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Cruise Captions

Cruises may well be among the most popular ways of vacationing, and for a good reason. You get to go around the globe, brush up against a variety of sights and cultures, all of that while staying cozy in a moving luxury hotel. As is the case with most vacations, a cruise is a perfect opportunity to snap some neat photos, and what do awesome pics need? Great and inspiring captions!

There are many aspects of a cruise, and knowing how to document them properly is only a part of it. Yes, your followers are mostly there for the photos, but they also want to read stories; words that will help them better imagine the tales that the pics are telling. Even the best picture in the world needs a cool caption.

On the Ship

While on the cruise, yes, you will be visiting a lot of various places. Your cruise may take you from the East Coast, through the Mediterranean, all the way to the Pacific. In truth, however, you’ll be spending the majority of time on the cruise ship. This is why there are so many activities on these ocean hotels, from swimming pools and tennis courts to clubs and shopping malls.

When coming up with captions for photos aboard the cruise ship, act as if you were in a regular hotel. Focus on fantastic room service, sweet parties, and fantastic chills by the pool.

on the ship

Caption Ideas:

  1. “All aboard! This will be my home for the next 10 days. How awesome.”
  2. “This cruise ship has a shopping mall. It’s literally just like back home, only better.”
  3. “Taking a sip, while taking a dip in a pool, on a ship, in an ocean.”
  4. “The DJ last night friggin’ rocked. Man, parties on cruise ships are crazy!”

On the Docks

There might not be a lot happening on the docks, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t snap a few interesting photos. Most of your followers have never been on a cruise and would love to find out how it all works. You can take photos of the ship, of the crew, of the goings-on on the dock, etc.

Aim at being as explanatory as possible here. People want to know all the details about cruises, so be thorough. Alternatively, you’ll probably take a stroll on the land while waiting and snap some cool pics of, say, the local market. Make sure to report this, too.

on the docks

Caption Ideas:

  1. “Yep, that’s the actual anchor being lowered into the water. The dock crew is in charge with overseeing the process.”
  2. “Here’s our captain. He is always the last one of the entire ship’s crew to step offboard. Talk about tradition.”
  3. “I found these neat slippers on this beautiful stand. I’m told that they’re completely handmade using bamboo!”
  4. “I could get lost for months in each coastal town we dock at.”

On Mainland

You have to make the most out of your cruise vacation, but you probably already know this. If you do happen to really make the most out of your cruise, there will be many photos left to tell a wonderful story. Consider getting a waterproof camera box, a selfie stick (yeah, these can actually be very useful), and perhaps even a camera stabilizer.

Either way, your quality photos will need appropriate captions. Captions that will help the photos tell the full story. Be creative, be imaginative, and be in awe.

Caption Ideas:

  1. “The Caribbean has more than lived up to its name. I am absolutely amazed by this corner of Earth.”
  2. “Even the rain feels beautiful here. It’s warm, it’s cozy, and you don’t really care if you get a bit soaked. It’s like time has come to a halt.”
  3. “Our ship is very luxurious and awesome, but I just want to stay here. The Mediterranean is so chill and very forgiving, temperature-wise.”
  4. “Yep, that’s a dolphin. Yep, I took the photo. Yep, I was scared. Nope, don’t regret it for a second.”

Hang with the Crew

Some people are probably not having as much fun as you are aboard the cruise ship. Yep, the ship crew, the waiters, the kindergarten teachers, the shop workers – they are the ones who make your life on the cruise comfortable. Take a few pictures with them and commend them for their awesome service.

Think cool vibes when coming up with captions for your pics with the crew. Oh, and make sure you follow/add them and tag them!

Caption Ideas:

  1. “This dude’s been so professional and fun, I think he’s made my whole cruise much better.”
  2. “Aaaand here’s my photo with the captain. Whatever you think of this profession, you have no idea how chill the ship crew actually are. How do they not get stains on their uniforms, though?”
  3. “The best tour guide in the world. All the locations this awesome gal recommended were an absolute blast. Thank you for telling this doofus exactly where to go.”

Nothing but Chill

Whether we’re talking about the photos or the captions, if there’s one thing that the two have in common, it’s the chill vibe that they should evoke. Taking a cruise vacation is like a normal vacation where you’d unwind as much as possible, but with more chill and relaxation. Those are the exact feelings your photos and the accompanying captions should emit.

Do you have any cool cruise captions of your own that you would like to share? Post them in the comments section below!

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