Practicing Baby And Me Yoga

Practicing Baby & Me Yoga

Baby yoga usually involves a parent practicing yoga with his or her child. If you are interested in baby yoga, then follow the suggested poses below. Here are some tips and yoga poses to practice with your baby.

Of course exercise is important for your overall health, but how can you find time to exercise when you have a little one constantly by your side? Baby yoga is a great to exercise both your mind and body while staying connected with your baby. You are able to bond with your child on a physical and spiritual level while practicing baby yoga. Practicing baby yoga is recommended more towards people who are experienced yogis so that way you can have the best experience with your child.

Downward Dog

Get into the downward dog position with your baby lying underneath you. As you inhale, bend your elbows staying in downward dog and lower down until you reach your little one. You can give your baby a kiss while you lower yourself down. It is important to maintain eye contact as you practice the various poses to keep your connection. Then, as soon as you are ready, lift up back to downward dog as you exhale. Continue the up and down motion and feel your core and legs strengthen. Keep your head down and put less pressure on your wrists by staying in the downward dog angle of the body. Repeat the pose as many times as you want.

Cat-Cow Pose

Place your baby underneath you while you get into the cat-cow position. Your hands and knees are on the ground while your baby is lying on his or her back. Keep your hands under your shoulders and your knees beneath your hips. With your child between your hands, begin your cat-cow by bending the back and bending the head down. Then, slowly transition as you bend your back upward with your head and hips upward. During the cat pose (with your head facing upward) breathe in slowly and deeply; during the cow pose (with your head facing downward) exhale slowly and deeply. Smile down at your child and have fun as you repeat the pose several times. You should feel your spine begin to warm up.

Child’s Pose

The child’s pose is a great position for practicing baby yoga because it is allows you to stay in a comfortable position while also focusing on your baby. Make sure to take time and listen to your body if something does not feel right. Get into child’s pose and then lower down so your forearms touch the ground. With your child lying on his or her back between your hands, give your baby a kiss in the child’s position. Widen your knees until you are able to sit back with your buttocks on your heels. Find a comfortable position with your arms straight overhead. Stay in child’s pose for a few breaths before returning to the previous position on your forearms.

High Plank

Again, place your child between your hands lying with his or her back on the floor. Raising yourself off of the ground, keep your body straight and strong in the high plank position. Make sure to take breaks if you need to if your wrists or knees are bothering you. Keep breathing in and exhale out slowly and deeply as you smile down at your little one.

Tree Pose

Unlike the poses listed above, the tree pose involves holding your child, not lying on the floor. The tree pose is great for practicing balance and staying focused with your baby. Start with the mountain pose and hold your baby with both hands against your lower chest. Shift your weight onto one foot and place the other foot against your standing leg, either on your calf or inner thigh. In order to find balance faster and more effectively, make sure that your mountain pose is stable before you transition into the tree pose. Also, keep your gaze focused on a single spot in the room, preferably on the floor or the wall across from you. Make sure to breathe and have fun with it.

Continue Your Practice

In addition to the baby yoga poses listed above, there are other practices and poses you may want to perform with your child. Remember, practicing baby & me yoga should be fun and restorative, so if you find yourself struggling with the practice, do not feel pressured or anxious. It may take time to conquer each pose if you want to keep practicing baby yoga.

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