Best Happy Birthday Niece Quotes and Images

Attractive happy birthday niece image

Best Happy Birthday Niece Quotes and Images
The nieces are special girls for their aunts and uncles because they make the life brighter, bring a breath of fresh air and they are loved as strong as daughters. A niece is a best friend, a shopping cohort, a daughter, a partner in crime, who stays with you for the whole life!
There is a special bond between the niece and her uncle or aunt as it is built on mutual love, respect, and secrets! Aunts and uncles are cool, doting, they spoil the nieces and allow them to do the things which parents normally prohibit. Aunts and uncles are easy-going, talkative, and common life with them is like a rollercoaster, full of exciting moments.
When your niece is celebrating a birthday, it’s a perfect time to remind how special she is and how much you love her. Be creative, unpredictable and send her funny birthday wishes for my favorite niece, happy birthday to my niece poem, happy 16th birthday niece quotes, happy birthday messages to sweet niece. Also, impress her through sending amazing happy birthday niece images and cards. Treat her like your best friend, express your feelings and send the lines, which will convey everything you have deep in the heart.
These quotes below will help you to show how much she means to you and make her birthday even more special and memorable.

Happy Birthday Quotes to My Niece

Happy Birthday Quotes to My Niece
Can you recall the day you first held your little niece in your hands? Years go by and she’s growing up so quickly. Birthdays of the dearest people are always a bit sad since even though you want to freeze time and enjoy their company longer, it’s impossible. But what can survive the test of time is your love to each other and sweet memories.

  • Dearest niece, whenever you are upset or happy, lonely or surrounded by friends, know that my hugs are always open to you. I love you, happy birthday!
  • Even Google can’t find words, which will explain my love for you. Happy Birthday, dearest niece.
  • On this birthday, we will do things your parents didn’t allow you to do. I will pamper my favorite niece. With love, your auntie.
  • I am the luckiest uncle on Earth because you are my niece. Stay as positive, cheerful and optimistic as you are now. Happy Birthday!
  • I don’t want to get the title “Best aunt in the world,” all I want is to make my wonderful niece shine and smile. Happy birthday, darling!
  • On the day you were born, my life has got its sense. I love you to the moon and back, darling, and wish you a wonderful birthday!
  • Being a mom is a wonderful experience, but being an aunt is wild and crazy times! I am happy that we enjoy them together. Happy Birthday!
  • Let your life be filled only with positive moments and let you cry only from happiness. On your birthday I wish you all the best.
  • My dearest niece, you are your mom’s daughter, but you are my best friend. Have a stunning birthday!
  • I see what a wonderful woman you’ve become. Your parents worked hard to make you the woman you are now, I wish you to fulfill all your dreams and have fun on your birthday!
  • You fulfilled my dreams and the dreams of my sister because she has received a wonderful and I have received an awesome niece. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday, my dear NIECE. You are N-nice, I – incredible, E – enigmatic, C – cute, E – energetic young woman.
  • Today is your birthday and all I can wish you is stay yourself and always be optimistic. I believe that you’ll get everything you want.
  • A niece like you is special to her aunts and uncles not because she’s a family, but because she’s extremely lovely. Happy birthday, darling! We wish you all the best in this world.
  • If everyone had a niece like you, their life would be like a breeze and if anyone was loved by you, they live their life at ease. Happy Birthday, gorgeous!
  • In our family tree, the only person I can see. She is adorable, cute and sweet and she fills my life with love and bliss. It’s you, darling! Have an amazing birthday!

Happy Birthday Quotes to My Niece 2

Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Niece

Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Niece
The best thing about being an uncle is a chance to become the best friend for your niece. You can leave the worst part of upbringing (we mean being strict) to the girl’s parents with no remorse and keep the best part of being a cool uncle who knows how to have fun for yourself. Sounds like a perfect plan, right? And do you know what cool uncles do when a niece’s birthday comes? They pick cute bday messages from the list below.

