Green Espresso Bean Extract Fat Decline Assessment – you can get the brand name I ordered right here.

The brand name I purchased was from whole foods is by Genesis Currently Pure Green Espresso Bean. I took 2 supplements for each day and did not adjust my food plan or work out regime and missing 4 1/2lbs in 2 1/2 weeks.

UPDATE 11/nine/thirteen I took the green coffee bean extract supplements for about 45 times and missing 10 lbs. I stopped getting them about a month ago and have not gained any excess weight back.

29 comments on “Green Espresso Bean Extract Fat Decline Assessment

  1. Marie Rehman

    guyz please inform me who is under 18 and taking green coffee bean? plz i am 15 an i am overweight i weight is 90kg. I want to loss weight with this coffee beans but i have heard that this green coffee bean is not good people under 18. i will always pray for the person who will help me i look like a big woman and i am just 15 so sad for my weight.

  2. David Affili

    It's a very interesting product.
    my experience with Green Coffee Bean extract from the "Mean Green Coffee Bean" on facebook was great. felt lighter every day and recommended it for many friends.

    GET YOUR BEANS! green!

  3. Marta Nemeth

    Are you guys getting paid and/or free stuff forĀ advertising theĀ sellers websites? Come on, i never ever saw this much plugging. Just about every one that posted here is plugging the product. Very suspicious. You guys must be a bunch of facebook friends or something got together on this one…..

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