Boston Captions for Instagram – The City of Champions

boston captions

Boston is one of the richest cities in America when it comes to culture, partly because it’s also one of the oldest cities in the entire United States, with its foundations dating back all the way to 1630. Its cultural diversity makes for a truly beautiful sight to see.

As such, the Massachusetts capital is a perfectly picturesque corner of our planet for capturing amazing photos. A photo, however, is nothing without a good caption, and coming up with ideas on what to write about a photo may seem way easier than it truly is. Whether you want to capture its educational hubs, nature, or downtown, these caption ideas might help you create refreshing content for social media.

Berklee College of Music

Boston is home to one of the world’s best and most popular music colleges. The musician crowd having a tendency towards connecting amongst each other and diversifying their social inputs has helped diversify the genre culture significantly. Thanks to this, Berklee is now home to a wide range of contemporary and historic styles, including hip hop, reggae, flamenco, rock, heavy metal, jazz, bluegrass, and many others.

The Berklee College of Music is an institution that can give you a wide range of beautiful shots. Where there are musicians, there are photo opportunities, and where there are photos, there is room for great captions. Here are some caption ideas to inspire your own.

Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of Music Caption Ideas

  1. “Here’s a photo of a metalhead, a Rastafari, and a bluegrass player all jamming with a dad rock professor. Beautiful! Inspiring! Only at Berklee!”
  2. “Berklee’s architecture is so simple, yet interesting. The number of windows gives it a vibe of relaxed transparency, but the strict cube-like shape points out that this is still an institution.”
  3. “A fantastic open gig at Berklee. Came here for the photo opportunity, came out with a new favorite band!”
  4. “Seeing a relatively smallish person carrying a huge upright bass on their back simply yells ‘Dedication’. I get truly inspired every time I see this.”

Massachusetts State House

Commonly referred to as the Boston State House, this structure on Beacon Hill is the seat of government for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is widely famous, however, for its specific signature look and the fact that it can easily be seen from across the river, but mostly for its signature copper dome.

The Massachusetts State House is widely considered a masterpiece of Federal architecture and, as such, is an unavoidable photo opportunity for this gorgeous city. The buzzwords to be used here mostly revolve around architecture, government, and respect.

Massachusetts State House Caption Ideas

  1. “Sturdy architecture with an interesting and rather out-of-the-box copper dome. A perfect metaphor for Boston’s diversity.”
  2. “The Massachusetts State House used to have a wooden dome that leaked! This is why they replaced it with this baby! Goah-geous.”
  3. “This view from the Mass Ave Bridge reminds me that Boston is still a city on a hill, despite the skyscrapers claiming otherwise.”
  4. “Nothing more picturesque than sunlight reflecting on the famous gorgeous copper dome.”

The Irish Green

Let’s face it – neither the Berklee College of Music nor the State House is one of the first things that come to mind when you think ‘Boston.’ Instead, it’s Boston’s rich Irish ancestry. The green color theme might be most apparent during St. Paddy’s festivities, but the whole culture, even the native accent, most apparently obvious in the notorious ‘Southie’ resonates with Irish spirit.

The Irish culture doesn’t simply boil down to shamrocks, green-white-and-orange, and green-colored beer. The less superficial spirit of the Irish resides between the walls of the likes of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, the Irish Pubs, and, of course, with the Boston Celtics. Sports fan or not, you’ve got to love the Celtics.

Massachusetts State House Caption Ideas

The Irish Green Caption Ideas

  1. “Not sure I’ve ever met anyone who didn’t enjoy going to a Celtics game. I’m not even that into sports, but this photo clearly captures the wonderful spirit of the Irish.”
  2. “Nothing like a cold Guinness in a pub called ‘Paddy’s.’ There’s whiskey in the jar, too!”
  3. “Learned a heckuva lot in the JFK museum today. This exhibit was my absolute favorite.”
  4. “I’ll definitely be back here for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade next year, too. Bostonians are amazing people.”

Take a Whole Day

If you truly want to capture the magic of the city of Boston, set aside an entire day to go around it and check it out. You can rest assured that you’ll have a bunch of awesome photos to show for it. The Massachusetts capital is simply a stunningly ‘handsome’ town. The cultural diversity, the music, the Irish spirit – it all boils down to a single word: Boston.

Do you have any Boston photos with neat captions? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Rome Captions for Instagram – When in Rome

Rome caption

Rome was named The Eternal City in the 1st century BC and it stayed true to its name. It is the third most visited city in the entire European Union and the most visited place in Italy. If you decide to visit, you will actually be visiting the capital of two countries. Rome is the capital of both Italy and the Vatican, the papal state.

This beautiful city is rich with history, tradition, culture, and art. Everyone knows about the twins Romulus and Remus who were raised by a she-wolf, and Rome has so many more fascinating stories to offer.

You will surely take many photos when in Rome, and you will need some snappy captions to go with them. We already mentioned one of the city’s nicknames. Capital of the World is another option. But you can go beyond nicknames when coming up with captions for your vacation pics.

Continue reading to see some more interesting Rome captions you have never heard of before.

32 Rome Captions for Instagram and Facebook

There are so many gorgeous places you can see in Rome, it is impossible to list them all. Many people decide to visit the Colosseum first. Who wouldn’t want a selfie in front of this epic monument?

Rome caption

As the center of Catholicism, the Vatican attracts people looking for a religious experience, and it is a frequent pilgrimage destination. But the Vatican Museums have a great deal to offer every visitor, which is why they are among the top five most visited museums in the world.

The beauty of Rome

The beauty of Rome attracts all the romantic souls out there, and the city is a well-loved honeymoon spot. Just about any place in Rome is a good place for romance.

Enough with the teasing, let’s get straight into various types of captions. We made sure to include something for everyone.

