birthday!
  • You taught me how to become wiser, kinder and more merciful. I can’t be grateful enough for having you as my cousin. Happy birthday!
  • My dear cousin, today marks a new chapter in your life. I wish you to stay as optimistic and cheerful as you are now and discover new facets of this world. Happy Birthday!
  • My beloved cousin, we are together since our childhood and I don’t know a more wonderful, kind, and compassionate person. You are a miracle, I’m glad to share this beautiful day with you.
  • What can I wish a wonderful person? I wish you happiness, success, love, and prosperity!
  • Cousin, let your birthday celebration be filled with laughter, smiles, warmth and many other birthdays to come!
  • Dear cousin, blessed the day when you’ve come to this Earth. You made this world a better place to live in. Have a stunning birthday, love you!
  • You are a fantastic cousin, a perfect friend and an awesome companion in my life. Have a fabulous birthday, dear!

Happy Birthday Quotes to My Male Cousin

No matter if your cousin-brother is older or younger than you, he deserves to be treated like a king on his birthday. We’ve collected nice happy birthday quotes which will help you to congratulate a birthday boy in a best way.

  • I don’t know a more courageous and intelligent man. You are a role model of a real man. Have a gorgeous birthday!
  • Having a real friend, who can share with me the joys and sorrows, is a true blessing in my life. I am proud to be a part of your family and life. Happy Birthday!
  • My dearest cousin, during this year, you’ve done many incredible deeds and so many accomplishments are ahead of you. Have a marvelous birthday!
  • You are a true treasure in my life. For me, you’ve always been a friend, who protected his little cousin and helped always. Thank you for being my support. Happy birthday.
  • You are my inspiration and motivation. I wish that love and success always accompany you from now and always.
  • You became a year older, but this is not a reason for sadness! After all, you have become a year wiser and more courageous. Happy birthday!
  • I have always dreamt to have a soul mate in my life, who will understand me without words and be the person I can count on and the world has given you to me. I can’t be happier than I am now. Happy birthday, my dear!
  • Your presence in my life is the source of good mood, happiness, and luck. Have a beautiful birthday!
  • Men are like wine: they become better with age. So, you became even more intelligent and more handsome. Happy birthday!
  • Your birthday is a unique gift, which gives you an opportunity to start a new 365-day journey. So make it cheerful, funny and happy.
  • You were a cute little baby, who has turned into a handsome and honest man. I am proud to call you my cousin. Have many wonderful days ahead!
  • Your birthday is just another occasion to tell you how much I love you, respect you, and value you as my relative and my friend. Happy Bday!
  • Don’t tell the others but you are my coolest cousin. Have an excellent birthday!
  • You are the most outgoing person in our family, I love hanging out with you. Have an awesome birthday!

Happy Birthday Quotes for Beautiful Cousin

You have to tell all kinds of compliments to your cousin on her birthday. Tell her how smart and funny she is, tell her how heavenly beautiful she is. As for the latter, we’ve got a few ideas of such birthday wishes.

  • You are not only my cousin, you are my best friend. Thank you for creating so many wonderful memories together with me and I am looking forward to creating new ones. Happy birthday!
  • Let this year be the year of your personal growth and development and all your plans come true. Happy birthday, dear cousin!
  • Today is your birthday, darling. You are shining like a diamond and your beauty is striking. You are one of the few women I know, who are beautiful inside and out.
  • When I look at you, I see a woman with a kind soul and a loving heart. You deserve all the best in this world. Happy birthday, darling.
  • The best memories and the funniest times in my life are associated with you. Happy birthday, sweetest cousin!
  • Accept my heartfelt wishes on this special birthday. I wish you get everything you want in life.
  • Without your love, support and friendship the life would be dull for me. Thank you for being by my side no matter what. Happy birthday, beautiful!
  • Happy birthday to my beautiful cousin, who deserves luck, success, the immense number of moments, fulfilled with love and hope.
  • May you break all barriers and fly towards your life goals and new achievements. Happy birthday!
  • I am the luckiest person because I have you as a relative by blood and a friend by choice. Have a marvelous birthday!
  • You are my favorite person in the world because you are an inexhaustible source of joy and laughter. Have a stunning birthday!
  • Let this day mark a new period in your life – the period of health, happiness, and prosperity. Happy birthday!
  • Having such a beautiful sister like you is a great responsibility because I have to tell all my guy friends to stay away from you because they easily fall in love with you. Happy birthday to my pretty sister!
  • Dear sister, I hope that this year you will meet the prince of your dreams and fulfill all your plans and dreams. Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday Quotes for Little Cuz

Your little sister-cousin is celebrating her day and you have no clue on how to congratulate her? Calm down and scroll down this page. You’ll find tons of ideas of nice and sweet birthday wishes which are just perfect for a younger girl-cousin. Well, we guess it’s obvious that any wish you write in a birthday card or start your birthday speech with should be with a personal touch. It’s always nice to recall the best moments you shared with your cuz and pick the sweetest one to add to your congratulation.

