The Best ‘Just Thinking of You’ Quotes to Text

just thinking of you quotes to text

Being in love is truly a mesmerizing feeling. Just ask anyone who’s ever experienced it. The accompanying feelings, however, vary greatly. Some are positive, some negative, some are a little bit crazy, others completely insane. Whatever you may be feeling and whatever your thoughts, one thing’s for certain: you want to communicate something important to your significant other.

Sure, you can text them with a ‘Hi’ or ‘S’up’, but these “quotes”, if you can call them that, don’t really suffice. You want to tell them that you’re thinking of them without saying: “just thinking of you”.

In Love Quotes

Telling the person you’re in love with that you’re thinking about them isn’t easy, especially if you don’t want it to come off as insensitive or clichéd. Granted, if you’ve been in a relationship for years, a simple heart emoji will speak more than any sentence could, but new love needs more fuel in order to burn brighter.

  1. “There aren’t many good things about not being able to see you. The only one I can think of is being able to think of you.”
  2. “I can think about many things at the same time… unless I’m thinking of you.”
  3. “Thinking of you makes your absence even harder. Can’t help it, though.”
  4. “There isn’t a single minute that you don’t cross my mind. I’m constantly thinking of you.”
  5. “You’ll never realize how hard and painful it is to be thinking of you with such a distance between us.”
  6. “Thinking of you and nobody else. So lucky to know that it goes both ways.”
    thinking of you

Deep Quotes

You may find it clichéd; you may even call it lame, but some of us are true suckers for deep thoughts, especially from a significant other. Sometimes, you want to tell somebody that you’re thinking of them, only by saying much more. These quotes are all about getting in touch with your deeper feelings and making the most out of that sensitive, poetic side of yourself.

  1. “Even if I was the richest person in the world, I’d have nothing without the thought of having you on my mind.”
  2. “Nothing heals a heavy heart better than the thought of you. Nothing but the sight of you and your embrace.”
  3. “I dream of you. You are better than a dream. You’re a reality that’s always there for me, even when I’m by myself.”
  4. “Thoughts of you seep into every aspect of my life. You’re infecting me with love and I don’t want it to stop.”
  5. “You give me sleepless, lonely nights. I’d have nothing if I didn’t have you in my thoughts.”
  6. “You’re my pleasure, my heart, my loneliness, and my thoughts. My mind is empty without you in it.”

Sincere Quotes

Sometimes there’s no room for romance. Sometimes you don’t want to romanticize things. Sometimes, you plainly want to say that you’re thinking of someone. Oh, but the plain old “just thinking of you” is such a cliché. Here’s how to tell someone that they’re on your mind while being sincere and genuine.

  1. “Woke up today thinking of you. Just realized how much I love you.”
  2. “Just wondering what the hell I did to deserve you. Someone up there clearly owes me a favor.”
  3. “My love for you is more than an addiction. I need you on my mind 24/7..”
  4. “Nothing makes me happier than having you on my mind. Except having you next to me.”
  5. “Damn this distance. If I didn’t have you on my mind, it would be empty.”
  6. “I’m having fun here, hanging out with people, networking, but still I can’t get you out of my head. Not that I’d want to, anyway.”

The Many Forms of Thinking of You

Clearly, there are many ways to tell someone that you’re thinking of them. Whether you want to do so with an arrow-through-heart symbol, in a deep, poetic manner, or sincerely and openly, the choice is yours.

What approach would you take? Which of these quotes did you like the best? Why not share your own quotes in the comments section below?

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