Historic Captions

Rome was the capital of an empire, a kingdom, and now a republic. Its history is a never-ending source of inspiration. Let’s see some captions inspired by Rome’s amazing history:

  1. When in Rome, I know I’m at home.
  2. I came, I saw, I took this photo.
  3. I’m glad they let me in – Hannibal is still waiting at the gates.
  4. Yes, you as well, Brutus, get in the frame.
  5. The die is cast, now it’s time for a selfie.
  6. SPQR stands for Some Popular Quote: Rome, right?
  7. The fall of Rome looks nice. I mean the season, not the event.
  8. Got carried away and went full gladiator mode at the Colosseum. I should be thrown to the lions for taking this selfie.
  9. Raiding Rome was fun – glad Caesar moved his legions before my vacation!
  10. The road has finally led me to Rome.
  11. Italy is changing, but Rome stays Rome.
  12. I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble.
  13. I studied the facts and I’m happy to announce that Rome definitely wasn’t built in one day.
  14. “Rome has not seen a modern building in more than half a century. It is a city frozen in time”- Richard Meier.
    Romantic Captions

Romantic Captions

All the romantic souls out there should visit Rome. You take the photos, we will write the captions:

  1. From Italy with love.
  2. People don’t believe in love at first sight. I do, now that I’ve been to this city.
  3. An eternal love for The Eternal City.
  4. Found a Roman romance while roaming in Rome.
  5. Every Italian is romantic, they speak a Romance language.
  6. I instantly fell in love with Rome.
  7. “Rome was a poem pressed into service as a city”- Anatole Broyard.
  8. Rome is my favorite place to fall in love.
  9. Me and my princess on a Roman Holiday.
    Punny Captions

Punny Captions

Amuse your friends with a witty pun about Rome:

  1. The city of Roma is my favorite aroma.
  2. Just Rome-in around, what about you?
  3. Do you know what month it is? I think it’s Julius.
  4. When in Rome, eat a Caesar salad.
  5. Don’t call me, I’m in Rome-ing.
  6. Country road, take me Rome.
  7. It’s only May, but it’s so hot it feels like Augustus.
  8. I left a pizza my heart in Rome.
  9. There is no place like Rome.

Post Away!

You are good to go now. Choose your favorite social media app and start uploading photos with our neat captions. Whether you are just about to go to Rome or you have already been, these should help you with introducing the city to others.

Everyone should experience Rome first-hand, and you are lucky if you had the pleasure. Let us know how your Rome vacation went by and share your favorite memories in the comments.

Family Captions for Instagram – Show Them your Love

Family captions

Family reunions, barbeques, weddings, bar mitzvahs, and graduations all result in a ton of cool moments being captured as photos or videos. But you don’t need to organize an event to share a memorable moment with your family.

Posting photos of you and your loved ones is a way to preserve a precious memory and share the moment with your friends. But when you upload a photo to social media, you actually only have half of the post. The other half is the caption, which can be just as important.

A witty caption can be used to express many feelings. Family captions are usually filled with joy, laughter, and love.

Running out of ideas for captions that capture the moment? We have got you covered! Posting family photos is a two-part job, and we did one part for you. You do the rest – have fun with your family and don’t forget to smile.

Love Captions

Show your affection for your loved ones using these sweet and motivating captions:

  1. My whole world in one room.
  2. Angels do exist, I gave birth to one.
  3. Your smile brightens even the darkest of days.
  4. My family is all I have got.
    love captions
  5. You can add one more to the family count.
  6. Family first, everything else comes second.
  7. Nothing matters as long as we are together.
  8. I would give everything for my family.
  9. No matter the destination, we will always know where we came from.
  10. F is for family.
  11. The future looks bright when you are around.
  12. If I could choose my family, I would choose us again.
  13. A nice meal with the family at the end of the day.
  14. Seizing the day with my bae.
  15. You are my calm after the storm.
  16. Though our family tree keeps branching out, we will always have the same roots.
  17. It’s all about those little things.
  18. Home is where the <3 is.
  19. Not a single day goes by that I don’t think of you.
  20. Our road may be bumpy, but at least we paved it together.
  21. United we stand, divided we fall.
  22. You give me the strength to carry on.
  23. Every day with you is a blessing.
  24. Wish you were here.
  25. When I thought that I was fighting this war alone, you were there by my side on the frontline.
  26. With the touch of your hand, I am whole again.
    funny captions

Funny Captions

If you want to make your family and friends laugh, try some of these, but make sure no one gets offended:

  1. I’d rather go fishing with Pop than get pulled over by a cop.
  2. We are lit for sure, me, my sister and my bro.
  3. My family might be crazy, but… OK, there is no but.
  4. Thank God the kids got their looks from mom’s side of the family.
  5. Wish I could choose my family. Unfortunately, this is what I got.
  6. My family tree only grows nuts.
  7. Keeping up with the Famdashians.
  8. Bro, where’s my car?
  9. Look who the cat dragged in.
  10. He fell on his head when he was little.
  11. They are taking the Hobbits to Isengard!
  12. My sibling stole my bling-bling.
  13. Yes, we’re sisters. No, you can’t have our numbers.
  14. Bros before this water hose.
  15. Fam, cuz, brother, brethren, bruw.
  16. My mom is on Facebook so I have to behave.
  17. When your child refuses to sleep during nap time, are they guilty of resisting a rest?
  18. My dad pun is still better than your man bun.
  19. My wife asked me how she looks. I told her people usually use their eyes.
  20. You call it dad bod, I call it father figure.
    over to you

Over to You

We hope our list can help the next time you post a family pic. Do you have any cool quotes to add? Sorry about the dad jokes at the end of the article (but feel free to add more).

Cruise Captions for Instagram – I’m on a Boat!

