1. COMBINE Ltd

    The black short long like hair that insects must living in the trees, cause people cut of the trees and destroy the jungle area, so they no place to stay will attack human body

  2. COMBINE Ltd

    If somebody use silver for the hold of your teeth must take out, cause it make worm and toxic then your face will destroy and feel something moving inside the face.

  3. Killuminátor

    Is there anyone who really knows that beating? Some credible information about it should it come from, what's the purpose, the only honest diligent search and thinking to be getting somewhere. Please do not try to seek sensation, and shocking information, try to find the truth no matter what.

  4. Austin Thompson

    this devil can be cast out in the name of Yeshua by the power of the Holy Ghost but first get your life right with Yeshua and ask for His Holy Ghost but first obey Yahweh commandments eat food that He commands to eat so stuff like this does not happen stop eating gmo

  5. guy may

    As a fellow hard Core morgie I really appreciate this work. Maybe drop the soundtrack next time. It's a dramatic enough without the music!

  6. 1ofThe Watchmen

    The " JewWorldOrder " in Morgellons and Lyme Conspiracy? I was one of the first researchers of the phenomenon. I don't have the illness. Morgellons is caused by Chemtrails, and we all have the roots of it in our system. We have all been infected. Some people also have received Implant Devices in their bodies against their knowledge.
    Lyme Disease causes the body to attempt to rid the fibers and other nano-molecular components out of the body. Lyme causes the Nano-components to become displayed throughout the body and muscles, organs, skin, in an apparent attempt to rid them from the body.

    This is a part of the mystery, and part of the battle of what it is. In a sense outside of the Doctors and Medical Associations being the enemy of the truth, so the 2 sides of Morgellons Research, in a sense fighting against each other. WHY?

    The " JewWorldOrder " in Morgellons and Lyme Conspiracy? People like Randy Wymore of Oklahoma State University, where research is being done, is sitting in the middle of Professors who also are in a battle to USE and MANUFACTURE Nano-Technology in the field of science, right down the very same hallways where his lab and classes are located, so are the Nano-Tech classes and labs.

    If that is not a CONFLICT of interest, I don't know what else could be???

    The presentation for financing is supposed to be good, to help people. However, the elite who truly desire to use this technology for evil have produced the most massive and intense cover up. So they leave people sick. They would rather people to be sick. Go to Doctors and receive lying diagnose-sis and sell drugs for conditions of other names, that also will not cure anybody.

    Keep them sick, and pay for medications to support the big pharma corporations. You need any more proof?

    The " JewWorldOrder " in Morgellons and Lyme Conspiracy? Look at what they do to Lyme Disease patients who have chronic illness. They never develop new and better tests. A test for 1 strain is used to capture infection of Borrelia, which has over 100 strains. So most patients receive NEGATIVE diagnosis and NEGATIVE test results. Call their affliction by other uncurable names, names of NEWER syndromes and diseases, and once again, PAY FOR DRUGS TO GIVE THEM for the rest of their lives also.

    Randy Wymore is a PUPPET on a string. Unknowingly perhaps? Or, he may be part of the conspiracy. However, you can see very plainly that there is a conspiracy to cover up BOTH Lyme Borrelia and it's link to other diseases with other names, and ALSO at the same time, the very same conspirators cover up Morgellons.

    For both horrendous afflictions, lies, cover up, THEY WANT YOU TO BE SICK. THEY don't care if you die. Mostly ALL Infectious Disease Specialists in the United States at this present time, and other facets such as Psychiatry are in "Secret Societies" as well as in the pockets of Globalized Medical Elite, to help to manipulate this conspiracy and to maintain it. It is a small portion of the New World Order, and as well as Federalized and Globalized Medical Care.

    They can't let you know what it is, or else they would end up telling upon themselves. They have a plan for a New World Order and Globalization of Corporations and the world's filthy rich, who are buying off Republicans and Democrats, and the Media and others, who own them. They want to "own you and control you." They will KEEP you sick.
    The " JewWorldOrder " in Morgellons and Lyme Conspiracy?

  7. Joff Sander

    Hmmm I saw a Sci TV Show over the years about these things called Ganglions? alien little squid like creatures invading the body and infecting the host in the brain area and takes over

  8. Shanti Suzanna Dawn Balentine

    exactly it all fits together the dried red blood cells also is coming from Chemtrails smart dust it all fits together transhumanism nanotechnology smart dust Chemtrails genetically modifying everything I'm a sufferer of morgellons and I really am pissed and I want this to get resolved I'm suffering day in and out

  9. Christina munoz

    If you read the Bible it describes many things oils to heal your body, flaxseed oil is a big one. I found it @Sallys beauty supply store, it's a multitasking oil rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants helps block humidity and pollition shielding hair and skin from environmental agressors. He didn't leave us here alone, have hope and faith in Jesus Christ he is the answer and the Truth

  10. Softwolfsong

    I don't know what it is but it's in Ohio. I'm dealing with it and searching for answers as are many. I believe what I see with my own eyes and don't jump on board with conspiracy theories. I do see chem trails frequently in checkerboard patterns. Not just jet emulsions. Related? No clue. I just know I'm dealing with this as is my family and pets. It destroys cloths, food, our health, our home structure, and it's getting worse over time. Doctors act like you're nuts and have been told it's mass hysteria and if they treat it they can lose their license. Yet hundreds of thousands of people in various countries are having the same problems. I'm a medic. Not a nut job. I want answers. Trying to find them yourself drives you crazy because there are so many possibilities out there. I don't get why the CDC is like, it's something we can't identify, oh well, toss it out, everyone is just crazy. The fact no one in the medical community will look at it makes me feel like we are trusting the wrong people to look out for our best interest.

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