  • Happy birthday, my little baby girl. I love your laughter, your sincere smile and your faith in the good. Always dream big and I will be near to support you.
  • Have a stunning birthday, darling! Always achieve your dreams and never be afraid of the failures because your uncle always gets your back.
  • You have a special place in my heart and I can’t be grateful enough to God for having such a wonderful niece. Happy birthday!
  • One of the biggest accomplishments in my life is that I took part in the education of such a wonderful, friendly and cheerful girl. Happy Birthday!
  • You are so cool, beautiful, intelligent and outgoing because you are very similar to your aunt! I am proud of you, dear. Happy bday!
  • The most precious gem in the world is your open smile and curious eyes. You are so little, but you’ve taught me so many important things. Happy birthday, special.
  • If I could turn back time, I would have chosen you as my best friend and companion at the coolest parties! Have a crazy birthday!
  • You are young, free, beautiful, you have so many opportunities in this world. Use each of them and live life to the fullest. Happy birthday!
  • Even if miles keep us apart, love for you is always in my heart. Have a fantastic birthday, my dear girl.
  • You are an amazing human being. I am captivated by your loving, compassionate and understanding heart. I tell you this not because I am your aunt, but because it is the truth. Have a marvelous birthday.
  • Such a stunning young woman deserves the best in this world. All you should do is come and get it. Happy bday!

Happy Birthday to My Beautiful Niece 3

Happy Birthday Quotes to a Special Niece

Happy Birthday Quotes to a Special Niece 4
Everyone is special in their own way. We believe that you find your niece to be the best, most charming and most special girl in the whole world. And it’s truly great. Now, on her birthday, letting a niece know how much you treasure her presence in your life seems to be impossible. Don’t worry, may these birthday quotes say everything for you.

  • When I was younger, I made a wish to meet a special person in my life and one year later you were born. You have stolen my heart and I am immensely happy that it has happened. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  • Our relationship is built not on laugh and smiles always, it is built of a special bond, which exists only between us. Have a gorgeous birthday. I love you.
  • As an aunt, I have the paramount right to pamper you as I want, especially on your birthday. Be the happiest girl in this world! I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.
  • I really care when it comes to your happiness because I want my niece to get the best in this world. Happy birthday.
  • Thanks to such a stunning niece, I will be forever young. I wish you many blissful years ahead!
  • For me, you are associated with bright colors, which bring life into this dull world. Keep shining, dear! Happy bday!
  • Have the maximum fun on your birthday party! Happy birthday to my lovely niece.
  • You are so young, but your age is just a number because you are so mature, intelligent and wise than anyone of your peers. Keep it up! Happy Birthday!
  • Definitely, we are the best aunt-niece pair in the world because mutual understanding and trust reign between us. Happy Birthday!
  • You are naughty, expressive, energetic, cute, and daring and I love these qualities most of all in you. Have a stunning birthday!
  • Your cuteness has charmed my heart and I am your captive forever. Have a wonderful birthday!
  • I want to wish a happy birthday to this little lady, who pleases us with laughter, unconditional love, and warmth every day. Wish you all the best, dear.
  • You have become the heart of our family, you are a fantastic daughter, niece, and granddaughter. We are proud of you. Happy Birthday!
  • Your laughter is my medicine when I am stressed and down, you are my faithful companion when I’m lost. Thank you for being there always for me. Have an awesome birthday!
  • For me, you are not my niece, I love you as strong as if you are my own daughter. You mean a world to me. Happy Birthday, darling!
  • My darling, on your birthday, I want to wish you to stay healthy, happy and see an optimistic side in each situation. Happy Birthday!
  • My little niece, my little princess, you always rule my heart. There’s no one like you, who can touch my heart. Happy Birthday, my dear!
  • I don’t like when children call me “uncle” because then I feel old. But you are an exception because you are pure gold. Happy birthday, my favorite niece!
  • Happy birthday to my favorite niece, whom I will never fail to tease. You are special for me and I am excited to share this joy on your birthday together with you.

Happy Birthday Quotes to a Special Niec 5

Happy 16th Birthday Niece Quotes

Happy 16th Birthday Niece Quotes 6
Sixteen years ago your sibling gave you one of the most precious gifts possible – your niece. And everything changed in a blink of an eye: diapers, first tooth, first step, first day at school, first love and first disappointments. You remember it as if it was yesterday and what is more you always were there for her to share both good and bad moments. And now your little princess is 16 years old and you have no idea what to say to her on this special day. Luckily for you, we’ve collected great quotes which you can use as inspiration.

