Stay Strong Quotes to Text Someone Who Needs Inspiration

«How to stay strong despite different problems and difficulties» is the question, and unfortunately, there’s no simple answer. All of us, at least once face some challenges in one way or another. (more…)

The Best Thank You Notes For Your Boss

Have you thought about the people that have a great influence on you lately? These people play an important role in your life. You may think of your wife, husband, mother, or father. However, one important person that people often overlook in their life is their boss, mentor, or employer! Let’s think who has an impact on your mood? Who decides when you should go home or if you deserve a vacation? Who gives you the money that pays your bills? The answer is your supervisor! No matter what kind of job you have, your boss should be one of…

You are My World Quotes, You are My Everything

Spectacular You Are My Everything Images

Love is a really strange feeling. It can create something new and destroy old things at the same time. But whatever it is, we cannot live without love! Do you agree? (more…)

Sad Quotes about Life and Love


If you’re reading this, it stands to reason that you are wallowing in a pretty rancid mood.  We understand. As much as we all try to be sunshine and rainbows every single day, sometimes we have to be honest with what our heart is truly feeling.  Sadness is a part of life, and if we’re here to experience the whole package, then there will be moments of grief, anger, tears, and longing. Sadness is an emotional state that everybody experiences, and these phrases and quotes might be able to help you feel a little less alone.  At the very least,…

Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy

So, let’s say you really like someone.  Maybe this is a Tinder someone.  Maybe this is a “friend of a friend” someone.  Regardless of how you found this guy, you’ve found yourself in the terrible position where you know you need to start getting your game on, but you don’t know how to start. It’s totally ok to feel a bit flustered right now.  What you really need is to have a proverbial “ace up your sleeve” when it comes to breaking the ice.  You could always wait for him to make the first move, sure, but why not do…

Fresh Cheer Up Quotes to Send Someone

There are days when the close people in your life feel upset and need some kind words of encouragement. To show that you really care, you can do your best to bring hope into their lives. Words can help motivate and lift up your loved ones. If you can’t find the right words, the messages below will help you to offer the necessary support, showing you how to cheer up the special people in your life. (more…)

Funny Angry Memes [November 2019]

Learning how to express our anger without harming other people is part of growing into maturity and adulthood. We all have different ways of dealing with anger, but one thing is for sure: the adaptations we make in life to our emotional states is a major factor in how we end up adapting to the larger world. Sometimes the world just really ticks us off, and that’s good practice. One way to deal with anger: humor. If we can laugh at our feeling, then it’s not in control of us, and few things are as effective at managing anger than…

Short Funny Quotes & Sayings to Text a Friend

This article is dedicated to all those suffering people, who experience down days and love humor. If humor can make all the difference then you are not alone! We are here to help lift you from depression and get some inspiration from our great collection of the best funny quotes, that we could find on the Internet! One can say that it is not enough, to read some motivational or positive ideas. We completely disagree with such a point of view! Just think: the statistics say that the motivational books are ones of the best-sellers on the market. Who buys motivational…

Top Funny Boyfriend Memes

Having a boyfriend.  Wow.  Many of us spent our childhood obsessing over celebrities and “dream guys.”  Then came awkward crushes and a slew of first dates that result in hilarious, embarrassing, or regrettable stories.  Finally, just the right guy came along, and while most of the time, he’s the love of your life, sometimes it can be a little bit exhausting and problematic to be in a full time committed relationship! You love him, and he loves you, but he also knows exactly which buttons to push to make you head straight off the deep end.  Rest assured, you’re not…

Happy Birthday Wishes for Nephew

There’s some special bond between a nephew and his aunt and uncle. Unlike parents, who sometimes can’t understand a child’s worries and concerns, aunts and uncles can offer support and advise for issues both big and small. In many ways, aunts and uncles are more like adult friends whose shoulders are always there to cry on, but who don’t dole out the punishment as liberally as parents can. Many young men appreciate and benefit greatly from the guidance aunts and uncles give, without judgment, without penalty, and with unconditional love. It’s important for a child to have someone special he…

The Best Text Messages to Send in a Long Distance Relationship

Text Messages to Send in Long Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships require many compromises and a lot of patience, but if the other person is the right one for you, you’ll both do whatever it takes to make it last. When you are in a long-distance relationship, communication becomes more important than ever. Your long-distance calls and text messages bear a lot of weight and you should always be careful with your words. If you’re looking for inspiration for your messages, read on. Messages to Show That You Miss Her One of the challenges of being in a long-distance relationship is dealing with the absence of the other person…

The Best Romantic Quotes to Send in a Text

Romantic Quotes to Send Through Text

Expressing your feelings is always easier in writing than in person, and text messages are the perfect medium for this. However, sometimes you just can’t find the right words to say (or in this case, write) no matter how hard you try. In situations like these, you can always count on the great wordsmiths of our time and times past to have just the words you’re looking for. Here you will find 30 quotes about love to share with that special someone in your life. 15 Literary Quotes About Love “I love you without knowing how, or when, or from…

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