Some Cool Username Ideas for TikTok

If you’ve been around on the internet for awhile, you probably have a preferred username that you use across all of your interactive platforms.  As with every other outlet, your TikTok username is your brand. For many of this, just means that it’s easier for our friends to find us, but if you’re good enough to monetize on the site, or count yourself as a Social Media Influencer, this could be a big deal.  But what do you do if your usual username is already taken in TikTok?  What if you want to fly under the radar with something a little different?  What if you’re just ready for a bold new change?  In these cases, you have some thinking to do.  It’s tough to come up with cool usernames for TikTok, but don’t worry- I have your back.

Generating TikTok Usernames

Choosing usernames for any game, website, clan or online identity is always a challenge. That’s especially true if you’re late to the party. Just like recess equipment, most of the cooler options will already be in use. In fact, if you have a common name, your real name may already be in use. That means you’re going to have to start an online brawl (messy:  not recommended!) or get creative.

If you have set your sights  on making money from TikTok, you have to be a little more careful. It needs to describe you, be unique, be marketable and not offensive to anyone in any language. If your username is even slightly risky, no brand or agent will touch you unless you change it.  If you’re planning on using TikTok as a Social Media Influencer, you also need to take into consideration what your brand or persona is going to be, and make sure your name aligns with that purpose, making it easier for users to find you, and for brands to buy into your expertise.

Just consider the target audience and future plans for TikTok. If you’re content to use it as a bit of fun and nothing else, you can call yourself whatever you like.

Here are a few ways to come up with cool usernames for TikTok.

Use your own name

Use your own name or a version of it. If your full name is long, unpronounceable or doesn’t look right on an app, shorten it, change it or use a version of it. If it’s short or already taken, add special characters or modify it in another way. Using your real name keeps it familiar to you, plus, your fans will feel closer to you and brands will be more embracing of a real-feeling, real-sounding user.

Let’s say your name is Hecate Taylor. You could try HecateTaylor, or HecateETaylor, or get a little creative.  HeyCatTaylor, or HecateTheTaylor can be variations that are a little more fun that just your name.

Collect cool words and names

I like to keep a scratchpad by my computer to collect cool names I see online, words I like the look or sound of and any characters I come across while on the internet or watching TV. That way I have a steady supply of words and information to use when it comes to generating usernames for all kinds of things. Other benefits of collecting words include:  Understanding obscure references, winning at crossword puzzles, and enriching your daily vocabulary.

Collecting usernames, words and characters you like the look and sound of as you’re online is a great way to generate a username when you need one. There is no pressure at the time, you have the idea right in front of you and you will quickly grow quite the collection of words and names. Try not to be the jerk that steals someone’s well-used username and online identity, but there are ways to incorporate elements that you like without being a thief. For example, say you see a username somewhere else that involves the words “operaglasses.” Your favorite color is orange, so put it together and become OrangeOperaGlasses.

You do need to plan ahead though so get yourself a pad right now and start right away.

Use hobbies and interests

Your hobbies and interests could provide great fodder for cool usernames- especially if you’re going to be using your influence in that area. Depending on what that hobby is, there could be a lot of scope for using it or any interests you may have. For example, if you’re really into dog training, your username could include references to dogs, specific breeds, specific tricks you train, or even your very best pupper’s name. Look at the wide-spread cultural phenomenon of “Sit, Ubu, Sit.”  That could be you and your username!

Use a foreign language

Some languages offer amazing scope for generating usernames. For Americans, Latin-based languages work best, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and others for example. Just makes sure of the translation and spelling and double check it.  Don’t just run it through a regular translator- check it out on slang sites like Urban Dictionary, too.  You don’t want to come up with a cool sounding name in another language only to find out it’s rude, offensive or lame in that language!

In the dog trainer example, you might want to be careful that you don’t call someone a mother dog in their mother tongue.  However, you could go with a translation of “SitStayHeel.” If you’re curious, it’s AssisResteAuPied in French. Yes, this requires a bit of Googling, but hey, what’s a few extra minutes of double-checking when it comes to building your brand?

Use online name generators

If you struggle to come up with cool usernames, you’re not alone. Most of us have this problem at one point or another and come up against the same challenge. Our name is taken or doesn’t fit, our hobbies won’t work and all the cool names we can think of are all taken. It could be a simple creativity block, or frustration from typing in name after name after name, only to find they’re taken.

Jimpixname-generator.orgRum and MonkeySpinXOName Generator Fun or Fake Name Generator are all examples of online name generators that offer half decent options. As the example from SpinXO shows, you can add some information to customize your username options, so it’s not just spitting letters and numbers at you.

Random moments

Then again, maybe you are feeling random. Maybe your parents’ initials and the day you moved into your current home are the way to go. There’s a certain air of mystery behind being CCFEMF080808, right? Plus, you’ll never forget those particular digits. You may have also seen internet memes that say something like “the thing to your immediate right is what you’ll use to fight the zombie apocalypse.” What if the thing to your immediate right is your new TikTok username? Welcome to TikTok, OrangePlasticCup!

How to change your TikTok username

Now you have come up with a decent username, it’s time to make the change. If you already have a TikTok account, follow these quick steps:

  1. Open Tik Tok and log in.
  2. Select Edit Profile from your profile page.
  3. Select your username as the field to edit.
  4. Type your new username into the box.
  5. Select Save when complete.

If the username is available it will be changed. If the name is already taken, TikTok will tell you and you’ll have to select another.

Selecting a username for any online account is tough. When that account is part of a billion strong online community from across the world, it becomes another level of tough. You’re up to the challenge though and with these ideas you should come up with something awesome in no time!

Got any other ideas for generating cool usernames for TikTok? How do you come up with yours? Tell us about it below!

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