Easy Partner Yoga Poses

Easy Partner Yoga Poses

Welcome fellow yoga lovers! If you are wondering about how to do partner yoga poses, follow the steps below. They are intended for friends and/or lovers, so feel free to have fun with it. The couple yoga poses listed are intended for beginners, but if you want something a bit more challenging, visit Yoganonymous.

Practicing yoga with a loved one or a friend can allow you to deepen your stretches as well as allow you to deepen your connection with your partner. If either one of you or both of you are inexperienced in yoga, no worries. The suggested poses listed are meant as basic yoga poses for beginners. Have fun connecting with your partner and listen to your body if discomfort occurs.

Partner Breathing

This is a simple yet beneficial position. The pose creates a way for you to connect with your partner while also opening the heart. Yoga involves a lot of focus on your breath, which is why this pose is also significant because it is an easy and gentle way to connect and focus on your breathing.


  1. First, both you and your partner need to be in a seated position with your backs resting against each other. Cross your legs at the ankles or shins. If you need to, get a pillow to sit on for more comfort.
  2. Place both of your hands on your thighs or knees and close your eyes.
  3. Take a deep breath in, connecting with your partner. Pause for a few seconds before exhaling. Finally, exhale and repeat the breathing exercise.
  4. Notice how it feels to have your back against your partner’s and how it feels to have the back of your rib cage against your partner’s.
  5. Once you find a rhythm and are comfortable, try to breathe alternatively with one another. When you inhale, your partner will exhale; when you exhale, your partner will inhale. And so on.
  6. You may practice up to five minutes or more.

Partner Twist

Twist positions are my favorite because they help in loosening up and stretching your body. Twists also help cleanse the body through a detoxifying process. Within this position, you are using your partner to twist.


  1. Begin in a seated position similar to the Partner Breathing pose. Your legs should be crossed at the ankles or the shins and your back should be against your partner’s.
  2. Keep your hands on your thighs or knees as you breathe in a slow and steady rhythm. Use this time to allow yourself to feel connected to your partner.
  3. As you inhale, reach your arms straight over your head, lengthening the spine as you reach upwards.
  4. As you exhale, twist (both you and your partner) to the right and bring your right hand to the inside of your partner’s left knee. Your left hand should be on the outside of your right knee or thigh. Both you and your partner should be holding the same position.
  5. Hold the pose for three to five breaths and on an exhale, untwist and repeat on the opposite side.
  6. Repeat as many times as you need.

Partner Forward-Fold

The Partner Forward-Fold stretching technique is great for your legs and back. It opens the hamstrings and calms the nervous system. Remember to breathe and be careful of tension in your shoulders. Both you and your partner should feel relaxed during this pose and should not pull too hard as to not cause tightness or tension.


  1. Similar to the poses described above, you and your partner will start out in a seat position. However, you will both be facing each other in this pose.
  2. Extend your legs out so that you and your partner each make a “V” shape with your legs. Your kneecaps should be facing straight up and the soles of your feet should be touching your partner’s.
  3. Inhale and lengthen up through the spine.
  4. On an exhale, you or your partner folds forward from the hips. Whoever is not folded forward, sit back and keep the spine and arms straight out, holding onto your partner’s hands or arms. Try not to tug or pull too hard here. Stay relaxed and keep breathing.
  5. Do not worry if you are unable to touch the floor with your forehead or nose yet. Sometimes flexibility comes with practice. If you are totally and completely comfortable, then that is great! Stay in the pose for at least five breaths. Soften into it.
  6. Finally, come out of the pose by releasing each other’s arms and lift your chests up. Repeat in the opposite direction and take turns. If you were folded forward, then your partner would be in that position now.

If you are looking for more poses, SheKnows has great recommendations for beginners, including the Twin Trees pose. Enjoy and namaste.

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