Cruise Captions

Cruises may well be among the most popular ways of vacationing, and for a good reason. You get to go around the globe, brush up against a variety of sights and cultures, all of that while staying cozy in a moving luxury hotel. As is the case with most vacations, a cruise is a perfect opportunity to snap some neat photos, and what do awesome pics need? Great and inspiring captions!

There are many aspects of a cruise, and knowing how to document them properly is only a part of it. Yes, your followers are mostly there for the photos, but they also want to read stories; words that will help them better imagine the tales that the pics are telling. Even the best picture in the world needs a cool caption.

On the Ship

While on the cruise, yes, you will be visiting a lot of various places. Your cruise may take you from the East Coast, through the Mediterranean, all the way to the Pacific. In truth, however, you’ll be spending the majority of time on the cruise ship. This is why there are so many activities on these ocean hotels, from swimming pools and tennis courts to clubs and shopping malls.

When coming up with captions for photos aboard the cruise ship, act as if you were in a regular hotel. Focus on fantastic room service, sweet parties, and fantastic chills by the pool.

on the ship

Caption Ideas:

  1. “All aboard! This will be my home for the next 10 days. How awesome.”
  2. “This cruise ship has a shopping mall. It’s literally just like back home, only better.”
  3. “Taking a sip, while taking a dip in a pool, on a ship, in an ocean.”
  4. “The DJ last night friggin’ rocked. Man, parties on cruise ships are crazy!”

On the Docks

There might not be a lot happening on the docks, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t snap a few interesting photos. Most of your followers have never been on a cruise and would love to find out how it all works. You can take photos of the ship, of the crew, of the goings-on on the dock, etc.

Aim at being as explanatory as possible here. People want to know all the details about cruises, so be thorough. Alternatively, you’ll probably take a stroll on the land while waiting and snap some cool pics of, say, the local market. Make sure to report this, too.

on the docks

Caption Ideas:

  1. “Yep, that’s the actual anchor being lowered into the water. The dock crew is in charge with overseeing the process.”
  2. “Here’s our captain. He is always the last one of the entire ship’s crew to step offboard. Talk about tradition.”
  3. “I found these neat slippers on this beautiful stand. I’m told that they’re completely handmade using bamboo!”
  4. “I could get lost for months in each coastal town we dock at.”

On Mainland

You have to make the most out of your cruise vacation, but you probably already know this. If you do happen to really make the most out of your cruise, there will be many photos left to tell a wonderful story. Consider getting a waterproof camera box, a selfie stick (yeah, these can actually be very useful), and perhaps even a camera stabilizer.

Either way, your quality photos will need appropriate captions. Captions that will help the photos tell the full story. Be creative, be imaginative, and be in awe.

Caption Ideas:

  1. “The Caribbean has more than lived up to its name. I am absolutely amazed by this corner of Earth.”
  2. “Even the rain feels beautiful here. It’s warm, it’s cozy, and you don’t really care if you get a bit soaked. It’s like time has come to a halt.”
  3. “Our ship is very luxurious and awesome, but I just want to stay here. The Mediterranean is so chill and very forgiving, temperature-wise.”
  4. “Yep, that’s a dolphin. Yep, I took the photo. Yep, I was scared. Nope, don’t regret it for a second.”

Hang with the Crew

Some people are probably not having as much fun as you are aboard the cruise ship. Yep, the ship crew, the waiters, the kindergarten teachers, the shop workers – they are the ones who make your life on the cruise comfortable. Take a few pictures with them and commend them for their awesome service.

Think cool vibes when coming up with captions for your pics with the crew. Oh, and make sure you follow/add them and tag them!

Caption Ideas:

  1. “This dude’s been so professional and fun, I think he’s made my whole cruise much better.”
  2. “Aaaand here’s my photo with the captain. Whatever you think of this profession, you have no idea how chill the ship crew actually are. How do they not get stains on their uniforms, though?”
  3. “The best tour guide in the world. All the locations this awesome gal recommended were an absolute blast. Thank you for telling this doofus exactly where to go.”

Nothing but Chill

Whether we’re talking about the photos or the captions, if there’s one thing that the two have in common, it’s the chill vibe that they should evoke. Taking a cruise vacation is like a normal vacation where you’d unwind as much as possible, but with more chill and relaxation. Those are the exact feelings your photos and the accompanying captions should emit.

Do you have any cool cruise captions of your own that you would like to share? Post them in the comments section below!

Paris Captions – Tour France Through Instagram

Paris captions

Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world, with over 20 million visitors every year. It has countless miraculous experiences to offer, and you will never have time to explore them all.

If you love art, Louvre should be your first stop. It is one of the world’s most visited museums, and in 2018 it took the top spot with over 10 million visitors. But this is just one of the great museums in Paris. Even just roaming the streets could be enough for history lovers who want to connect with the past.

Whether you are there as an exchange student, a tourist, or someone looking for a new home, you are going to take a great number of pictures. And every good picture needs a caption so you can post it on social media.

Your job is only to take some breathtaking photos in Paris, which shouldn’t be difficult. We already prepared the captions to save you the trouble.

Paris Captions for Facebook and Instagram

People still use Facebook to share photos with their friends and family, but Instagram is definitely where you should be if you want your pics to receive the appreciation they deserve. You can add many filters to your stories and posts. But if you want to leave an impression, the thing you need the most is fun or clever comment to accompany the photo.

Coming up with captions on the spot can be quite challenging, which is why you will get some help here. First of all, you need a little bit of inspiration. It will come naturally when you think about Paris, which can be linked to so many things.

Paris is known as the City of Light, and this is for several reasons. It was the most prominent city in the Age of Enlightenment. The more literal reason is that Paris has been very well illuminated since the middle of the 19th century. The view is still one of the most stunning ones in the world.

