Snapchat Ideas to Keep Your Streak Alive

Social media platforms have seen a major shift in popularity in recent years. While Facebook has become obsolete for most millennials and Instagram is still somewhat holding on, Snapchat seems to hit the sweet spot among younger generations. It does so by providing its young audiences with unique features which older folks either don’t get or simply don’t care about.

All About the Snapstreak

There are many ways you can be cool on Snapchat, but apparently you will be extremely popular if you earn yourself a Snapstreak. In order to do so, you and one of your friends need to send each other snaps at least once a day for three days straight. Keep in mind that chatting doesn’t count. When you do that, both of you will be awarded with a fire emoji placed right next to your names.

If the streak continues, there will be a number added next to the fire emoji, signifying the length of your streak. When you are four hours from losing the streak, an hourglass emoji will appear next to your names. If either one of you fails to send the other one a snap within 24 hours of your last exchange, you will both lose your streaks.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your streak alive, here are a few methods that could help.

Method 1 – Put Your Snapstreak Friends on Top

This may not be the easiest method, but is definitely one that will provide results. As you may know, Snapchat has a “Best Friends” feature that tracks your activity and puts the people you most frequently snap with at the top of your “My Friends” and “Send To” lists.

When you’re trying to keep multiple streaks alive, you need to be aware of the fact that not all of your friends will be trying the same and that at least a few will not be sharing your enthusiasm. In order to make it all work, friends whom you’re trying to keep your streaks with need to be separated from those who are sorted as your Best Friends.

This will save you a lot of time and you will not have to keep sifting through your friend lists looking for those you want to keep your streak alive with.

This method involves renaming all those friends that have an ongoing streak with you.

Step1– Swipe right to access your contacts.

Step 2 – Tap on the search button to search for friends.

Step3 – Edit each friend’s name by adding “Aaa” at the beginning of the name.

This way, your Snapstreak friends’ names will be first in alphabetical order and will thus appear at the top of your Friends list whenever you want to send a snap.

Method 2 – Make Snapstreak Part of Your Morning Routine

You can keep a nice streak by being nice to your friends! How about setting an alarm, waking up early, and then sending a nice, personalized message as a sweet way of saying “Good morning”?

First of all, if you do so, you won’t have to think about keeping the streak alive again until the next morning. On top of this, your friend will probably be motivated to snap back immediately, as it is rather nice to start a day like that.

This is probably the easiest method, but you should still try to be as creative as possible because redundant and half-witted messages don’t usually prompt a response.

Method 3 – Ask Snapchat to Double-Check Your Snapstreak

This last method will only work if you are completely sure that you’ve sent a snap within the last 24 hours, but lost your streak regardless. It requires a bit more effort since you’ll have to get in touch with Snapchat support. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1 – When this occurs, you need to go to the Snapchat Support page and select “My Snapchat isn’t working”.

Step 2 – On the next page, select the option labeled “Snapstreaks”.

Step 3 – Carefully read the guidelines on the next page and click on “Yes” next to the “Still need help?” option.

Step 4 – Fill out the form that will include your username, the username of a friend you share your streak with, and the length of your last streak. Submit the form and the Support will contact you within a day. If everything works out fine, your last streak will be restored.


As you can see, keeping your streak alive on Snapchat isn’t an easy task, but the methods described in this article can help you simplify it. Also, if you lose your streak despite regularly exchanging snaps with your Snapstreak friend, you might be able to restore it if you get in touch with Snapchat support.

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