Thinking of You Quotes, Always Thinking of You Messages

Have you ever been in love? If yes, you know that it’s sometimes impossible to stop thinking about the person you love, even for a little while! When you love somebody, all of your thoughts and actions are connected to him or her.

And of course, you want him or her to know this. You want to share your thoughts with your chosen one. If you’re still not in love, don’t worry! You’ll have the chance to experience this feeling someday and realize that this statement is true! That’s why Thinking of You Quotes are exactly what you need to send your beloved person!

Do you want to attract the attention of the person you love? Do you want to inform somebody that you’re thinking about them? It doesn’t matter what your purpose is, because Thinking of You Quotes are a universal way of refreshing or even beginning your relationship! All people will appreciate the creative ideas that go into sweet Thinking of You Quotes! Never be afraid of being more open with the ones you care about!

If you need to tell somebody about your feelings, you will find nothing better than these Thinking About You Quotes!

Can’t Stop Thinking About You Quotes for Him

It’s truly a miracle how love can change the way we live. Once you fall in love, the object of your feelings occupies all of your thoughts. You go to sleep thinking of this person; he’s the first thing you think of in the morning and the last thing you think of before you go to bed. Sound familiar? Let your boyfriend (or crush) know that you can’t stop thinking about him with one of these cute quotes.
I hope you`re thinking of me as often as I am thinking of you…

  • I hope you’re thinking of me as often as I am thinking of you…
  • As long as I think about you, today will be a good day.
  • Can you imagine a day without daylight? No? I also cannot imagine a day without thinking of you!
  • There is one good thing about not seeing you… I can think of you!
  • I hate the moments when I think about you: I feel helpless because of my love for you.
  • I want you to not only be in my thoughts but also in my life! Be my love, love.
  • When you fall asleep every night, I can’t! Thoughts about you keep me awake all night.
  • As the old saying claims: we are what we are thinking about. I can’t stop thinking about you… what about you?
  • It doesn’t matter when we’re not together because I’m thinking of you. This makes me feel closer to you no matter how far apart we are.
  • I hope that at least once you realize how hard it can be thinking of you!
  • Thinking about you is no longer activity or habit, it is my way of life.
  • I won’t be able to stop thinking about you, and I won’t even try.

I want you to be not only in my thoughts but also in my life! Be my love…

Deep Thinking of You Sayings

Isn’t it nice to get a message letting you know that someone is thinking about you? But if you think that these five words aren’t enough to convey everything you feel, the deep sayings below will come in handy.
Even in the saddest situation, you have the possibility to become happier. Just remember: I`m thinking of you!

  • It doesn’t matter if we’re together or apart: you’re always in my thoughts and my heart!
  • If I had a dollar for every time I thought of you, I would become rich overnight!
  • Even in the saddest situation, you can become happier. Just remember: I’m thinking of you!
  • I find your image in everything: sunshine, wind, waves… I can’t stop thinking about you!
  • I lose sleep because of thoughts about you. Every time I finally fall asleep, I wake up thinking of you!
  • You cannot imagine how short each day is for me. There is no time for all of the thoughts I have about you!
  • If you love someone, you realize it when you cannot stop thinking about this person…
  • Don’t worry about all of the problems you have… Someone is thinking of you!
  • Do you ever lay in bed at night and think of me? I lay in bed and think of you.
  • I am thinking about you. Please be my reality who is better than a dream, be a thought who will ever be in my head. Be my pleasure, my temptation from the start till the end. Be memory that never fades. Be story which worth to tell. Be my love.

I lost my sleep because of thoughts about you. Moreover, now I wake up thinking of you!

Sincere Thinking of You Today Quotes

There’s no need to remind you that everything you say should be sincere. If you aren’t honest about what you say to a person, sooner or later they will notice it. Use these quotes to say “I’m thinking of you today.”.
It`s hard to love through distance, but not for me. I`m thinking of you today and forever!

  • Thinking of you, I realize how much I love you!
  • Probably, you deserve somebody better than me, but no one will think about you as much as I do not only today but every minute!
  • It’s hard to love through distance, but not for me. I’m thinking of you today and forever!
  • You’re my kind of drug: I’m attached to you because when I think of you, baby, nothing else seems to matter.ith my thoughts forever!
  • Today I’m really busy thinking of you… The more I think, the more I miss you!
  • The best way for me to relax is to stop to think about you!
  • If I don’t think of you, I don’t think I’m alive.
  • Want to know what makes me happy? Thoughts about you are my constant happiness!
  • Thinking of you and not just because work is boring.

Want to know what makes me happy? Thoughts about you are my constant happiness!

Funny Thinking of You Quotes for Friend

Our thoughts are a sacred place. Hence, by telling friends that you are always thinking about them, you let them know how important they are for you. But, why not do it cutely and funnily?
If I cannot hug you here and now, I will hug you at least in my thoughts!

  • I don’t want to see you today, because I see you every day in my thoughts!
  • I love not you, but the memories you present me.
  • It’s always nice when somebody is thinking of you. It doesn’t matter if it’s your beloved or a friend.
  • If there comes a day of our separation, I will save you in my thoughts.
  • If I cannot hug you here and now, I will hug you at least in my thoughts!
  • I can’t stop smiling because of memories connected with you. You presented me with the best moments of my life.
  • You’re the one who has the key to my thoughts!
  • I just need to inform you… I’m thinking of you!
  • You’re such an amazing friend! You’re sweet, kind, and true. I wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you.
  • There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t, at some point, think of you.

