Snapchat Ideas to Send to your Guy

Snapchat is designed for the irreverent, the ephemeral, the silly, non-sequitur, off-the-cuff moments that, until social media came along, you wouldn’t normally get to share with hundreds of others. But let’s be honest. You don’t really want to send your crush that spontaneous shot of you pulling a duck face next to a watermelon margarita the size of your head with the caption “Partaaaaay Bitches!” I mean sure it says you’re fun, quirky, and possibly an alcoholic, but this is your crush you’re talking about. He doesn’t need to see that side of you until at least date three.

If you’re one of the lucky among us to already have a boyfriend locked down, then you can loosen the reigns a bit. After all, he’s already clued in to your penchant for dressing up your cat as Disney characters and posting him to Facebook with punny captions. Still, with a little guidance, you can use Snapchat as a tool to entice, excite, and entertain him. What’s more entertaining than The Little Mewmaid you ask? Well, let me tell you…


Ideas for Snapping Your Crush

Let’s begin in crush territory, since there are undoubtedly more stringent rules here. If you haven’t actually crossed the threshold into early dating, then you have to ask yourself how much you want him to know. Is this the sort of snap that says “We’re good friends (but not really), but really we are just good friends (unless you want something more)”? Or this your official crush coming out party where you let him know that you’ve had your eye on him ever since he avenged you at paintball? Whatever your goals, we’ve got something for you.

Cute Pic of Your Pet

This is almost always a solid choice. Leave the costumes and captions off your furry friend. Just send along a candid shot of your dog giving a winning grin or your cat loafing on the couch – the cuter or sillier the better. Animal pics like this are at once vulnerable and sweet while not coming off as needy and attention-grabbing. They also show a caring side of you. This is a great way to soften your crush up a bit without shouting, “Let’s date” to the rafters.

Show Off Your Talent

You are talented. maybe you play an instrument. Maybe you draw. Maybe you’re an athlete, a writer, or a chef. Maybe you’re just killing it in Overwatch. Whatever your special interest, you’re good at it. Let him know. No, that doesn’t mean snapping a video of you singing Died In Your Arms Tonight at karaoke. But a selfie of you on the karaoke stage with microphone in hand lets him know that you’ve got interests, talents, and, well, a life.

Be Action Girl

Along those same lines, share some of your other interests with him. Do you enjoy hiking? Board games? Museums? Snap about your very active weekend. You don’t even have to be in the snaps. It shows that you’re an interesting and independent person. At the same time it shows you care enough about him to share some of what’s special to you.

Have a Sense of Humor

Before you go there, this does not mean send a picture of you on the toilet making a goofy face. In fact, just avoid the bathroom altogether. Unless you and your crush are long-time friends who are used to this sort of thing, avoid gross humor. Instead, capitalize on some inside jokes. These reinforce the special bond you share. If you’re not close enough for inside jokes, then try making some. An easy way to do this is with something I call Suddenly Pineapple. Dress up a pineapple – something simple and goofy like a wizard hat with one of those glasses-nose-eyebrows combos. Then snap it in bizarre locations. Maybe he’s viewing a nude piece of art at the local modern art museum. Maybe he’s riding in a carriage downtown. Now substitute pineapple for anything you want (toy soldier, zucchini, creepy porcelain doll). If he’s into it, he might pick something and do the same.

In conclusion, I just want to say to keep it mostly short and simple. Unless you’re doing something silly like Suddenly Pineapple, then you don’t want to put too much work into the snap. A contrived snap is easy to spot, and it sends the message that you’re trying way to hard. Finally, don’t oversnap. I know I said to share your interests, but he doesn’t need a blow-by-blow of your weekend. A simple shot of you at the top of a local peak will do nicely.


Ideas for Snapping Your Boyfriend

If your once crush has turned into a fully-fledged flower-buying shoulder-rubbing boyfriend, then the snap rules change. First of all, relax. If the prospect of snapping your boyfriend gives you anxiety, then you’ve got other things to focus on. But if you just want to spice things up a bit and make him smile, then here are some places to start.

PG Rated Body Part

OK. You can take this in a couple of directions. The sensual route will have you snapping your bare legs as you sun on your porch. But if you want to get silly with it, send something aggressively anti-sensual. Maybe your boyfriend would appreciate a picture of your elbow with a sexy caption? Perhaps you can entice him with a capture of tasteful side knee. It’s your call.

Wearing His Clothes

For the sensual version, do the obvious. try a full length selfie of you in a dress shirt and undies (a la Risky Business). You might even be able to incorporate a loose tie and jaunty hat. But if you prefer to watch the world burn, then choose some more unusual pieces of clothing, like ratty boxers or dress socks. Wear them on the wrong parts of your body. Strike a sexy pose anyway.

Just Your Lips

This pretty much explains itself. Nothing says “you’re about to get lucky” like a close-up of you biting your lip. If you make a habit of this, consider throwing in some surprises, like you with vampire fangs, you drooling, and you wearing a mustache. You could even get your best guy friend to take a close up of his lips and send those instead.

Places You Remember

This is possibly the most romantic of the options (hint hint guys reading this article). You don’t need to go on a walking tour of your city just for a snap or two, but if you happen by a place with a fond memory, take a moment to share it. Did you just walk by the restaurant where you had your first date? What about the harbor where you left for a cruise last summer? If you’re intent on subverting even this sweet suggestion, you could try the alley where he first held your hair back while you were sick from partying too hard or the overpass where a pigeon pooped on his head that one time.

Toilet Pic

Do it. You know you’ve been thinking about it ever since I brought it up. Just do it if it’s that important to you.

Hopefully these ideas have inspired a little romance, a little openness, and more than a little sass. I just want to leave you with this: no nudes. Please no nudes. Ok, maybe if you’ve been with your boyfriend for years, he’s far away on a trip, and you’re totally comfortable with it, you can send a nude. But for the vast majority of ladies out there, think twice. Once you put it out there, you can’t get it back. And thanks to screenshots, even a snap can last forever.

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