Happy Birthday Text Message Ideas to Send your Friends

Forget someone’s birthday? Didn’t send them a birthday card in time? Want to offer birthday wishes through SMS rather than in person? We have all been there and will all likely do it again. That’s why I have collated this selection of birthday text messages. For those times when you need inspiration. These birthday text messages have been collected from around the internet. They are not my work. I have just selected the best of what’s out there and put them all in one place. There should be something here for everyone. Use them as you see fit! Birthday wish…

Lost Love Quotes to Caption for Instagram or Facebook

lost love

Do we plan to fall in love with someone deliberately? Obviously, it happens spontaneously and may last for the rest of your life or you may split up somewhere along your relationship. It’s said that everything happens for a reason, but this pain of a broken heart makes you feel completely confused and frustrated. Each of us has a sad love story, so don’t think that you are alone. Of course, time is the best remedy, however, our quotations about lost love will help you to heal the wounds. The love and loss quotes are painful enough but at the…

Quotes about Being Happy for the Perfect Caption

Who doesn`t want to be happy? Everybody wants! All people are eager to experience this feeling. You don`t think about problems, and you see all the beauty of the world. You just enjoy every minute of your life, and it`s enough for feeling happy! Isn`t a perfect state for everyone? Happiness is a philosophical notion to some extent because different people have their reasons for being happy. Do you feel tired from the daily routine? Are you waiting for an appropriate moment to become happy? Stop and look around you! Happiness always follows you. The problem is your perception of…

Great Weekend Quotes

Distract from routine, stressful issues and have fun on your weekend. It is a perfect time to do something new and thrilling, to visit interesting places or to make new friends. Show your friend, bf, girlfriend or a spouse how excited you are about upcoming bright days and wish him or her to have a wonderful weekend. Funny Weekend Quotes and Sayings Finally, the long-awaited weekend is around the corner! You’ll have two days of well-deserved rest. We offer you a selection of funny weekend quotes. They’ll definitely help you to cheer up! Share positive phrases and sayings with your…

Happy Friday Quotes and Sayings

smile it is friday

The end of the week is always a happy time when people are looking forward to their amazing weekend. Mark this period and send to your friends a message about funny Friday. The text with  happy Friday quotes will cheer your friend up, make him/her smile and charge with positive. (more…)

Summer Quotes, Short Summertime Sayings

Sun embraces you in its warmth tenderly. The light buzz of bees is coming from outside your window. The aromas of wildflowers fill in your living room. Summer can easily claim to be the best season of the year. It is not only bright and sunny, but also colorful and joyful. We enjoy spending the dog days of summer sunbathing on the white sand of beautiful beaches or swimming in crystal clear water of warm seas. With the end of school and working days, here comes summertime with its barbeques in the backyard, long evening walks with your better half,…

Spring Quotes and Sayings

Spring in the Air

If you live somewhere in California, you probably won’t get why so many people experience so-called spring fever. We mean that genuine feeling of excitement and happiness which overflow us from the inside when the first warm sunny days arrive. During the winter months of constant darkness and cold, looking forward to spring is the only sparkle that keeps our souls warm. That’s why don’t miss the chance to welcome spring with the help of happy spring quotes and spring season poems. Trees are waking up from the long period of lifelessness. The first flowers are shooting up infusing life…

Family Quotes, Famous Sayings about Family Love


Michael Fox once said, “Family is not important – it is everything”. Even if your family relationships are completely ruined or start to become awful – there is always a chance to revive them. The blood ties are ones of the strongest in the world. In some countries, people pay as much attention to the relatives, as it is possible, without interference in their life. One can say that it is impossible to be a part of someone’s life and do not bother him or her with your own advice and rules. Well, the modern psychology is able to correct…

Best Happy Birthday Mom Quotes and Wishes

Regardless your age, your mother’s birthday is always a significant day. Mothers are angels, true presents from God, they who protect and guide their children. That is why they deserve the most cordial wishes and greetings, the most heartwarming messages and quotes and the most tender hugs. Remember how many tough situations she went through for the sake of your happiness and how much she has sacrificed for you. So, congratulate her through heartfelt messages is the least that you can do. (more…)

You Make Me Happy Quotes and Sayings

Happiness is a gift, which should be cherished and shared with your close person. Nothing can be better than showing how grateful you are for happiness, which your girlfriend or boyfriend gives you through sweet quotes. Tell him or her that everything you dream of is to feel this bliss for the rest of your life. (more…)

Depression Quotes and Sayings


If not so long ago you felt unbelievably alive, had a smile that went from ear to ear, and considered yourself to be a happy person, but everything has changed dramatically, there is a chance that you faced one of the most dangerous states of being which is called depression. Unfortunately, sometimes society just does not take it seriously, thinking that it is a bad mood, that is all. But people who suffered from it know that there is nothing more serious than that. However, if everything seems really bad and you do not see the light at the end…

Sassy Captions – Add Some Sass to your Instagram

If you’re feeling good in your own skin, you should let the world know. Being confident, sarcastic, and witty is nothing that you should hide. On the contrary, you need to let everyone know that you woke up this morning ready to conquer the world. By far the best way to do this is through social media. Instagram is the best place to showcase your sassiness by posting amazing pics and adding some sassy quotes to match them. Whether you want to give others a confidence boost or tell your haters to back off, there are plenty of ways to…

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