Dog Hashtags – For your Furry Best Friend

If you happen to be a proud owner of the man’s best friend, you’re bound to understand the meaning of love, commitment, and unwavering loyalty very well, indeed! (Also, the concept of scooping up dog poop in public places shouldn’t be too foreign to you, either.)

Indeed, the tales of courage and devotion like no other quite often tend to include a dog- and this is certainly no coincidence!

From the famous Alsatian called Nemo A534 who took a bullet to the eye and snout for his owner during the war in Vietnam, thus saving his life, and then survived the incident to merrily bark for many more years, to the legend of a dog named Rex who allegedly saved Drug Tito, the Yugoslav president (meaning- Comrade Tito in rough translation), there seems to be no shortage of plucky canines in the historical records of humanity.

(Though, to be fair, no one can be quite sure if the whole ordeal with Tito really happened. You know how it is with these communist leaders- the stories can get quite outrageous at times.)

Anyway, dogs are a quite special kind of animal that deserves both our respect and admiration. Therefore, we have decided to make an article about what else- Instagram hashtags! (about dogs, in case you’re wondering).

Right then, without further ado, let’s dive straight into the lot!

The K9 Hashtags- A Whole Litter o’ Them!

Other than being tough, smart, and brave enough to bite the bullet for their owner in Vietnam, the man’s best friend also happens to be quite photogenic! Now, if you’ve got a doggo of your own and plan to spam cute (or, indeed, intimidating) photos of it on Instagram- you’ve come to the right place. In order to keep this list o’ hashtags all neat and clean, we’ve divided them up in several categories. Here’s what we’ve got for ya:

General Hashtags about Dogs

If it’s just a regular photo of your furry buddy you want to post, or perhaps a touching caption about the friendship between humans and dogs, using a stock dog-related hashtag can be a great way to start. Of course, you can always build upon these basics to make them even more interesting, unique, and friendly to the search engines.

#dogsofinsta #mustlovedogs #dogsrule #dogsofinstagram #dogchild #puppy #bestwoof #ILoveMyDog #dogsarethebest #floppyears

Outdoors-Related Hashtags

Nothing like a well-taken photo of a dog catching a Frisbee in mid-air. Or perhaps even better- a photo of a dog trying but failingto catch a Frisbee in mid-air! As we stated earlier, dogs are ridiculously photogenic, so as long as you’re not taking the picture with a calculator and the quality’s alright, you don’t need to worry if you’ll catch the right moment. So, if you do decide to take a picture of you and your dog having a blast in some outdoorsy activity or the other, add some of the following hashtags to spice it up even more:

#hikingwithdogs #walkies #happypup #dogsonadventures #getoutdoors #happydogs #Frisbeetime

Dog Training Hashtags

Training a dog can be one of the most fun experiences you two will have together, and unless the day’s training went really badly (The dog wouldn’t cooperate and kept the ball for itself.) it’d certainly be worthy of an Instagram post! Heck, even if did go badly it may still be interesting or chuckle-worthy to your followers. That’s the beauty of putting dogs on Instagram, really. Provided the animal is healthy and happy, you simply can’t possibly go wrong if you post a photo of it! Here are some hashtags in case you wanted to present what you two have learned and want some context for it:

#dogtraining #dogadventures #letsbefriends #properpup #atdogs #morningslikethese #thehappynow

Cheeky Dog Hashtags

If you fancy keeping it light ‘n’ funny, you can always post a photo of your dog caught in a bad position or otherwise munching on a slipper or something. The opportunities for a shot like this abound, so do exploit it fully! Once you’ve found the right photo for a post, complement it further with some of these hashtags:

#squishyfacecrew #awwfeed #ruffpost #woof #teamfloppyears #weeklyfluff #snortmonster

All in all, if dogs are talented for one thing, it’s Instagram, apparently. AND saving lives. So, Instagram and saving lives- there you have it. Whether you’d like to boast to your audience your latest training session with your furry pal or just want to make everyone chuckle by uploading a photo of a pug looking guilty, Instagram is a great place to do it.

Using the hashtags we offered, on the other hand, will make it possible for more people to see them! We hope you found this article helpful and wish you many cheeky and proud Instagram posts with your pet doggo!

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