Paris Captions for Facebook and Instagram

General Captions about Paris

Here are some Paris captions that apply to any situation:

  1. Remember that time when we were at the Eiffel tower? It felt like we were at the top of the world.
  2. When you add a few letters to Paris, it spells out paradise. I see no lies in that description.
  3. Crepes, croissants, and Paris afternoons. Three things I live for.
  4. Hemingway said that you can be happy at two places in the world, at your home and in Paris.
  5. Eiffel for Paris at first glance.
  6. Bonjour ma Cherrie, how’s it going in Paris?
  7. Taking in Paris, one sunset at a time.
  8. On a rainy day, coffee and croissants are all I need.
  9. Do you know what President Jefferson thought about Paris? He said that if you walk around in this city, you will get a lesson in beauty, history, and the very point of existence.
  10. There are no worries in Paris.
  11. Breathing in Paris, nourishing my soul.
  12. There is no such thing as boredom in Paris.
  13. The purpose of Paris is to serve as a reminder that dreams are real.
  14. Honore de Balzac said that one can’t know elegance if they don’t frequently visit Paris. I’m just getting started with the lessons.
  15. Watching Amelie, remembering the beauty of Paris.

Top Paris Love Captions

Not only is Paris the City of Light, but it is also the City of Love. There is no more romantic place on earth and you are lucky if you get to visit it with your significant other. Romance won’t spark just between the two of you, you will fall for Paris as well. Here are some captions for all the Paris lovers out there:

  1. At least we’ll always have Paris. (If you haven’ watched Casablanca, do it right now!)
  2. God, I Louvre this city.
  3. Paris is like a perfect relationship, you never want to leave it.
  4. I’m enamoured with the City of Love.
  5. Paris is a city for dreamers and artists, for long walks and lovers in springtime.
  6. You can never forget your first love, and mine will forever be Paris.
  7. If there’s just one thing you have to see before you die, it is the lights of Paris.
  8. In all of Paris, I abandon myself and away I fly.
  9. Our love is like the Notre-Dame cathedral, and we will rebuild it as many times as it takes.

You Will Always Have Paris

You Will Always Have Paris

The first visit to Paris is certainly the most magical, but the magic never goes stale in this city. You will catch yourself dreaming about going back over and over again. Did our captions help you remember Paris? Or are you thinking of seeing it for the first time? Let us know in the comments below.

Cancun Captions – Having Fun in the Sun? Show it on Instagram

Cancun Captions

As one of the top tourist destinations in Mexico, Cancun is more than a piece of paradise for Mexicans. People from the US and all around the world flock to Cancun for a yearly dose of sun, the Caribbean, and greatly deserved smooth relaxation.

Regardless of whether you or someone else is the “photo guy/gal” in your family or crew, you can rest assured that you’ll have quite the collection for your social media profiles. But what good is a ton of photos without awesome captions to enhance your posts?

Beach Captions

Let’s start off with probably the largest chunk of your Cancun photos. You haven’t come to take a dip in the sea, you’ve come to bask in the beauties of the Caribbean, so the beach is likely your hotspot here. Some say that the beauty of Cancun can’t be put into words, but they sure can be.

When coming up with Cancun beach captions, always keep the summer in mind. Summer vibes are what keeps your followers hungry for more posts, and this ”feel” should be reflected in your captions. Consider adding cool emojis of beach towels, sunshades, the sun, beach slippers, etc. Fun, relaxation, and sunlight are your main keywords here.

Beach cancun captions

Caption Ideas:

  1. “Welcoming the sunny Cancun. A vacay to remember!”
  2. “Sandy beach, clear, warm seawater, sunshade, and a Corona. What good did I do to deserve this?”
  3. “Chillin’ next to the hotel pool, right after the beach. I can’t get enough of the sun.”
  4. “Miles of golden sand and bronze skin. I could definitely get used to this. B)”

Shark and Dolphin Captions

This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but with sparkly clear water and fantastic organization, Cancun offers one of the best water activities on the planet: swimming with dolphins and whale sharks. Should you decide to take on this activity, you have tosnap some neat photos.

Your social media followers will definitely have their jaws drop when you upload your photos, but a witty, cool caption can go a long way in getting more likes and increasing your following.

shark and dolphins cancun captions

Caption Ideas:

  1. “Tadam. Tadam. Tadamtadamtadamtadam…”
  2. “Dolphins are literally super smart sea doggos. Coolest. Animal. Ever.”
  3. “This whale shark might look funny, but believe me when I tell you: creeeepyyyy.”
  4. “A pic of me belly-rubbing a dolphin… That is all.”

Mayan Ruins Captions

Modern as Cancun is, you would be amiss to stick with the city 24/7 during your holiday. As it turns out, Cancun has a lot of history to offer, with its ancient roots stretching far into the past. The remnants of the Mayan culture won’t leave you indifferent. Do not miss out on the awesome ruins of Tulum, Chichen Itza, and Coba, but don’t forget to photo-document it all.

As a naturally sunny area, Cancun is a perfect place to snap pictures of the wild that meets an ancient culture. Captions, however, are almost half the job here, even on Instagram. Feel free to write down some key stuff that your guide is talking about, for inspiration.

mayan ruin captions

Caption Ideas:

  1. “Finally got to see the famous El Castillo in Chichen Itza. Btw. did you know that Chichen Itza apparently means ‘the mouth of the well of the Itza’?”
  2. “Having a pretty sick time imagining what it used to be like to live here 600 AD. Yep, that’s 1.5 millennia ago.”
  3. “Gotta have mad respect for Mayans. This is beautiful.”
  4. “The ruins of Coba will turn anyone into a history nut.”

