Thank You Note to Teacher from Grateful Parent

As young people, we are influenced by everything around us.  While we learn a great deal from our families, some of the most powerful influences in our lives are our teachers. Teachers devote each day towards guiding rooms full of young minds, and the lessons they impart can stay with us for the rest of our lives.  While we may not remember the fundamentals of Trigonometry as adults, we’ll always remember the kind-hearted teacher who took time out of her personal life to stay after class to make sure we passed the final exam. The task of a good teacher…

Good Morning Poems for Her & Good Morning Sweetheart

Do you feel from time to time that a relationship with a girl is hard work? You have to surprise her constantly, give her compliments, speak of love, and pay enough attention to keep her interest and avoid arguments. Isn’t it a challenging task? Beautiful Good Morning Poems for Her is the key to complete this task successfully! Morning is exactly the time when your interest and attention will be especially pleasant! That’s why you shouldn’t miss this window of opportunity to send a “thinking of you” message, devoted to your sweetheart, to wake her up! Unfortunately, such simple words…

Happy Monday Quotes to Post to Facebook or Text a Friend

Monday is a hard day only for those who perceive it negatively. Try to think positively and don’t let unhappiness and sadness be related to Monday. Share your enthusiasm, hope and good expectations with others and send inspirational, motivational, positive or good morning Monday quotes, and wish them a happy Monday. (more…)

Happy 60th Birthday Messages

Don’t know what to write in a 60th birthday card? Looking for some fun, creative or classy ideas? We’ve selected the best ones for you! 60 years old is a big milestone that deserves the best greeting ever, and you have a chance to write one without trying to write like Shakespeare. If you prefer to congratulate your friends and relatives on social networks, we have another great option that will definitely make the recipient smile. Hilarious memes and cool GIFs will say everything for you! Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Female Friend So, your dear friend is turning sixty,…

Powerful Tbh Quotes Which Will Make You an Open Person


To be honest, in the conditions of our modern life is a kind of luxury thing, which only a few of us can afford to have. Do you know anyone who hasn’t told a lie at least once? What about you? Have you ever lied to your best friend, crush, or boyfriend? It may sound pretentious, but to be honest with people around you all the time is a real art! Are you able to tell your best friend (a girl) that the dress, which she likes most, is awful? Of course, you won’t do this if you know that…

The Best Instagram Captions and Quotes for Your Best Friend

Girls Funny Best Friend Quotes for Girls

Being someone’s best friend forever is a big deal. If you have one, you can call yourself the luckiest of men. You can share the most intimate and embarrassing secrets with this person or do the craziest things together. It’s possible that your fellow knows you better than your parents. He or she is always there for you. It is said: “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Have you just broken up with your boyfriend/ girlfriend? Don’t worry, your bestie already knows how to cheer you up. Did you go a little bit wild at the office party…

The Best Disney Love Quotes for Instagram

Walt Disney made films that are not only for children. The heritage of this genius includes a great variety of movies which are loved by all of us. Love is definitely the main theme in the majority of Disney cartoons. It can be love for a family member, a good friend or an amazing romantic love story between two charming characters. The world of Disney includes the famous Disney characters like Belle, Ariel, Tarzan and many other heroes who express their love through words and songs. Many of these lines have become popular expressions and the quotes are frequently used…

Thinking of You Quotes, Always Thinking of You Messages

Have you ever been in love? If yes, you know that it’s sometimes impossible to stop thinking about the person you love, even for a little while! When you love somebody, all of your thoughts and actions are connected to him or her. And of course, you want him or her to know this. You want to share your thoughts with your chosen one. If you’re still not in love, don’t worry! You’ll have the chance to experience this feeling someday and realize that this statement is true! That’s why Thinking of You Quotes are exactly what you need to…

Stay Strong Quotes to Text Someone Who Needs Inspiration

«How to stay strong despite different problems and difficulties» is the question, and unfortunately, there’s no simple answer. All of us, at least once face some challenges in one way or another. (more…)

The Best Instagram Quotes for Friends Leaving

Cash Tree

When somebody who has an important place in your life is moving away, your entire world feels like it is collapsing—especially if this person is your best friend! It’s difficult to accept the fact that the person who has been with you for a long time, is leaving your life. Of course, your duty as a friend is to celebrate your friend, and the best way to do that is with an Instagram post. Your friendship is a very valuable and delicate thing, so you have no right to ignore the memories of the time you spend together! Whether you’re posting…

Inspirational Birthday Quotes and Wishes to Text your Bestie

Inspirational message for a friend

A birthday is a special day when you express your respect and affection for an exceptional person. A gift is a beautiful sign of attention, but do not forget that inspirational birthday wishes are also important. Saying the right words to wish someone a happy birthday from the heart can make a happy birthday and an extraordinary birthday. We at TechJunkie invite you to browse this collection of inspirational birthday quotes to let a friend or loved one know that you are thinking of them on their birthday! (more…)

The Best “I’m Sorry” Quotes to Send Over Text

I Am Sorry Quotes to Send Over Text

We all make mistakes and sometimes inadvertently hurt the ones we love. A simple “sorry” is often all it takes to make things right. But as we all know, saying sorry is never easy, especially when you have to tell it to someone’s eyes. Even if you’re courageous enough to give it a try, your nerves can get the best of you, you may start speaking incoherently, and your apology won’t come out the way you planned it. In situations like these, a heartfelt, carefully worded text message might be a better solution. If you’ve hurt a loved one and…

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