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Vancouver Captions

One of the most beautiful coastal seaport cities in the world, and definitely one of the most diverse cities in entire Canada, Vancouver offers a wide variety of places to enjoy and sights to see. This is exactly what makes this seaport city perfect for taking amazing, breathtaking photos.

A cool caption can turn a good photo into a great one, but coming up with a captivating caption is not always as easy and as effortless as it may seem. Whether you’re a Vancouver native, an expatriate, or a tourist, this list of cool captions will help you make the most out of your photos.

Stanley Park Seawall

A typical stroll alongside the shore of a body of water might not sound all that impressive on paper, but the Stanley Park Seawall is one of those things that make Vancouver a truly special place. Mighty rocks and boulders on the one side and the vastness of the ocean on another, this seawall is a location where you can turn almost any photo into a true work of art.

Serenity, calmness, and fresh air are the main vibes for Stanley Park Seawall captions, so close your eyes, breathe in some fresh air, and take a look at this list of suggestions and examples.

Stanley Park Seawall Caption Ideas

  1. “Lo and behold: the most serene place in Canada…”
  2. “Rural Canada on the one side, the Pacific Ocean on the other.”
  3. “Coniferous forest and the ocean make for a weirdly perfect blend.”
  4. “It’s a long and a literally breathtaking stroll, but it’s more than worth it.”
  5. “Where the vast forest meets the vaster ocean.”
    Stanley Park Seawall

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Sure, the Stanley Park Seawall is a gorgeous, breathtaking place, but there is no better yet weirder stroll in the entire city of Vancouver than the one you can take on the Capilano suspension bridge. Stretching over 460 ft 230 ft above the water, this simple suspension bridge takes you on a stroll above the Capilano River and is, simply put, astonishing.

Rather expectedly so, this is a perfect spot to take amazing photos of the very top of a fascinating, perpetually-green forest. The nature, the river, and simply Canada are the main things to keep in mind while coming up with captions for this amazing location.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park Caption Ideas

  1. “Took a stroll. Scary at first. Amazing later.”
  2. “Not a trace of technology here.”
  3. “…and here’s a real-life Mountie taking a stroll on a suspension bridge in Canada. That is all.”
  4. “Oh, Canada, oh Canada. It doesn’t get much more Canada than this.”
    Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Lions Gate Bridge

Everyone’s heard of the Golden Gate Bridge in Frisco, but have you heard about the Lions Gate Bridge? As another suspension bridge, yet a completely different kind, the Lions Gate is a reference to a pair of mountain peaks a bit north of Vancouver.

The Lions Gate Bridge may not be nearly as long as the Golden Gate, and may not be as picturesque and exotic, but it is still gorgeous during the night and day. The northbound traffic heads directly towards the mentioned mountain peaks, so mountains, skies, and clouds are excellent points to serve as a reference here.

Lions Gate Bridge Caption Ideas

  1. “Like the intro shots of Twin Peaks, only more majestic.”
  2. “It’s almost as if nature itself built the bridge.”
  3. “The best sunset in the world.”
  4. “Trees, bridge, trees, mountain. Canada in a nutshell. Beautiful.”
    Lions Gate Bridge

Vancouver Public Library

It may not soundlike much, but the Vancouver Public Library is more than Instagram-worthy. The whole shape of the building is somewhat spiral and it is just as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. The library itself looks ancient and modern at the same time, and its architect was one of the rare artists to manage to achieve this.

Learning and architecture are the main buzzwords to take note of here, so think education and cool shapes when coming up with captions for this Vancouver landmark.

Vancouver Public Library Caption Ideas

  1. “This is the weirdest, most beautiful spiral library that I’ve ever seen.”
  2. “How they managed to hit the perfect note between modern and ancient is beyond me.”
  3. “Celine Dion’s book. Inside the Canadian Public Library. That goes in circles.”
  4. “To say ‘beautiful’ for this piece of architectural wonder would be a huge understatement.”

Oh, Vancouver

The vast culture and the amazing locations in the city could never fit here in their entirety. Although truly amazing, the two suspension bridges, the park, and the library don’t even begin to paint the true beautiful picture that is modern-day Canada.

When thinking about Vancouver captions in general, focus on nature and gorgeous architecture. How are you planning to caption your photos from a recent trip to Vancouver? Share your ideas and examples in the comment section below.

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