Sensitive When I Think about You Quotes

Another way to show how much a certain person means to you is to write a message that starts with “when I think about you…” and finish it by describing what is happening to you during the times you think of this person. Here are a few good examples.
I like thinking of you! When I do this, I always smile!

  • When I’m thinking of you, the sun is brighter and life is easier!
  • Thinking of you is not as easy as you can suppose, because when I think about you, I cannot stop to do something else!
  • Do you know why I like to think about you? When I think about you, I feel complete, as I’ve never felt before!
  • When I’m thinking of you, I feel alive!
  • I like thinking of you! When I do this, I always smile!
  • If you’re happy, I’ll also be happy. If you’re sad, I’m also sad. When you feel lonely, I’m not lonely, because my thoughts are full of memories about you!
  • You are not alone when leaving me: my thoughts always follow you!
  • When I start thinking of you, all other people play no role in my life!
  • All of my problems disappear when I think about you!
  • My heart dances with joy when I think about you.
  • When I think of you the smile is on my face, my arms need yours, my eyes need yours and my body needs yours.

Romantic I’m Thinking About You All the Time Quotes for Her

Have you ever loved anybody so much that all you could think of was only this person? What we mean is the time you simply can’t get your loved one out of your head. You think about them both day and night. Yes? Then these quotes are for you.
Perhaps, you`re not with me now, but you`re with me in my thoughts and dreams!

  • Do you hope I’m thinking of you? Nothing of the sort! I’m thinking of your beautiful eyes and lips, tender smile and hot kisses!
  • Once, you asked me about my favorite things to do. Remember? My hobby is thinking of you!
  • You have fully occupied my mind. Every day and every minute I’m busy thinking of you!
  • Perhaps, you’re not with me now, but you’re with me in my thoughts and dreams!
  • I have tried more than once, but it’s really out of my hands to stop thinking of you!
  • I don’t need special things which can remind me of you. Do you know why? Because I always think of you!
  • You know, I like doing only two things: think about you with my mind, and do it with my heart!
  • From day to day, I frequently find, images of you going through my mind.
  • Do not pretend to be missed! You are always with me, at least in my head!
  • Loving you is not the best thing I’ve ever experienced… Thinking of you is!
  • One time, I had a day where I didn’t think of you, but that was before I met you. Thinking of you today.

Inspirational Thinking of You Quotes for All Occasions

Though the state of being in love can get in the way of work productivity, who cares about that, right?  You have finally found someone who gives you butterflies and that’s the most important thing. So, here they are, a lot of inspirational quotes that will help you tell your sweetheart that you are constantly thinking of her.

  • I had a strong desire to tell you about my feelings. But it’s impossible to find at least a few words, because all my thoughts are about you!
  • It’s not difficult to think of you. But it’s really difficult to begin to think about somebody or something else!
  • I can live without seeing you for some time, but I cannot live without thinking of you even for a while!
  • I let my thoughts go all directions. But there is only one direction for them… it’s you!
  • When I see you, I’m thinking of you. When I don’t see you, I’m still thinking of you. You’re always in my thoughts and inside my heart!
  • How often I wonder if you are thinking of me at the exact moment I am thinking of you.
  • When there are no people around me, I’m not alone. Do you want to know why? Because you’re always with me in my heart!
  • Remember! You’ll never be lonely! You’ll always have a special place in my heart as well as in my head.
  • If you ask me who or what I’m thinking about, the answer always will be “You!”
  • In a split second, I met you and couldn’t stop thinking about you. Even now, I am still stuck on the thought of you.

Delicate Thinking of You Quotes on Pictures

So, how tell your loved one something like “you are always on my mind” in a more romantic way than just sending a cute text message? Well, the answer is pretty clear. Add a cute picture to your message.
Moving Thinking of You Quotes
Cool Thinking of You Quotes
Nice Thinking of You Quotes
Tender Excelent Thinking of You Quotes
Cute Thinking of You Quotes
Creative Thinking of You Quotes
Pretty Thinking of You Quotes
Refined Thinking of You Quotes
Stunning Thinking of You Quotes
Magnificent Thinking of You Quotes
Popular Thinking of You Quotes
Modern Thinking of You Quotes
FantasticThinking of You Quotes
Fresh Thinking of You Quotes
Zigny Thinking of You Quotes
Positive Thinking of You Quotes
Sumptuous Thinking of You Quotes
Luxurious Thinking of You Quotes
Marvelous Thinking of You Quotes
Thinking of You Cool Quotes
Thinking of You Tender Quotes
Thinking of You Nice Quotes
Thinking of You Elegant Quotes
Thinking of You Moving Quotes
Thinking of You Superior Quotes
Thinking of You Luxurious Quotes
Thinking of You Gentle Quotes
Thinking of You Cute Quotes
Thinking of You Pretty Quotes
Thinking of You Startling Quotes
Thinking of You Magnifcent Quotes
Thinking of You Amazing Quotes

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