Hawaii Captions for Instagram

Hawaii Captions

Hawaii is one of the most popular vacation spots, perhaps even in the whole world. It is probably the most exotic state of the United States, and it becomes a temporary home for many tourists, every year.

A visit to Hawaii is more than likely to result in many interesting photos, even if you don’t care about social media. If you’re on Instagram, however, you’ll want to show gorgeous Hawaiian sights to your followers, and this means that cool captions need to follow suit.

Pearl Harbor Captions

The famous Pearl Harbor is definitely Hawaii’s top visitor destination. The location is obviously famous as being the hotspot of the event that finally pushed the USA into WW2: the Attack on Pearl Harbor. As such, there are many memorials here, including the USS Arizona Memorial, and the USS Missouri, USS Bowfin, and the Pacific Aviation Museum. This means a lot of cool photos that you’re going to be sharing on social media.

When it comes to Pearl Harbor captions, you cannot miss out on the patriotic aspect of it. Be sure to include the American flag emoji here and there, and write every caption with a dose of pride.

pearl harbor captions

Caption Ideas:

  1. “This is where our ancestors gave their lives to protect US soil. Proud to be an American, through thick and thin.”
  2. “Even 6 decades after its decommission, the USS Missouri still inspires fear and respect.”
  3. “USS Bowfin on ‘museum duty’ since 1979. Hard not to think about all the brave US Navy sailors who got into this piece of metal and dived down below.”

Snorkeling Captions

Let’s be honest, you’d be amiss if you didn’t take a dive in the clear waters of Oahu. From sea turtles to starfish and dolphins, the sea life that Hawaii has to offer is as breathtaking as it is beautiful. Amazing photos go without saying here, and it is recommended that you get a waterproof camera box so that you have fantastic, amazing photos to put on Instagram.

The caption game here should be as informational as possible. Listen to your tour guide, take notes, and try to inspire your followers.

snorkeling captions

Caption Ideas:

  1. “A cow dolphin, a bull dolphin, and a calf dolphin in one photo. Yep, this is what momma, papa, and the kid dolphin are officially referred to as.”
  2. “Did you know that a turtle’s shell is actually its skeleton? No, you can’t just remove it.”
  3. “Yep, that’s a stingray. Did not get close to that one.”

Surfing Captions

If you ever surfed before, you won’t miss out on the opportunity here. If you never did it before, well, this is your chance. Either way, you’ve likely captured some cool pics and want to share them. Cool pics are nothing without cool captions.

Focus on fun, funny stuff in these captions and don’t refrain from using emojis, especially the surfer’s gesture (shaka sign). You know the one, with the pinky and the thumb.

surfing captions

Caption Ideas:

  1. “First time on the surfboard bro. Wish me luck!”
  2. “Getting ready to ride the waves. It’s been far too long. Stay tight and hang loose.”
  3. “Nothing like putting your board in the sand and chillin’ with your compadres. Hang loose.”

Hawaii Forest Captions

Forest and trail might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think “Hawaii,” but the isolation of the island chains helped preserve so much awesome flora and fauna that you simply shouldn’t miss out on taking a stroll here. The activities here include kayaking, trailing, and chilling, and they will, without a doubt, land you with fantastic shots of the beautiful Hawaii islands.

Beauty, inspiration, and awe are the main keywords here when talking about Hawaii forest captions. It will come naturally to you. You better believe that you won’t be indifferent after seeing the beautiful nature of inland Hawaii.

Caption Ideas:

  1. “Just look at the view here. I have literally nothing to add.”
  2. “Just roaming around this awesome-looking waterfall. Chillin’.”
  3. “Hard to feel like I’m in Hawaii, here on the Maunakea Summit. It’s cold, but so, so inspiring.”

The Beautiful Hawaii

There’s little chance that you will be anything short of inspired when writing captions for all the awesome photos you took in Hawaii. In either case, these guidelines and examples will certainly help you come up with your own original captions.

Did a recent visit to Hawaii inspire you to write some captions of your own? Share your cool Hawaii caption ideas in the comment section below. Hang loose!


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