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Smile Captions

Yes, Instagram is oozing with #foodporn photos. For some reason, people seem to love taking pictures of sometimes gorgeous, but usually pretty ordinary meals and putting a bunch of hashtags on them. In all fairness, if their audience didn’t like looking at photos of food, this trend would have withered away years ago, yet, for some reason, it has remained popular for almost a decade now.

However, if there’s any photo “genre” that beats food-related pics any day of the week, it’s the good old human smile. Yep! You read that right. And when you think about it, everybody tends to smile in their photos: whether they’re doing it out of awkwardness, shyness, or simply because they want to present themselves as being happy, one thing is for certain: we love smiling and looking at people smiling.

A great smile-themed photo deserves an equally great caption, and that’s where this article will help.

Celebratory Smiles

Weddings, graduations, newborns – these are all celebratory reasons that put smiles on our faces. We are happy, and we can’t stop showing it. Nor should we! Celebratory smiles are perhaps the most honest kind. When it comes to captions, being honest and looking into your heart is the best way to go here.

Think future, love, inspiration, as these are the feelings that will help you get inspired to come up with fantastic captions for your celebratory photos.

Caption Ideas:

  1. “No one can resist the unique bright power of a smile.”
  2. “Smiling – the best contagious thing in the world!”
  3. “An honest smile is a true reflection of unconditional pride.”
  4. “There is no expression as powerful as a smile.”
  5. “Smile until your face hurts!”

Laughing and Smiles

Some people might say that laughing and smiling are two completely different things, but they aren’t really. Think of laughter as a loud expression of happiness and smiling. Laughter is most commonly present when hanging with friends and loved ones: someone will tell a joke, a funny story, or engage in banter, everyone will start laughing, and someone will snap a photo.

When putting the photo of yourself having a good time with those closest to you, think ”fun!” Reflect on the years you’ve spent together with your crew, and think about all the future good times that you’ll be having.

Laughing and smiles

Caption Ideas:

  1. “Laughing is just smiling out loud.”
  2. “Smiles and laughter are the basis of every friendship.”
  3. “My crew always puts a smile on my face.”
  4. “I keep the most honest smiles for my family.”
  5. “Laughter, smiles, and love – all a person needs.”

Smiles of Love

No one puts a smile on our faces as easily as our significant other. However, this is a different kind of smile – it’s a smile that speaks out of your eyes, if that makes sense. It can be a fiery smile of passion, or a smile of understanding that breathes love.

Think equality when coming up with these captions. People in love are two peas in a pod, it’s always them versus the entire world, and that is perfectly understandable. Keep the following image in mind when trying to come up with captions for the smiles of love: a sharp image of the two of them, with everything around them blurry. If this is a bit too much of an artistic explanation for you, here are some examples.

smile of love

Caption Ideas:

  1. “True love is contained in that particular smile. You know the one.”
  2. “When you smile, everything else gets blurred.”
  3. “That moment that you realize that he/she is the one.”
  4. “Know how to put a smile on her/his face.”

Selfie Smiles

Okay, so the selfie hype isn’t likely to go anywhere anytime soon. People may say that selfie smiles are something posers do, but to be fair, we all do it here and there, whether we’re trying to look cool or goofy. We can’t teach you how to smile when taking a selfie, but we can help you decorate it with a perfect caption.

When captioning selfie smiles, think “humor.” Try to be funny, witty, and lighthearted.


Caption Ideas:

  1. “Learn how to smile anywhere.”
  2. “To smile is to make yourself happy.”
  3. “Greet every day with a smile, and it will smile back at you.”
  4. “Selfies are for smiling back at yourself.”
  5. “It takes little to capture a perfect smile.”

Smiling Tells Half the Story

Coming up with smile captions is fairly easy because your smile already tells the story halfway through. Smiles help us get rid of the negative energy, but evoking them isn’t always easy. If you already want to put photos of smiles out there on the internet, a cool caption will take you a step further.

What would you write below your best smile-themed photo on Instagram? Share your caption with us in the comments below.

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