How To Generate Creative Username Ideas

Do you have trouble coming up with a descriptive, cool or unique username? Sit for ages in front of the create account screen trying to come up with a username that hasn’t been taken and isn’t lame? I feel your pain as I do that very thing. That’s why I have put together ‘How to generate creative username ideas’. To help all those people like me who have trouble being creative when put on the spot.

When it comes to grabbing a cool username, early adopters have a real advantage. They get to choose all the best usernames while latecomers get dumb ones or have to put numbers at the end of their name. While adding ‘567’ to the end of a cool username may seem a decent workaround, it doesn’t look cool and you won’t like it for long.

That’s where this tutorial will come in handy. You will learn how and where to generate creative username ideas that reflect your personality, are different from the usual and that get you noticed.

Generate creative username ideas

If you need to generate creative username ideas, you can do it one of two ways. You can come up with it entirely on your own using tricks to trigger ideas or you can use some web-based username generators. You can of course use both and take a little from each, it is entirely up to you!

Generate your own usernames

While you may stumble at the account creation screen like I do, if you give yourself a little time, you will come up with something. Here are a few ideas to help. Different tips will work in different places. Some ideas will generate great gamer names but won’t work so well on social media while other work great as a Twitter handle but not so much on Instagram or as an email address. Mix and match as you see fit.

Consider your favorite hobby, animal, music, movie, color, actor, sports team, random word, adjective, food or whatever. Write a few down and begin putting them together to see what you can come up with.

For example: I like the Dallas Cowboys, hot dogs, the color orange, Inglorious the movie and the word moist. So I could come up with DallasHotDog, Inglorious Cowboy, Dallas Orange, Moist Orange Cowboy and so on. The more effort you put into it the more you get out of it.

Generating your own usernames is often best done in advance when you have a spare hour and have some inspiration. Write them down and keep them safe for use when you need them.

Username generators

The other way to generate creative username ideas is to use a web-based generator. I tend to visit these for gamer tags as I can never come up with anything that describes my playstyle without sounding lame.

Here are some of the ones I use.

Rum and Monkey

I was first drawn to Rum and Monkey purely because of the name. Now I go to it anytime I need a new username for anything. It has categories for different types of name such as Viking, military, Minions and so on. While you certainly don’t have to choose a specific category, you have to pick one to generate a name. Many of the suggestions are actually very good which is why I keep going back.

Fake Name Generator

I tend to recommend the Fake Name Generator for all sorts of uses. This site generates real names, so if you’re setting up a fake email address or social media profile, this is the place to come. It isn’t so good for gamer tags but works very well for character creation for stories or whatever.

Cool Name Generator

The Cool Name Generator is another that will create ‘normal’ names. It is also the only generator site I know of that offers a ‘neutral’ option for gender. Some of the initial suggestions tend to be a bit lame but give it a chance and it can generate some good ones.


Spinxo is another decent way to generate creative usernames. Add details into the top and hit Spin. The app will generate a bunch of names depending on the information you provide. There is also a list of ones already generated underneath. Like the others here, some of those generated just don’t work while others are actually very good indeed. I tend to get more good results from Rum and Monkey but Spinxo is worth a try too.

Got any other suggestions for generating creative usernames? Tell us about it below if you do!

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