Funny Mom Hashtags – Embracing Motherhood with a Sense of Humor

If you think moms are too busy to post on social media, you’re wrong. Motherhood hasn’t stopped groups of mom bloggers and influencers ready to share with the world. From advice and hacks to pictures of their little ones, they’re vocal and they’re not going anywhere.

If you’re a mommy that’s new to hashtags or simply want to refresh your brand, you’ve come to the right place. Being a mom is a badge of honor, but your online presence may need a little more to stand out from the rest.

The right hashtags can make your posts go from one in a billion to one in a thousand. In the context of social media eyes, that’s no small feat. Find out how to share your passion for motherhood with the world and open doors for a new audience, too.

Basic Motherhood Hashtags

Using the hashtag #mom may be your first choice when posting a mom-centric image, but you aren’t the only one. There are currently 34 million #mom posts on Instagram.

If you think that changing it to #mommy would be better, you would be right, but only marginally so. At 13 million posts, the competition is significantly lower than with #mom, but people may not see it before it’s pushed down the list by many other posts.

The problem with using highly competitive hashtags is that you have to compete with other posts with that same hashtag. You can try using mommy alternatives like #mommylove, which only has 629,000 posts on Instagram, as well as #mommydom, which has even fewer at 182,000.

While there’s nothing wrong with using high-competition hashtags, you want to mix them with some low-competition ones. This way, you can help your posts reach more eyes.

General Mom Hashtag Ideas:

#momcommunity, #mommalife, #momlife, #mommygoals, #ohheymama, #honestmomconfessions, #momgoals, #modernmom, #modernmotherhood, #momwin, #momboss, #motherhoodsimplified, #bestofmom, #ohmamamoment, #simplymamahood, #mumsofinstangram, #mommymoments, #momswithcameras, #mumlife

Express Yourself

Next, you also want to pick out hashtags that represent you. Are you a parenting blogger, a brand new mom, or simply someone who likes to post about their children?

There are a variety of hashtags you can use to express who you are. If you’re a blogger, you can use hashtags such as #bloggermom, #momblogger, and #mommydiaries. You can also tweak these frequently used hashtags to create new ones with lower competition.

For example, #bloggermom has 507,000 posts on Instagram, but #bloggermoms only has 17,000 posts. This may increase the likelihood that your posts are seen in searches.

Additionally, you may also want to indicate if your post is about parenting. Pick out your favorites, but also keep an eye on hashtags that are trending. This may affect how often your post is seen with certain hashtags.

Parenting Hashtag Ideas:

#parentinghumor, #parenthood_moments, #parentingblogger, #honestlyparents, #parentinglife, #raisingthefuture, #everythingtribe

And what’s a mommy post without images of your children? Combining the right hashtag with your images can increase the number of views you get. It could also spark interaction and get you new follows from likeminded Instagrammers.

Try these children hashtags the next time you post an image of your little one:

#littlefierceones, #writeyouonmyheart, #mytinytribe, #watchthemgrow, #littlepiecesofchildhood, #instakid, #childhoodunplugged, #candidchildhood, #letthembelittle, #wildandfreechildren,

In addition, don’t forget to plug in some artsy and colorful hashtags. As long as it fits your brand, anything goes. Just make sure that it’s appropriate to your niche.

These categories may still be relevant to your post and help expand your potential audience. Try hashtags like:

#myunicornlife, #colorworld, #colorinspiration, #colormyworld, #creativityfound

Lastly, many moms like to hashtag their children’s names. If your children are part of your brand and appear in your posts often, adding their names in hashtag form can add a touch of intimacy to your photos.

Final Thought

Moms are using social media in record numbers and they are speaking a hashtag language all their own.

If you are new to motherhood or need a refresher, you may need to do some research. See what’s trending on Instagram and check out overused hashtags by typing them into the Instagram search bar.

You don’t need to use every single one. Pick out a few that you feel best represent you and then pick out a few more to use for special occasions.

In addition, remember to mix-up your hashtags. Use a combination of low- and high-competition tags so that your posts can attract a wider audience.

Finally, even though Instagram accepts up to 30 hashtags per post, it doesn’t mean that you need to use that many. Most people don’t because it can look spammy to see a block of hashtags. Instead, choose a handful of hashtags that are relevant to your post or image.

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