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The Disney Plus streaming service premiered just over a month ago, and its impact on popular culture has been nothing short of fascinating. One of the original shows airing on Disney Plus is The Mandalorian, a spin-off from the Star Wars franchise.

It already sounds amazing, but nothing could prepare the world for the magnificent appeal of Baby Yoda. Oh, sorry, are you confused? If you haven’t seen the show yet, he shows up in the very first chapter. The internet took one look at his huge eyes and the Baby Yoda revolution well and truly began.

Who Is Baby Yoda?

If you’re having trouble relating to Baby Yoda memes, firstly, you might be too old to get memes, in general. It’s a generational thing, perfectly normal. And secondly, there’s a chance you’re just confused by his name. He’s not actually Yoda, the Jedi Master from Star Wars. And the events taking place in the series are set many years after the last movie was made.

For now, the TV show creators have purposefully left the explanation about Baby Yoda origin a mystery. Is he an offspring or reincarnation? Referred to as “The Child” in the current episodes, theories and conspiracies on the internet have abounded. Also, he’s not an actual baby. Well, not in the human sense of the word. He’s 50 years old. But if you consider that he’s an alien species meant to live till the age of 900, then maybe it’s fair to treat him as an infant.

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The Force of Memes

When a theme hits the nerve of a meme-loving audience, there’s no end to the creative content it can inspire. It can become a sort of contest for associations and niche subjects. But what they mostly are is fun. Since The Mandalorian is still airing new episodes, audiences are eagerly awaiting another look, pose, or hopefully a word from the little green creature that has captured everyone’s hearts.

What is it about him? He’s a baby. Babies are cute. But he’s a green alien baby with huge eyes and ears and a floating crib-like pod. You just want to pick him up and tell him he’s cute. He’s not a human baby, and not a puppy either, but a breed of his own, who’s also very important and mysterious.

Twitter and the rest of the social media are flooded with Baby Yoda memes. There are entire pages with hundreds of thousands of followers dedicated solely to Baby Yoda memes, but there are several themes that are proving most popular.

Baby Yoda’s Eyes

One of the more successful Baby Yoda memes is the one with a close-up of his glistening eyes and a caption above referring to something that has made you sentimental or sad. You can almost see a reflection in his adorable big eyes and reminisce about your childhood or an intimate moment from the past.

Baby Yoda vs Elderly Yoda

For now, most people sort of agree that Baby Yoda isn’t actually Yoda, and his name is still pending. But is the vast majority are using the ambiguity about that to extract the most out of the meme machine possible.

For instance, putting a Baby Yoda photo against the old and wise Yoda from Star Wars creates a wonderful opportunity to emphasize and often caricature the differences between the two. Such as Baby Yoda portraying the Instagram version of somebody and old Yoda being a real-life representation. Or using the two images to portray the stark differences between Boomers and Millennials and Gen Z.

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Baby Yoda Camera Roll

If you’re at all interested in the Star Wars world, you’ll absolutely understand why Baby Yoda is such a big deal to everyone. Yoda perfectly represents that world. He’s the tiny, green fount of wisdom. And now there’s one of his species, powerful yet still in need of protection. Every move and glance just makes you go “Awww”, whether it’s him holding out his hand, eating, or sleeping.

That’s why there’s a meme with Baby Yoda being himself as a phone camera roll. And the caption above poses the questions: “What you are looking at?”–the answer being “Nothing”. No one needs to know how happy you feel just by looking at Baby Yoda.

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It’s Baby Yoda’s World

For now, anyway, it is. And he could stick around. But with memes, you never know. Some themes have stuck around for a long time, whilst others have faded away quickly. You can even get in trouble online if you post an outdated meme. Good news, Baby Yoda is trending everywhere, and he might just be here to stay.

So, jump on the bandwagon of Baby Yoda memes and make the most of it. All that cuteness is there to serve as an inspiration. And soon enough, maybe there’ll be more answers about him, and the memes could take a different turn. Stay tuned.

What is your favorite Baby Yoda meme? Do you have one? Let us know what you think about him and the meme culture in the comments section below.

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