Eco Parks Captions

Even if nature isn’t your thing, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to snap awesome shots at Xel Ha and Xcaret, the largest two eco-parks in the Cancun area. The activities here? Everything from hanging above the forest canopy and ziplining, to basic trekking through the jungle (this is not as naïve as it sounds). You can expect to get out of the parks with fantastic shots of lush plant life and amazing fauna. You may even get lucky and get a shot of a leopard or two.

Clever captions are a musthere, and when it comes to Cancun eco parks, there are tons of interesting caption ideas to explore.

Caption Ideas:

  1. “Xel Ha makes me feel like I’m in a James Bond movie. Seriously.”
  2. “…and yep, that’s a fully-grown male leopard. Xcaret is awesome. Period.”
  3. “Such a cool location to cool off. Cenotes Park in Xel Ha is a  m  a  z  i  n  g”
  4. “This is the most in tune with the nature that I’ve ever been. Don’t wanna go back. ☹”

Every Tourist Photo Needs a Cool Caption

Sure, you can slap on a random caption or even skip on writing anything below your photos, but that would really be a crying shame. Cancun is an infinite source of striking photo content, and in this day and age, you need nothing more than a smartphone to snap really high-quality photos for social media.

So, have you ever visited Cancun? What do you think are some neat captions for Instagram photos taken in Cancun? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

River Captions – Float and Show Off on Instagram

River Captions

People came from water, and it is no wonder that we’re impressed by larger bodies of it. Although it is fairly safe to say that most humans would love to live near the ocean, or at least at the seaside, the sad truth is that the majority of people on this planet do not have a body of water that large to enjoy.

Every country, on the other hand, and every populated location, has a river to boast. These beautiful slender lines of water wind between the hills and mountains and offer sights, views, and landscapes so various and diverse, you can rest assured that most Instagram folk would stop to check out and even snap a few photos for a post or story.

Knowing what caption to use or what description to write below the Instagram post is true art.

Wide-Shot Captions

Starting with the most obvious river posts, let’s focus on landscape photos that show the unity of the river in question and its surroundings. These photos tend to evoke feelings of inspiration and serenity, so your captions should play along to that tune. Think big words of wisdom that tell the story about how we tend to get hung up on the trivial, while what matters is nature, humanity, and our planet Earth.

Wide-shot captions should evoke feelings of love and belonging, as well as send a message that reminds everyone of how important the nature that surrounds us is. Always keep in mind the vibe that goes best with a wide-shot photo – “The nature is more relevant than humans.”

wide shot caption

Caption Ideas:

  1. “We are of the ocean. As long as you can find the river, you can find your way home.”
  2. “There is nothing more humbling than watching the river flow from up high.”
  3. “And to think that we take water for granted…”
  4. “Watching [insert river name] meander is truly a piece of art.”

Captions from the Bank

When you see a river, you will most likely get the chance to stand on the brink of one of its banks. This will give you a unique opportunity to snap a few close-up photos that are likely to turn out gorgeous, whether you’re surrounded by buildings, mountains, or nothing but blue skies.

The captions that you should be going for here can focus on details that surround the river, even the animals that live near or in it. If the picture is taken within a city, remind your followers of the constant struggle between nature and technology here. If you’re in the wild, focus on animal life, plant life, and anything natural that is related to the river you’re standing next to.

captions from the bank

Caption Ideas:

  1. “A friendly reminder that every city owes its life to its river.”
  2. “You don’t have to take a dip in a river to feel refreshed by it.”
  3. “Did you know that it’s called a “shoal” of fish? For example, this shoal of fish is absolutely gorgeous in this beautiful river.”
  4. “There’s nothing like the fauna around a river. Even the mosquitoes are reasonable here!”

Captions from the River Itself

When near a beautiful river, you might decide to get your feet wet. You may even choose to take a dip if the weather is warm enough. It would be borderline blasphemous not to put a visual note of this on Instagram, and a cool caption goes hand-in-hand with it.

You might be kayaking, rowing a boat, or simply fishing; either way, photos of the river itself often turn out to be the most special ones.

captions from the river itself

Caption Ideas:

  1. “Talk about going with the flow!”
  2. “Nothing beats a city’s reflection taken from the river itself.”
  3. “There are three things I love about this city: the river, the river, and the river.”
  4. “Sometimes in life, you’ve got to stop rowing and bask in the view for a minute.”

Bonus Quote Captions

Everybody loves quotes on Instagram. Turns out, there are plenty of river quotes to go around out there!

Caption Ideas:

  1. “Just as a drop of water in the ocean cannot avail much; but if a great river runneth into it, that maketh a great commotion.” – Jakob Bohme
  2. “The river is one of my favorite metaphors, the symbol of the great flow of Life Itself. The river begins at Source, and returns to Source, unerringly. This happens every single time, without exception. We are no different.” – Jeffrey R. Anderson
  3. “If my ship sails from sight, it doesn’t mean my journey ends, it simply means the river bends.” – Enoch Powell
  4. “We must begin thinking like a river if we are to leave a legacy of beauty and life for future generations.” – David Brower

Passion for Rivers

If you have a true passion for rivers, you won’t miss a chance to post pictures of them on social media. These caption ideas will hopefully give you something to start off when decorating your pictures and stories with witty words of wisdom and serenity.

Have you snapped a beautiful photo of a river that you want the whole world to see? Share a link to it along with your best river-themed caption in the comments below.

Text Message Ideas to Send Someone Who Just Had a Baby

text messages to send for someone who just had a baby

The news of a newborn baby leaves everybody ecstatic and happy. If the joyful news reaches you too, you should be ready to wrap up your congratulations and best wishes into a thoughtful and well-written text message.

