The Best Happy Birthday Memes

Love them or hate them, memes are here to stay. Some are dumb, some are genuinely funny but nothing sums up this generation like the meme. Creative, imaginative, sometimes insightful but always entertaining. If you’re looking for some happy birthday memes, you’re in the right place.

I have searched the internet for collections of what I consider some of the best happy birthday memes around. They are not my own work but rather than posting 20 memes on a page, I have collated collections of memes so you get several hundred. There’s sure to be one or two here you like!


Winkgo has collected 101 happy birthday memes on this page and some of them are pretty good. In fact some are actually amusing and that’s harder and harder to do the more memes we see. If you’re looking for something a little different or more good natured than usual, this page should deliver.

Birthday Wishes Expert

This clickbait page with the dumbest name actually delivers on memes. There are a hundred on there and some are quite good. There are the obligatory animal memes but they are pretty good too with decent quality images and fewer grammatical errors in their text than usual. For that alone this page is worth looking at.


Memesbams is one of my new favorite places to find memes. Despite a weird name, the site has a huge collection of good quality memes, including these about birthdays. The mix is good with the usual kids and animals but there are also some more imaginative ones and a few from Game of Thrones which always goes down well. Well worth checking out anyway.


Pinterest never disappoints when it comes to anything image based and while the platform is a merry go round of links to collections to links to collections, this page of happy birthday memes is good, as is this one or this one. There are over five hundred memes on these three pages so if you cannot find what you’re looking for here…

Gifted Geek

Gifted Geek has a bunch of happy birthday memes that appeal to me, Muppets, Tarantino characters, ugly cat and some random animals. Each is of a decent quality with nice images and more imaginative text than many other meme websites. A good collection that works well and should have something for everyone.

Thrifty Nifty Mommy

I would usually avoid any website with a name like Thrifty Nifty Mommy, but this page has some excellent memes. Anything that features Spock, Batman, Morgan Freeman and a Llama gets my vote. Most of these are wholesome and they are all the better for it. There’s sure to be something here you like.


Dopggypedia is, as its name suggests, an entire website about dogs. This page has over a hundred doggy birthday memes ranging from the cute to the amusing, the lame to the Right Click and Save As… There are a bunch of good ones on this page so is worthy of its place in this list.

Yellow Blogtopus

An the winner of the strangest website name goes to…. Yellow Blogtopus. Despite that, this page of happy birthday memes has over 150 and while some are lame, some are actually pretty good. It’s a real mix of the edgy, wholesome and downright amusing so if you’re looking for something, you might find it here.

Congratulations To

Congratulations To, this website for having a decent collection of happy birthday memes I haven’t yet seen elsewhere. Most are wholesome enough to send to your mom and most feature animals but aside from that, they are well done and of a high enough quality to want to use yourself.

9 Happy Birthday

9 Happy Birthday has over a hundred birthday memes and some of them are good. There are a few not on other websites and some that are good enough to see again anyway. There’s a decent mix of animal and cultural here so should suit any audience whatever their age.

Badass Helmet Store

The Badass Helmet Store is worth featuring in a list just because of its name but it also has a bunch of motorcycle-themed birthday memes. These are apparently original and made by the guys behind the store so if the person you’re looking for is a bike fan, you’re definitely going to want to check these out. is my final offering for a place to find happy birthday memes. You would expect as much with a name like that. This page has 75 memes of varying quality with most being pretty good with most being amusing to one degree or another. Most are family friendly too.

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