Easter Hashtags – Hashtag the Spring Holiday

‘He will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord God will wipe away tears from off all faces.’ (Isaiah 25:8)

Thus spoke the sages of yore, their words living for millennia after their demise. After death there cometh salvation. After struggle and pain, there cometh relief and resurrection. How uplifting and hopeful these utterances do cling to an upheaved soul of a mere mortal!

In this article, we’ve got but one question.

Aye, the one that is as contemporary and down-to-earth limited as the life-cycle of one’s phone battery: Why not ruin these holy quotes by adding to them a bunch of incomprehensible hashtags!

If you, an avid Instagram user, don’t find anything holy anymore and fancy imbibing your Instagram feed with some Easter-themed hashtags in the hope a lot of people will see it, you’ve come to the right place, alright! (Joking aside, using hashtags and other means of modern-day communication to further the messages of believing in our traditions and values should certainly be considered a good deed, regardless of the clumsy-looking format of an Instagram hashtags!)

In this article, we’re going to suggest to you some ideas on what hashtags to use when that time of the year comes and we celebrate our Lord’s victory over the forces of evil and death itself!

Without further ado, let’s see what we’ve got here.

The Easter Egg Basket o’ Hashtags

While Christmas, for example, is considered to be one of the merriest holidays in the Christian world, Easter is considered to actually be the merriest of them all, since it celebrates Christ’s victory over death, thus introducing the most interesting aspect of Christianity – resurrection.

Now, as far as Instagram is concerned, you can write about the philosophical implications of this proposal, celebrate it with a quote from the Bible, or simply take a picture of some Easter eggs and bunnies, stick a bunch o’ hashtags on it and Bob’s your uncle. In this section, we’ll try to cover all of these approaches, so that you can find the one that suits your view of the whole holiday in the best way. So, here’s the lot.

Addressing the Holiday Itself

This batch should be considered a stock introduction. You can use these to show your awareness of the holiday, which is a good start, in a way. These hashtags can be your way of announcing that you haven’t, in fact, been living under a big ole boulder and are actually interested in holidays and your Christian heritage. (If you’re not Christian but still want to go for those view… ehm, we mean – show the appreciation for the religion, you’re more than welcome to use these, as well!)

#easter #eastersunday #jesuschrist #easterbunny #holiday #God

Addressing the Candy

Perhaps you want to be more kid-friendly and other than showing your appreciation for Christ’s suffering on the cross – also show your appreciation for chocolate bunnies! (Works for adults, as well.) For example, if you plan to post some pictures of chocolate Easter eggs, Rice Krispies, or indeed, the aforementioned chocolate Easter bunnies, adding any of the following hashtags can be a great idea.

#eggs #easteregg #candy #easterbunny #chocolatebunny #chocolateegg #chocolate #nomnom

Addressing the Bunny

If you’re wondering why on Earth it was bunnies that were picked as the egg-hoarding animals instead of, say, pigeons, the folklore has the answer ready! Since bunnies reproduce rather quickly and are generally often seen frolicking in the wild come spring, they were somehow awarded the status of an animal that best symbolizes the holiday of Easter. So, there you have it. They breed quickly and look cute, what else do you want? Here are the hashtags:

#easterbunny #spring #bunnies #eastereggbunny #chocolatebunny #cutebunny #easterbunnies

Addressing the Religious Side

Other than posting a quote from the Bible or a picture of your local parish community, you can also address the religiousness of Easter, so to speak, by concocting a caption of your own. You can speak about hope, the battle between Jesus and death itself, or resurrection in general and then spice it up with some of the following suitable hashtags:

#jesus #bible #resurrection #cross #love #hope #jesuschrist #christianity #god #virginmary

However, you decide to approach your Instagram-based celebration of Easter, using any of these hashtags is bound to enrich the message you’re trying to send to your community of followers. Bottom line, Easter is a holiday of hope and rebirth, so your post should reflect this. The merrier, the better! We hope you found this article helpful and wish you some successful and joyous Instagramming!

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