Of course, it’s normal to lack inspiration sometimes. If you are struggling to come up with a perfect text to send to new parents, you can check the heartfelt messages we compiled for you in this article to get the creative juices flowing.

text messages to send for someone who just had a baby

Universal Messages for a Newborn Baby

  1. Becoming a parent is one of those things that happens to get better with each day. Enjoy your journey.
  2. Remember the three most important early emotional stages of a baby while it grows – About to cry, crying, and just finished crying. Congratulations!
  3. To nurture, hug, and hold from this day onward. Best of luck!
  4. All your past achievement pale compared to this one. Happy parenting!
  5. The best and scariest part is seeing a bit of yourself in your little one. Happy parenting!
  6. You have performed a beautiful little miracle that you can now call your own. Congratulations!
  7. Best wishes! Hope you are enjoying this amazing time for your family!
  8. There’s no such thing as brilliant as watching your child grow up. The next few years will be the most beautiful years of your life.
  9. Congratulations! Please, pass a message to your child from us: “Welcome to the ocean of existence, little one. Swim fiercely!”
  10. With the birth of the baby, you will witness yourself being reborn again. Enjoy the ride!
  11. Happy sleepless nights, feeding times, and changing nappies! It is worth every moment!
  12. The family keeps growing! Congratulations!
  13. Delighted to hear about the new arrival. Cherish every moment!
  14. Your work of art is here and ready to take over the world! Congratulations and best of luck!
  15. Congratulations on your new arrival. It is going to be one lucky baby with you as parents!
  16. If life could be measured in adorable giggles and cute drools, yours is just perfect right now. Congratulations!
  17. A little one has joined you both, how happy you must be!
    It was great when there were two of you, but even better now there’s three!
  18. A little one brings so much fun! Experience it to the fullest.
  19. And now, your life begins. Buckle up!
  20. If you had a weird time accepting your ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ title, you are going to love your ‘newborn parents’ one!

Messages for a Newborn Baby Boy

If you know that the newborn baby is a boy, you can send a text meant especially for him. These are some examples:

  1. Congratulations on the birth of your son! He will always remain mommy’s little angel and a daddy’s little man.
  2. On this beautiful day, a new prince is born! Make sure that he always knows that the mom is his queen and the dad is his king.
  3. Dad got a new sidekick, and mom got a hardworking little helper. Enjoy your every moment together.
  4. It’s a boy! The most handsome one the world has ever seen!
  5. Congratulations on the birth of your little boy! That little bundle of joy and energy will always keep you excited!

text to send for someone who just had a baby

Messages for a Newborn Baby Girl

Similarly, if you are aware that the baby is a girl, you can send messages like these:

  1. Delighted to hear about the birth of your princess. She is lucky to have parents that will always be there for her.
  2. A new lady entered daddy’s world, and it’s the only one that mom will never be jealous of! Enjoy your parenting!
  3. Who is this brilliant woman? Oh, it looks like we just saw your little girl in the future! Congratulations!
  4. A beautiful girl was born today. No doubt that she will be the most adorable part of your lives from now on!
  5. Today you make space in your heart and soul for the cutest thing ever. Congratulations.
  6. Prepare yourself for an emotional roller coaster, answering a million questions, and in the end, the most love you can ever give. It all comes with the package.

Your Turn

Reading messages others wrote for this joyous occasion can boost your inspiration immensely. If you have more inspiring messages to add to this collection, please post them in the comments.

Some Great Text Message Ideas to Send for Encouragement

text messages for encouragement

When you go through a rough patch, and you feel insecure or depressed, some honest words of encouragement can do a lot of good. The same goes for your friends and loved ones. If you feel like they need inspiration to face a challenge or if their spirit needs a lift after a hard time, do not hesitate to let them know that you care.

Of course, it is not easy to come up with the perfect text message to brighten up somebody’s mood. That’s when you could use a little bit of inspiration.

In this article, you will find encouraging text messages that you can send to people you care about.

Text Messages about Overcoming Problems

Text Messages about Overcoming Problems

When a person you care has a problem that appears unsolvable at the time, a few wise words can make them feel better. Here are some great messages:

  1. If you want to achieve any success in life, you must not give in to the problems. If you can’t solve it, leave it be. You will learn from your mistakes.
  2. If you reach a dead end, return to the last point in which you had a choice. Now pick another one. Life is trial and error.
  3. It’s not how many times you fail, as long as you have the courage to get up again.
  4. It’s not because things are hard that we don’t try. It’s because we won’t try that they are hard.
  5. It’s common to make mistakes and encounter problems. If you are battling your problems, it is a sign that you are trying. As long as you are trying, you are doing everything that you need.
  6. You shouldn’t give up. Success is the power to jump from one problem to another without losing your willpower.
  7. Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes it’s the silent voice in your head that says: “I will try again”.
  8. Our world consists of opposites. There is no victory without a fight, and there is no joy without pain.
  9. Your umbrella will not stop the rain, but it will help you to stand in the rain. Your bravery will not solve the problem, but it will certainly help you face it.

Text Messages for Mood-Lifting

When a person feels down, it may seem that the future is bleak and there is nothing worth living for. In these moments messages like these can prove helpful:

  1. Today might seem like everything’s wrong. But tomorrow, you may feel like everything is right. Don’t beat yourself up. If you want to talk, I am here for you.
  2. When life gives you a rough ride, it is a test to see if you can cope with it. And when the bad feeling ends, you will come out a winner. And that’s a brilliant feeling to look forward to.
  3. Every time you think you are a failure, just think about how far you’ve come. Relax and think about beautiful moments in all that darkness. That’s worth fighting for.
  4. When life puts out all the lights the best thing to do is to light a candle instead of complaining about the darkness.
  5. We’re all dying someday anyway, so we can just as well enjoy the ride while it lasts.
  6. There are people that love you and that are ready to listen. Whenever you feel like It, I am here to hear you out.

