Unusual Sarcastic Memes about Everything

Do you think sarcasm is a sharp and bitter expression? No, sarcasm is much deeper and meaningful! It`s an original way to express what you really think or feel, masking it! Sarcasm is a real art, lifestyle, which isn`t available to everyone! However, it`s not enough only to understand sarcastic expressions, it`s also important to use all them right!
How to tell your friend that he or she is wrong without hurting him or her? How to pass your emotions and don`t quarrel with other people? How to make jokes about friends, as well as others? How to identify that somebody uses sarcasm? How to react when somebody says sarcastic things? You may know the answer – Sarcastic Memes!
Want to spend a little quality time, improving yourself and laughing out loud? Want to learn the delicate art of sarcasm? You`re where you have to be! Funny Sarcastic Memes will boost your mood. All your friends will be grateful to you if you share Best Sarcasm Memes with them!
Are you interested in a particular topic? These Sarcastic Memes are about everything: life, love, and friends! You have a chance to get a portion of strong sarcasm, connected with the most important for you things! Be sure: all Sarcastic Memes will be good for you!

Funny Sarcastic Memes

You remind me of a software update
At a Restaurant. would you like a table?
She said she wanted the
You`re hilarious, man
I think

Sarcastic Love Memes

When I say
Fall in love with the person who enjoys your madness.
I would love to insult you, but I`m afraid I won`t do as well as nature did.
If she replies to your sarcasm with sarcasm instead of just getting offended...
He asked why the house is`nt clean since I`m home all day

Sarcastic Face Meme

Hey Derp, are you using the computer? No, I`m bungee jumping!
Oh really how interesting
You don`t say?
Nooo.. You don`t say?!

Best Sarcasm Meme

Don`t like my sarcasm? Well, I don`t like your stupid.
Well, there it is. The stupidest fucking thing I`ll read all day.
Woah Good One
You`re changing your facebook status for the next hour to bring awareness to an issue?

Sarcastic Congratulations Meme

Congratulations. You just lost the game!
Congratulations protesters your 6 months protesting achieved absolutely nothing!!!
How come when your wife is pregnant people rub her tummy and say...
Look out We have a badass over here

Thats Funny Meme

That was so funny I laughed
That`s so funny I almost died of laughing.
Ahahahah that`s so funny
Now thats funny dawg!

Good for You Sarcastic Meme

They say milk is good for your teeth, so is minding your own damn business
Oh, you think that all food is good for you
What if i told you sarcasm is my way of saying I love you
You thing you`re too good fo us?!?!

Hilarious Snarky Memes

You know what that sounds like? No my problem!
Oh, you think your mem is hilarious? Good for you!
Breaking the law like a boss
The secret to a successful marriage is to keep his stomach full and his balls empty

Sarcastic Memes about Life

I take super hot showers to practice burning in hell
When someone compliments you and you don`t know how to react
Dear life, could you at least start using lubricant?
When people see you laying down with your eyes closed, they still ask

Sarcastic Thanks Meme

Thanks for letting us know
Thanks tips tell me more how i should do my job
Oh, thanks it`s very helpful
Wow thanks! I feel sooo mucj better now!

Sarcastic Look Meme

Not everyone looks cool when they take a picture of themselves smoking
Really? Like... Really?
Sarcasm face. The way friends look at you when you`re telling them something Really interesting
I just rolled my eyes so hard...

Sarcastic Smile Meme

Of course i care about what you`re talking about!
Sarcasm: Now served all day
When that annoying co-worker won`t stop talking and you`re trying not to lose it
Smile ka na, k?
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