  • A little bird has whispered into my ear that today is the birthday of a little baby girl. Be happy and healthy. Happy Birthday!
  • Today is a shiny and bright day because a little man was born on this day. You are so little, but you’re a gentleman already. Grow big and strong. Happy birthday!
  • My beautiful golden girl, today is your birthday! I wish you much happiness, joy, and positive.
  • When you were born, you stole my heart and since then, you hold it in your small hands. Be healthy and happy, darling. Happy bday.
  • Happy birthday, my dear girl! I am amazed by your ability to see positive and beauty everywhere. Don’t change over the years. Happy birthday.
  • With each passing year, I love you even more. The whole fantastic world is waiting for you and I will be always there for every up, down and in between. Happy Birthday!
  • My favorite cousin, the day you were born was the happiest day in my life. I promise I will pamper you and fill your life only with the happiest memories. Happy Birthday!
  • I am the proudest cousin in the world because I have such a beautiful and sweet little sister. Sparkle and shine on this day and may your birthday be as dazzling as you are.
  • Happy birthday, darling! Wish big, dream big, and always follow your heart!
  • We wish you all the best on this day. Smiles and laughter you give us every day are truly a blessing. Happy birthday!

Happy Bday Wishes for Cousin

As for birthday wishes, we’d like to give you another piece of advice: just keep it short and relevant. Without any doubts, there are people who like listening to someone reciting them long poems and birthday paragraphs, but it’s always better to say a few words sincerely. Agree? Ok, all we want to say is that the following happy Bday wishes for cousins definitely hit the mark: they are short, they are sweet and they are written from the heart.

  • Happy birthday to the ancient one! I wish you to have many, many cool birthdays ahead!
  • The destiny has made us cousins, but we’ve made our own decision and became best friends. Have a stunning birthday!
  • Have a wonderful birthday, filled with beautiful moments and happy memories. Let all your dreams come true.
  • My dear, let your life be full of breathtaking moments. Happy Birthday!
  • In our hectic life, we don’t need enough time to tell our close people how much we love and respect them. I want you to know that you hold a special place in my heart. Happy birthday, my dearest cousin.
  • Knowing that a have a cousin, who is always with me during my ups and downs, makes me a happy person. Happy birthday.
  • I remember all stupid, funny, exciting moments we shared together and I am sure that we will create more wonderful memories together. Happy birthday!
  • Being your cousin is the privilege, being your friend is pure happiness and luck. Happy birthday to my BF and cousin!
  • I consider you to be my sister, not my cousin. With such a wonderful sister, I don’t need the best friend. Happy Birthday!
  • You are the best cousin anybody could ever wish for. You inspire me to become better and achieve better results. Happy birthday!
  • You are one of the most important people in my life. You made it richer and brighter. So, I will make your birthday the best birthday you’ve ever had.

Funny Happy Birthday to My Favorite Cousin

Unless you’re planning to celebrate your cousin’s birthday somewhere at Buckingham Palace, there’s no sense in making your wish too formal. Don’t forget that humor and laughter is what makes any party better. Take a look at some ideas of funny birthday wishes to bring a smile to your cousin’s face.

  • Cousins and best friends are the best presents we receive in life. I am doubly fortunate to have you as my cousin and my best friend. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday dear cousin. May you do not get older, but become better and better both personally and professionally.
  • Have a marvelous birthday! Cousins are awesome! Well, at least my cousins are awesome, but I can’t speak about yours.
  • A cousin a day keeps boredom away. Thanks for making me laugh and smile every single day. Happy bday!
  • You are my playmate, who became my forever friend. Have a stunning birthday.
  • Happy birthday to the best cousin ever! When we are together, we are cooler than anything and anybody in this world.
  • You are the first friend I’ve had since my childhood because no one else understands my crazy family better than you do. Happy Birthday!
  • You are not only my cousin, you are my best friend because only you laugh at my silly jokes. Happy Birthday!
  • I can’t explain how dear you are to me. Our bond is deep and special and it doesn’t matter how many miles we are apart, you are still the closest person to me. Happy Birthday!
  • I love how many crazy memories we create together and the fact that you get older shouldn’t prevent us from creating them at least in the next thirty years. Happy Bday.

Happy Birthday Cousin Images and Pictures

How could we avoid adding a few colorful and cheerful birthday images when it comes to a birthday of a cousin? Sometimes even the best birthday wish in the whole world can’t convey all of the emotions that fulfill you and that’s exactly when an image can come in handy. Cute and inspirational, funny and even silly, you’ll find all kinds of birthday images here:

Funny Happy Birthday Cousin Memes

And of course, memes. It seems that in the modern world memes are everywhere. If you think that a birthday meme is appropriate for your cousin, check the best ones out:

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