  • You are sixteen years old, time flies. I want to wish you to chase your dreams always until they are fulfilled. Happy Birthday!
  • Let the celebration of your sweet sixteen become the beginning of a wonderful trip, full of great memories, wonderful opportunities, and faithful friends. Happy Birthday!
  • You became a beautiful young lady. My responsibility as the uncle is to support you and to protect you from all bad things you may experience in life. Happy birthday.
  • Never be afraid of failures because they make you only stronger. Have a marvelous birthday!
  • Happy birthday to a caretaker of my heart! You are everything I can ever dream of. Be happy!
  • Sometimes I feel jealous of your parents because they have such a beautiful, intelligent, and talented girl like you. Happy birthday to a perfect girl!
  • You are my jewel and nothing and nobody in this world can be compared to you. Happy birthday, dear niece!
  • You are an important and valuable part of my life, so you deserve a special treat on your birthday. Happy Birthday, darling!
  • Happy 16th birthday to my exceptional niece! You have been gifted with a unique ability – you make other people happy.
  • There are millions of nieces in the world but I can’t find such a compassionate, sweet and cute niece like you. Happy 16th birthday!
  • This day marks the onset of a new and interesting period of life – youth. I’ll be your companion on this exciting trip and always help you. Happy birthday, my sweet niece!
  • Your inner beauty is reflected in your eyes and it makes you shine. Continue to do the same in the upcoming years. Happy Birthday!
  • Unwrap your birthday present and you’ll see that it is filled with love, happiness, hugs, kisses, and good wishes. Happy birthday, darling!
  • Let your life be filled with excitement and adventure and you’ll be surrounded by happiness and joy. Happy birthday!
  • You are sixteen years old, which means that the next few years you will experience so much. It’s going to be a rollercoaster of emotions. And I will be proud to share them with you. Happy Birthday!

Happy 16th Birthday Niece Quotes 7

Funny Birthday Wishes for My Favorite Niece

Funny Birthday Wishes for My Favorite Niece 8
Are you that kind of uncle or aunt who always tell jokes? You can’t live a day without bringing a smile to your niece’s face, can you? Well, there’s no need to make her birthday an exception. Besides, surveys show that funny bday wishes give you a higher chances of receiving a bigger piece of cake. We’re kidding, of course. Or… maybe we aren’t.

  • The day you were born, the world had to make another special place for a little fancy girl. Happy birthday!
  • I have many nieces, but you are my favorite one because only you make me laugh and smile. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday, my favorite girl! I wish you to have fun at your birthday party. P.S. If your mom doesn’t allow you to organize a party tonight, call me and I’ll make a few arrangements.
  • My major goal as an aunt is to pamper you and spoil you, so I am going to do it today! Have a great birthday, darling!
  • You are my best friend, related by blood. Nothing and no one will break our connection. Happy birthday, dear.
  • My biggest achievement in life is that I became the aunt of a beautiful baby girl. Now, you’ve turned into a gorgeous young woman. Let your life be always easy and happy. Have a great birthday!
  • The uncles are made for being best friends to their nieces. On your birthday, I will grant you every item in the birthday wish list that your parents refuse. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to my universal niece! You are my best friend when I share with you my secrets and my best critic when I dress up for a party.
  • Thanks to you, I’ve taken a trial run of fatherhood and I liked it a lot! Happy birthday to my favorite niece.
  • I am proud of having such a stunning niece, who brought so much trouble when she was little, but these were the happiest moments in my life. Happy birthday, dearest!
  • Since childhood, you’ve got the ability to tackle different situations in your life with ease. Keep it up and don’t change! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday to my fearless, talented, charming and beautiful niece. I love you more than… infinitely!
  • Is it your birthday again? Stop getting older because soon you’ll catch up to me! Happy birthday, beautiful!
  • You are as beautiful, charming, intelligent, wise and cute as me – your favorite aunt! Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to my dearest niece! I remember about your birthday so that I don’t need notifications on Facebook.
  • Statistics show that amazing nieces have amazing aunts. Happy birthday to my incredible niece.
  • Fun and fab – these are two words, which describe you. Have fun on this special day! Happy Birthday!
  • Dear niece, you are a treasure with a heart that’s kind and true. So enjoy your birthday filled with joy while God watches over you.
  • No niece in this world is as adorable as you, no niece in this world is as extraordinary as you and no niece in this world deserves as much as you do. Happy Birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes for My Favorite Niece 9

Happy Birthday to My Niece Poem

In case you aren’t a big fan of ordinary birthday wishes in prose, the chances are you’ll like what we’ve got here. Beautiful short poems are exactly what you need to make a birthday of your niece unforgettable.

