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Good Night Text Messages

When a busy day is coming to an end, a few things can make your lover feel better than an affectionate, beautifully written good night text. Put a smile on your loved one’s face before they drift off to sleep with one of these romantic good night texts.

Sweet Dreams Text Messages

Wish your loved one sweet dreams so when they wake up, they start counting down the minutes until they see you. Here are some texts to inspire you.

  1. When you dream or when your love, the possibilities are endless. With you, I have both. What happens then?
  2. I will dream about our last meeting and imagine our next one.
  3. Good night. I will see you in my dreams.
  4. It’s dark tonight. But in my dreams, everything is bright because you are always there.
  5. I wish that I can dream about you tonight. That’s the dream that I know it will come true.
  6. Fuel all your dreams with my love and sleep tight.
  7. I hope to enjoy beautiful dreams. I won’t feel sad when I wake up since I know you are there in my reality.
  8. I hope to dream something new tonight. I can’t dream about you all the time!
  9. I am drifting to my sleep and I can already see your shape appearing there.

Good Night Text Messages to Send Your Lover

Good Night Text Messages When You’re Apart

When you and your lover are not sleeping in the same place, a part of you feels empty. The best thing to do to soothe the pain is to send a message telling them how much you miss them.

  1. I am jealous of the moon, following you everywhere you go. It can watch you sleep, while I am here alone.
  2. It’s impossible to touch your trough this message, but all I want to do is kiss you good night.
  3. Nothing will beat dreaming of you except waking up next to you.
  4. Perhaps I am here sleeping alone but my mind and soul are with you. Sleep peacefully.
  5. It was a beautiful day, with happy thoughts and you in my mind. The only better ending would be you next to me, but I have to wait for another day. Good night, love!
  6. You will be the last thing I will think about today, and the first thing that I will think about tomorrow.
  7. If we fall asleep quickly, we will be together sooner. Let’s do our best.
  8. Maybe I can hug a pillow, thinking it’s you.

Good Night Text Messages to Send

Good Night Text to Make Your Lover Feel Special

When you know that someone is thinking about you, you will fall asleep with a smile on your face. Sometimes people forget how much they mean to others, so it is good to remind them. Sending one of the following text messages before falling asleep is a good way to do it:

  1. Around 3 billion people are sleeping now. But just one super special person is reading this message before he/she joins them.
  2. I was counting the reasons why you are the best thing that ever happened to me, and now I will fall asleep with you in my mind.
  3. Falling asleep thinking of you takes all the troubles away from my mind.
  4. How do you do this? I just thought about sending you a good night text, and I am already smiling like crazy.
  5. Nights are getting longer now since I am not with you. You make my days pass by so fast.
  6. You are the only thing that occupies my mind before sleep. There is no room for anything else there right now. Good night.
  7. I wish you can dream what I dream and see what I see. That way you’ll get to see how amazing you are.

Share Your Good Night Texts

When you are in love, you are inspired to do many things. Perhaps writing is one of them. If you’ve recently written your own romantic good night texts, you’ve come to the right place. Share some of your best work in the comments below.

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