Best Sexy Birthday Quotes, Wishes and Messages for Him and Her

Every birthday is a very special event. This is a day to celebrate love and make something pleasant for people you love. You should make this day as remarkable as possible. Fill the day with passion, romance and sexuality. Below you will find hot ideas for birthday greetings.
The following Sexy Birthday Quotes For Him And Her will make the birthday of your beloved person very special and full of interesting surprises Do not feel shy to give your sweetheart unforgettable feelings and emotions. They will make a print on the heart forever.

Discover Very Hot Birthday Text Messages Ideas for Her

  • The moment my eyes see you, the day becomes much brighter and hotter. Let’s celebrate with all passion we have. Happy birthday, the hottest man on this planet.
  • Where is my sexy woman? I am going to catch you right now, I will chain you to me and will never ever leave.
  • It is time to blow out the candles and start to celebrate your birthday in the most passionate way ever. Happy Birthday, my love!
  • The birthday party is over, but I have one more surprise for you. Let’s wait till our friends leave and we will start out private hot party just with you and me. Baby, happy birthday!
  • I love to feel the warmth of your body. I want to fall asleep next to you for the rest of my life.
  • A partner better than you does not exist in the entire universe. I wish to spend your birthday in the bed – a wild celebration. Let’s rock the party. Happy birthday, my love!

Very Hot Birthday Text Ideas For Her
Amazing Very Hot Birthday Card For Her

The Best Dirty Birthday Wishes for Loved Girls

The following birthday wishes for loved girls are very impressive. What can be better to celebrate the birthday with your beloved person? The only thing you will have to do is to make a playful mood and make this day memorable for the rest of your life. Stop holding back your passionate emotions and send these dirty wishes to your lover.

  • Baby, please do not wear any clothes at all today. Even if you do, I will remove them all straight away. Happy Birthday, my angel.
  • Baby, I know you have already received a birthday gift, but I have one more. I will let you undress me like a sizzling gift. I am only yours and you can do with me all what you want. Happy Birthday, my biggest love!
  • It is very sad that we are busy these days and do not spend enough time together. Tonight I am all yours. Are you ready for many nasty things? Well, this will be my birthday gift for you. I am sure you will enjoy it like crazy. Love you, my birthday woman.
  • I have prepared two gifts for you. One is in the box and the second one I will put on me. Can’t wait till we will see each other this evening. I am dying without you my love! Happy Birthday!
  • This night we will do the dirtiest things which have never passed through your mind. Prepare yourself for the hottest night, my love! Do you think you will handle it, baby?
  • My love, you will have to make two birthday parties: one for your family and another one just for me and you. I will be your birthday cake and you will eat me all. My hot angel, happy birthday!
  • Baby, I am in fire. Will you come to help me, because you are the woman who started the flame? I will make you the happiest birthday woman ever!
  • Here is the schedule for your birthday. In the morning I will give you the gift and treat with the best breakfast in the evening we will enjoy time with friends and the night will be for us and our wild adventure! Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

dirty birthday wishes for loved girls
dirty birthday wishes for loved girls

Naughty and Sexy Birthday Quotes for Him

If you want your beloved person to enjoy his birthday, you should be naughty on birthday. This will be the most exciting birthday ever. Your passion will drive him crazy. He will never forget this exciting experience. Send the following  Naughty And Sexy Quotes For Him to express what you really feel. These text ideas are perfect for messages and SMS. Your man will be super happy.

  • Do you know that you become sexier each year? My hot macho, Happy Birthday!
  • Are you ready for a hot birthday gift? I wanna be your slave during this sizzling night. My sweetheart, happy birthday!
  • Due to your birthday, let’s do something dirty and naughty. This rendezvous we will never forget! My honey, happy birthday!
  • Baby, I wanna bite you today all over your body! My love is so strong, Happy Birthday, my love!
  • I have a special birthday gift for you, I will pick you up in the evening and bring to the paradise. Happy Birthday, my darling!
  • Honey, prepare yourself for unbridled passion. I wanna celebrate your birthday with all my charm and passion. You will see how strong my love and passion are. Happy Birthday!
  • I feel so guilty that I have to be in the office when it is your birthday! Now you can refill your energy, because in the evening you will need it badly!
  • I wanna check the lever of your naughtiness this night. Are you ready? Happy Birthday, my love!
  • Wait till your friends will leave and your naughty birthday party will start.

Sexy Quotes For Him With No Limitations
Naughty Quotes For Him With No Limitations

The Best Collection of Erotic Birthday Messages for Your Lover

Even though a short message you can easily express your passion. Read the following erotic birthday messages, which you should send to your lover. Express all your passion and love feelings. They will create a special mood for this hot night. Choose some intriguing quotes and leave some place for the imagination.

  • I will show you my birthday gift at night when we will enter the bed. This is a unique gift for a unique person. Can you guess what it is, baby? Happy Birthday, sweetheart!
  • I want to wish you Habby Birthday, honey! I wanna give you all my love and passion. Your presence in my life makes me so rich and happy! I love you, my naughty!
  • Are you ready for a wild night due to your birthday! I am on my way into your arms. Kiss you passionately!
  • Million of kisses and naughty fantasies are rushing to you, my sweetheart. I will make you feel so special tonight. Happy Birthday! I love you!
  • Happy Birthday Sexy! I love you!

erotic birthday images for your lover
cool erotic birthday images for your lover

Ideas to Wish Happy Birthday Sexy to Your Beloved Person

  • Baby, I want you to wear just the moonlight and million of my kisses tonight. Happy Birthday!
  • The best place for me is the place where I can kiss you and where we can exchange our love and passion. Are you ready for a hot adventure, my love? Happy Birthday!
  • Baby, today is your birthday and I want to eat you all. Why do we have to go to the restaurant if we have a bed and each other? This night will be the most flavorful of all what we had before. You are so delicious! Happy Birthday!

 happy birthday sexy to your beloved person
happy birthday sexy to your beloved person
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