Text Messages for Mood-Lifting

Encouraging Quotes From Famous People

These encouraging quotes come from some of the wisest minds. Check them out:

  1. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. – Chinese proverb.
  2. Start doing what is necessary,
    Then do what’s possible,
    Suddenly, you’re doing the impossible.
    – Francis of Assisi
  3. Be the change you want to see in the world. – Gandhi
  4. Have no fear of perfection. You will never reach it. – Salvador Dali
  5. Those who never make mistakes are those who never try. – Albert Einstein
  6. The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are usually the ones they do. – Steve Jobs
  7. The only limit to our realization of tomorrow are our doubts of today. – Franklin D. Roosevelt
  8. The only fence against the world is a thorough knowledge of it. – John Locke
  9. Inaction breeds doubts and fears. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to defeat your fears, do not sit at home and think about them. Go out and get busy! – Dale Carnegie

Your Encouraging Messages

Now that you’ve read so many famous and non-famous text messages, maybe you have a message or two of your own that you would like to share with us. If you do, please leave a comment and perhaps you will encourage another wandering reader.

Good Night Text Messages to Send Her – Wife, Girlfriend, Lover

Good Night Text Messages

When a busy day is coming to an end, a few things can make your lover feel better than an affectionate, beautifully written good night text. Put a smile on your loved one’s face before they drift off to sleep with one of these romantic good night texts.

Sweet Dreams Text Messages

Wish your loved one sweet dreams so when they wake up, they start counting down the minutes until they see you. Here are some texts to inspire you.

  1. When you dream or when your love, the possibilities are endless. With you, I have both. What happens then?
  2. I will dream about our last meeting and imagine our next one.
  3. Good night. I will see you in my dreams.
  4. It’s dark tonight. But in my dreams, everything is bright because you are always there.
  5. I wish that I can dream about you tonight. That’s the dream that I know it will come true.
  6. Fuel all your dreams with my love and sleep tight.
  7. I hope to enjoy beautiful dreams. I won’t feel sad when I wake up since I know you are there in my reality.
  8. I hope to dream something new tonight. I can’t dream about you all the time!
  9. I am drifting to my sleep and I can already see your shape appearing there.

Good Night Text Messages to Send Your Lover

Good Night Text Messages When You’re Apart

When you and your lover are not sleeping in the same place, a part of you feels empty. The best thing to do to soothe the pain is to send a message telling them how much you miss them.

  1. I am jealous of the moon, following you everywhere you go. It can watch you sleep, while I am here alone.
  2. It’s impossible to touch your trough this message, but all I want to do is kiss you good night.
  3. Nothing will beat dreaming of you except waking up next to you.
  4. Perhaps I am here sleeping alone but my mind and soul are with you. Sleep peacefully.
  5. It was a beautiful day, with happy thoughts and you in my mind. The only better ending would be you next to me, but I have to wait for another day. Good night, love!
  6. You will be the last thing I will think about today, and the first thing that I will think about tomorrow.
  7. If we fall asleep quickly, we will be together sooner. Let’s do our best.
  8. Maybe I can hug a pillow, thinking it’s you.

Good Night Text Messages to Send

Good Night Text to Make Your Lover Feel Special

When you know that someone is thinking about you, you will fall asleep with a smile on your face. Sometimes people forget how much they mean to others, so it is good to remind them. Sending one of the following text messages before falling asleep is a good way to do it:

  1. Around 3 billion people are sleeping now. But just one super special person is reading this message before he/she joins them.
  2. I was counting the reasons why you are the best thing that ever happened to me, and now I will fall asleep with you in my mind.
  3. Falling asleep thinking of you takes all the troubles away from my mind.
  4. How do you do this? I just thought about sending you a good night text, and I am already smiling like crazy.
  5. Nights are getting longer now since I am not with you. You make my days pass by so fast.
  6. You are the only thing that occupies my mind before sleep. There is no room for anything else there right now. Good night.
  7. I wish you can dream what I dream and see what I see. That way you’ll get to see how amazing you are.

Share Your Good Night Texts

When you are in love, you are inspired to do many things. Perhaps writing is one of them. If you’ve recently written your own romantic good night texts, you’ve come to the right place. Share some of your best work in the comments below.

Romantic Text Message Ideas for Her

romantic text messages for wife

Do you send an occasional message to your wife to tell her how important she is to you? If you don’t, you should – small acts of appreciation go a long way.

When you get lost in your daily routines, a text to your wife can move both of you and remind you how much you mean to each other.

In this article, you will find romantic text messages you can send to your better half to let her know that she still rocks your world.

romantic text messages for your wife

Romantic Text Messages for Your Wife

    1. I have made many mistakes in my life, but the best decision I ever made was asking you to be my wife.


    1. You entered my world without even a hint of what will become of us. Now I can’t imagine a moment without you.


    1. The moment I met you I wanted to take you to a cruise that will last forever. So here we are.


    1. I still remember your beautiful face when I asked you to be my wife. That’s the moment when I knew I’d made the right choice.


    1. You are adding both W and L to my -ife. I can’t imagine a single day without you.


    1. With each day the memory of who I was without you fades. Without your gentle touch and your honest eyes, I am nothing.


    1. With each passing day, we’re building a new memory. It is building up to be the most beautiful construction in the world.


