Math Pick Up Lines

Need some Math pick up lines? We’ve found the best of them. Check these 80 great pickup lines out and break the ice mathematically!
The icebreakers work great in all cases — it doesn’t matter where you are trying to start the conversation, offline or on Tinder, they are still good.
But, well, not all of them. The majority of such lines are cringy and will not lead to anything except disappointment, and if you don’t wanna be disappointed, you’ll have to choose the best ones.
Don’t worry, we’ve already done it for you. Just continue reading and you’ll know how it’s done.

Cute Math pickup lines to impress a math nerd

If you wanna impress a math nerd, simple Math equations like “you plus me equals us” will definitely not work well. You need something more complex… like the Math pick up lines we’ve found for you here. Take a look.

  • Are you √(2), ’cause I feel irrational around you.
  • My love is like √(-1). Complex, but not imaginary.
  • I’m not being obtuse, but you are acute girl.
  • I wish I was a derivative, just so that I could lie tangent to your curves.
  • My love for you is like a concave up function because it is always increasing.
  • How can I know so many hundreds of digits of pi and not the 7 digits of your phone number?
  • Why don’t you be the numerator and I be the denominator and both of us reduce to simplest form?
  • 1/3>((-1^1/5)/27U)^1/2 Simply this to know how I feel about you. i>3U
  • By looking at you I can tell you’re 36-25-36, which by the way are all perfect squares.
  • You and I would add up better than a Riemann sum.

Funny calculus pick up lines

We are sure that jokes are the best icebreakers. Agree? If the answer is “yes”, check out these ten funny Math pickup lines. She’ll laugh, we guarantee it — and what will happen next is only up to you.

  • I’m more interested in you than the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.
  • I wonder what the L’ Hospital’s rule says of the limit when I is over you.
  • Are you a math teacher? Because you got me harder than calculus.
  • I need a little help with my Calculus, can you integrate my natural log?
  • My life goal is to make you harder than my calculus homework.
  • My love for you is a monotonically increasing unbounded function
  • If i were a function you would be my asymptote – I always tend towards you.
  • If I’m the Riemann zeta function, you must be s=1.
  • Why don’t we use some Fourier analysis on our relationship and reduce to a series of simple periodic functions.
  • Your beauty defies real and complex analysis.

Statistics pick up lines to try on Valentine’s Day

Simple and lame Math pickup lines can impress the girls from high school. If you are looking for something more serious, you’ll need serious pickup lines — like these statistics lines. Check them out!

  • I’ve got your prior here. Could you give me your likelihood? I want to know your posterior.
  • Do you use Metropolis-Hastings? Because I have a proposal you’ll accept with probability 1.
  • I need to know your standard deviation. Should I use the bootstrap?
  • Is your name Emily? Because you have the highest log likelihood I’ve ever seen.
  • Hi, they call me Shirley. Because why settle for “almost”?
  • I think you need a new kernel, because that was not so smooth.
  • Baby, I would love to find our correlation coefficient.
  • Does it feel lonely being there? “Excuse me?” Being in the top 1% of the beauty distribution?
  • You are significant predictor variable in my ‘how lucky am i’ regression model.
  • I know i am average; but i can easily identify you as an extreme outlier.

Geometry pick up lines you’ll want to check out

However, the girls from high school are extremely hot, too! That’s exactly why you need these amazing geometry pick up lines we’ve found for you. They’ll definitely break the ice!

  • Are you a 30 degree angle? Because you’re acute-y.
  • Are you a 45 degree angle, Because your perfect.
  • I would really like to bisect your angle.
  • You have nicer legs than an Isosceles right triangle.
  • The way the light reflects off the angles of your head is extremely enchanting.
  • I wish u were the Pythagorean theorem so I can insert my hypotenuse into your legs.
  • Are you a square? ‘Cause you got all the right angles.
  • You must be a 90º angle. You are right.
  • I wish I was a derivative, just so that I could lie tangent to your curves.
  • What’s your sine?

Math pick up lines: dirty yet they might work

But well, it’s not only about impressing her with your Math skills. Dirty pick-up lines have always worked, and we see no reasons why they shouldn’t work well for you. Check them out, but you’ve been warned: they are dirty!

  • Let’s do some math. Add bed, subtract clothes, divide legs, and multiply.
  • Let’s find out if we converge by taking each other to the limit.
  • I wish I was your math homework, then I would be real hard, and you would be doing me all night.
  • Whoops, I think my binomials just expanded
  • I’m relativistic: the faster I go, the longer I last.
  • In Euclidean geometry two parallel lines never touch … let’s go back to my place and study some non-Euclidean geometry.
  • The surface of my cylinder is not a compact metric space.
  • My friends told me that I should ask you out because you can’t differentiate.
  • Do you need math help? Wanna expand my polynomial?
  • Baby, let me be your integral, so I can be the area under your curves

Corny Math pick up lines for guys

Are you ready for some corny pickup lines? Do you prefer math lines? Well, we have the combination of these two. These cheesy math lines are quite smart, and yeah, they are also corny — we are sure there are no ladies that could resist them!

  • If we were two cute, but horny little rabbits, where would they multiply?
  • Would you like to see the exponential growth of my natural log?
  • Hey, great body. Are you a Mathlete?
  • I’m sine and you’re cosine, wanna make like a tangent?
  • If you were a graphics calculator, I’d look at your curves all day long!
  • Hey baby, can I see what’s under your radical?
  • I not good at algebra but you and I together make 69!
  • I believe you’ll find my Hardy-Littlewood quite maximal.
  • My vector has a really large magnitude. Would you care to normalize it?
  • Hey baby, I must be in your eigenspace, because you make me grow.

Algebra pick up lines to use on girls

Wanna look smart? Wanna seduce a woman who is into Math? Then you’ve come to the right place! Check these amazing algebra pickup lines out right now!

  • If four plus four equals eight, ….then me plus you equals fate.
  • I heard you like math, so what’s the sum of U+Me
  • You + Me = The number of sides in a Mobius Strip
  • Let’s do some math. Add bed, subtract clothes, divide legs, and multiply.
  • We’ve been differentiating for too long, lets sum it up and integrate
  • I heard you’re good at algebra – Could you replace my X without asking Y?
  • If you were sin^2x and I was cos^2x, then together we’d make one.
  • My love for you is like 2x, exponentially growing.
  • What’s your sine? It must be pi/2 because you’re the 1
  • You must have a p-value of at least 0.05, because I fail to reject you

Funny Math pick up lines

We also have funny Math valentine puns, pickup lines that would work great on Tinder/Badoo and on the street, and of course, some cool Math pickup jokes. We got them from Reddit and from other reliable sources, so they will certainly work!

  • Your body is so curved, I quickly reach Nash equilibrium.
  • You and I must be inverse logical functions. Because I could compliment you all day!
  • Call me parabola, Cause there’s a conic section in my pants.
  • Baby my symplectic width might be a problem for u but don’t worry.
  • Wanna come back to my room and see my copy of Euclid’s “Elements”?
  • You can call me Surjection because I want to fill your range.
  • Baby i just drew a pic of you on my ti83 but ur sooo hot my screen melted.
  • Baby, let me find your nth term.
  • I heard you’re sin because you’re always on top when we make tangent.
  • I wish I was your second derivative so I could investigate your concavities.

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