  • I may not be able to spend too much time with you
    I don’t get to fuss over you like your parents do
    But that doesn’t diminish the relationship that we share
    Just look into my eyes and you will know that I really care
    Always pretty, always bubbly, always chirpy
    My darling niece, you are the life of every family party
    Without you, the family would be so incomplete
    In my heart, you will always have a special seat
    Happy birthday
  • Such an amazing time I have with you
    You are my darling and my niece
    Of all the ways, that I wish to say
    Of all the things that I cease
    Adorable time and such an adorable niece
    On your special day, I want to say
    That stay blessed in life my dear
    You bring a new meaning to life
    You are my life’s only cheer
    God bless you
    Wishing a very happy birthday to you!
  • No niece in this world
    is comparable:
    No niece in this world
    is as adorable,
    No niece in this world
    Is as extraordinary,
    No niece in this world
    is as beautiful,
    No niece in this world
    deserves as much
    as you.
    Happy birthday.
  • An aunt like me
    A niece like you
    We make the perfect pair
    We really do
    Both of us like to shop
    We both like to have fun
    You are my bestie
    You are my niece number one
    Happy birthday
  • If everyone had a niece like you,
    Their lives would be a breeze.
    If everyone had a niece like you,
    Aunts would live their lives at ease.
    Happy birthday.
  • What makes me an aunt
    Is not just our blood relation
    Or the fact that for you
    I have special emotions
    What binds us both
    Into a bond so tough
    Is that of each other
    We just can’t get enough
    Happy birthday
  • My niece, my little princess,
    You totally rule my heart.
    In the story of my life,
    You are the best part.
    Your sweet smile
    And magical ways
    Bring happiness in my life
    And joy that lingers and forever stays.
    Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Messages to Sweet Niece

Are you an aunt who really doesn’t know what to write in a birthday card to your niece? Well, even if it seems that all is already said, we know for sure that there’s always something more. And we’ll prove you this. Just read the examples of birthday messages below and, who knows, maybe you’ll find what you’ve been looking for.

  • Happy Birthday to my precious niece. You are the pulse of our family and the breath of each family gathering.
  • Accept the loads on beautiful wishes, kisses, and hugs on your birthday! Even if I am far away, my heart is with you on this day.
  • Happy birthday to a fantastic woman, who is perfect in all ways. Enjoy this day!
  • Happy birthday, my sweet niece. The only advice I can give you on your birthday is to enjoy the present moment, value little things and never think about the past.
  • Happy birthday, my little niece! Every year you make me a proud aunt. Let all your dreams come true.
  • Happy birthday to my rainbow on cloudy days and to my beautiful flower in a small garden. I wish you happiness and love.
  • Happy birthday to my favorite girl! You are funnier than any comedy and smarter than any book. Have an amazing birthday!
  • Happy birthday, my dear niece, my second daughter, my best friend! I wish you to be surrounded by family and friends not only on this day but always!
  • You are one in a million and I couldn’t ask for a better niece! Happy birthday!
  • The day you were born, you made me happy, but the day you hugged me with your little hands, made my heart melt. I am the happiest uncle on Earth because you are my niece. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday, dearest! You turn 21 only once, so make this birthday one to remember!
  • May God bless you and you’ll have wisdom, strength, and courage to meet all obstacles, overcome them and enjoy each happy moment in life. Happy Birthday!
  • You are my niece, it means that you will always pursue your dreams and fulfill all aspirations. Have a great birthday!
  • You bring me so much fun, you’re a perfect companion to hang out and to share secrets. I am blessed to have such s stunning niece like you. Happy Birthday!
  • Have a gorgeous birthday, my dearest niece! Always strive to be the best you can be and never turn back on your failures to see.
  • Loving aunts and loving nieces in the puzzle of life are matching pieces. You complete me and make my life happy. Have an amazing birthday, darling!

Happy Birthday Niece Images

A birthday wish without images will be a little bit dull, don’t you think so? This becomes even more relevant when it comes to congratulating someone on the Internet. You can come up with the best, funniest and most clever wish, but it won’t be enough if there’s no colorful image attached to it. So, keep scrolling, we are sure you’ll find something worthy below:

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