    1. The world was grey before I met you. You’ve filled my life with colors.


    1. Nothing makes me happier than knowing I am coming back home to your dreamy eyes.


    1. I admit I was scared at first. But calling you my wife today fills my whole body with joy.


    1. I dreamt about you being my wife. I thought that the dream would end. But it looks like you are my permanent dream.


    1. You are the source of my creativity and productivity. Without you, I don’t exist.


    1. There are only two times that I want to be with my wife – now and forever.


    1. My relationship status – Husband to the sweetest girl in the world. Taken forever.


    1. I thought the spells break after some time but here am I – enchanted for all eternity.


  1. I have done a lot of things wrong in my life, but I always knew how to love you right.

text messages for your wife

Romantic Text Messages About Overcoming Tough Times

When you spend so many years together, there are bound to be some difficult times. Overcoming them makes your marriage stronger. Reminding your wife about your strength can always make everything better. Here are some examples:

    1. Our entire journey was a combination of tough and beautiful moments. Both made us more in love.


    1. When I look back to some bad moments in life and look back at us, I can only say that we are more complete now.


    1. I kept caring, adoring, and loving you through all the times. The good times and the bad times too. You are my wife, and I am yours for life.


    1. Your sharp mind steers the ship of our marriage. There were so many storms, and yet our ship still sails intact.


    1. The strongest trait is your belief in me. You are the light that led me through the dark.


  1. You brought me joy in the times of despair and hope whenever life tested me. I owe you everything.

Romantic Text Messages That Include Children

Having a child can fill your life with joy and give it a sense of purpose. Your child is an extension of your love and a part of the journey you take as a couple. If you have children, it’s nice to include them in the message you send to your wife to remind her how much you care:

    1. We bought each other so many gifts during these years but the biggest gift was the one we haven’t bought but made.


    1. Our children are lucky that they have you as a mother. I am ashamed to say that I am jealous of them sometimes.


    1. From dating to our wedding, to children and all the spending, it’s always a great ride with you!


    1. You are the beat of my heart and the mother of our children. Nobody is happier than me.


  1. One day our children will understand how happy they were having you as a mother.

Your Turn

Are you a romantic who sends his wife heartwarming messages? If you are, and If you have any romantic messages that you can share with fellow husbands, post them in the comments!

Love Poems For Her to Send Through Message or Text

Romantic Poems to Send Through Text

Is there anything you want to say to a loved one but don’t know how? Do you want to express your love, commitment, and gratitude, but every time you try to do it, words just escape you?

Great poetry has the power to convey all those sentiments hidden deep inside you in a beautiful and seemingly effortless way. If you’re looking to put a smile on your partner’s face and show them how much you love them, you can make their day much better by sending them a poem via a text message.

In this article, you’ll find 15 short romantic poems to share with your loved one through text.

Romantic Poems to Send as Text


1. Variation on the Word Sleepby Margaret Atwood

“I would like to be the air
that inhabits you for a moment
only. I would like to be that unnoticed
and that necessary.”

2. In All the Worldby Maya Angelou

“In all the world, there is no
heart for me like yours.
In all the world, there is no
love for you like mine.”

3.The Day Skyby Hafiz

“Let us be like
Two falling stars in the day sky.
Let no one know of our sublime beauty
As we hold hands with God
And burn
Into a sacred existence that defies—
That surpasses
Every description of ecstasy
And love.”

4.Untitled #1 (from the Book of Love)by Nizar Qabbani

“My Lover asks me:
‘What is the difference between me and the sky?’
The difference, my Love,
Is that when you laugh,
I forget about the sky.”

5.Rain (Rapa Nui)by Pablo Neruda

“At night I dream that you and I are two plants
that grew together, roots entwined,
and that you know the earth and the rain like my mouth,
since we are made of earth and rain.”

6. The Subject Tonight Is Loveby Hafiz

“The subject tonight is Love
And for tomorrow night as well,
As a matter of fact
I know of no better topic
For us to discuss
Until we all

Romantic Poems Text Messages


7.Untitled (from Milk and Honey) by Rupi Kaur

“You might not have been my first love
but you were the love that made
all the other loves

8.To Love Is to Liveby Justin Wetch

“Love starts as a feeling,
But to continue is a choice;
And I find myself choosing you
More and more every day.”

9.Untitled #2 (from the Book of Love)by Nizar Qabbani

“You still ask me about the day of my birth
So write down what you don’t know
The day you declared your love
Is the day of my birth.”

10.I Do Not Write About Loveby Kamand Kojouri

“I do not write about love
as if I have invented it.
I write about love
because thoughts of you
inspire self-forgetfulness.
And because writing about you
gives birth to a star.
These stars sit inside me
where there was once

11. Not Until I Met Youby Suzy Kassem

“Not until I felt your sunshine,
Did I realize that I had been in the shade.
Not until I saw all your colors,
Did I realize that mine had faded.
Not until I heard your dreams,
Did I realize that I was still sleeping.
And not until I experienced my life with you,
Did I realize that I was barely

12. What I Fell in Love Withby Justin Wetch

“I fell in love
With more than I could need
With a deep soul
And a face I couldn’t leave;
I fell in love—
If I may tell it true;
I fell in love
With every piece of you.”

Romantic Poems


13.My Love Wakes in a Puddle of Sunlightby Roman Payne

“My Love wakes in a puddle of sunlight.
Her hands asleep beside her.
Her hair draped on the lawn
like a mantle of cloth.
I give her my troth, for our love is whole
I sing her beauty in my soul.”

14.I Waitby Jocelyn Soriano

“In my heart is a space
that is so sacred
and none can enter in
but you.

And I shall wait for you
though it takes forever,
though my heart bleeds
and my all consumed.

I wait because I love you
And love waits
for the only one
that it loves.”

15.Number 28 (from One Hundred Love Letters)by Nizar Qabbani

“In the summer
I stretch out on the shore
And think of you
Had I told the sea
What I felt for you,
It would have left its shores,
Its shells,
Its fish,
And followed me.”

Share the Gift of Poetry

Is there any other short romantic poem you believe deserves a place on this list? Have you written one yourself and want to hear what others have to say before you share it with the one you love? Leave us a comment below and share the gift of poetry with our community!

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